Wednesday January 2nd to Friday February 1st

12:01am Jan 2nd to 11:59pm Feb 1st

All meals must be eaten at a table

A table is a piece of furniture that’s sole purpose is dining. No desks. No coffee tables.

There cannot be any screens present while you eat

Phones, tablets, computers, tv- even in the background- are not allowed. The rule clearly states screens, so if you are reading a book or listening to something that is technically allowed.

No alcohol for the entire month

Not even at a table without screens present.

A perfect day is 0 points

Adhere to the rules a receive 0 points

Any exceptions to the rules earns you a point

Not eating a table earns you a point. Any screens present while eating earns you a point. Each alcoholic beverage that you consume earns you a point.

The member(s) with the lowest score after 1 month will be the winner

If you are perfect for the entire month you will finish with 0 points. Winners will receive a limited edition CFNE t-shirt and be entered in a raffle with prizes from local sponsors.

What do we hope to gain from the Mindful Month of Eating

Most of you know what to do. The knowledge of what is best to eat is there. The goal of this month is to turn off autopilot, eliminate the mindless eating, avoid the nibbling that takes place as you prepare a meal and bring awareness to the choices we are making. When we’re stressed and rushed we are in Fight or Flight mode. Our bodies do not digest food or absorb nutrients properly, no matter how high the quality of food is. When we sit and focus on what we are doing it puts our body into Rest and Digest mode. In this state our bodies are much more prepared to eat and process food. It is our hope that after one month of practicing good behaviors we will continue to be mindful even after the Challenge is over.

So what do I eat?

Even though we are not mandating the quality or quantity of what to eat, we still know that Eating Real Food – Not Too Much – Mostly Plants is the best way to sustain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Will you give us trays?

We will not supply you with trays but if you want to use them here’s a link to buy them.

Will you help me with my macros?

Absolutely! Ask any coach and they’ll help you calculate them.

What about my coffee?

Coffee, tea, water, & seltzer are freebies. You can drink those where ever you want.

Are we still doing weigh-ins?

Composition change is not part of the criteria to win but we still strongly suggestion weighing in and out.

Can I still do pre and post workout supplements?

You can drink or eat whatever you want. If it’s not one of the freebies from above then you must be at a table with no screens present.