Wednesday 2.3.16



Weightlifting Wednesday

Pause Overhead Squat
Build to a Moderate Single

Power Snatch + Squat Snatch + Overhead Squat
Build to a Heavy Complex

Box Brief
Bring a Friend Day is Tomorrow!

Nutrition Challenge – Please be sure to get your final days scoring in by tonight!
Looking to tally up the finals as soon as we can.

Congratulations to the January Achievements!

Congratulations to the January Achievements!

Tuesday 2.2.16



“El Gato”
21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9:
Calorie Row
Thrusters (95/65)

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Box Brief
Congratulations to Rae Arseneau! CFNE Member of the Month!!!
Scroll down to learn a little more about Rae…



1) Rae. Long time 5:30am “Mayhem” veteran. How do you feel about that hour of the day?

Love it! Going to the 5:30 Mayhem propels me into the day with a lot of energy.  I teach high school and need to be ready to go to get the teenagers engaged at 8:00 AM.  The support and camaraderie that everyone gives each other at CFNE puts me in the right frame of mind to really do my job well—to bring that positive energy into my classroom.

2) How did you initially find CrossFit, and what was your first experience?

Flashback to the summer of 2012, the summer I turned 50.  Erin’s brother had said to us several times that summer, “You guys should do Crossfit.  I can’t believe you aren’t already doing it.  You would freakin’ love it, and one of the best boxes in the world is like a mile from your house.”  We had no idea what he was talking about.  I turned 50 in August and that birthday weekend, once I came down from the high of all the celebrations, I lay in bed late Sunday night thinking “Now what?”  I wanted to do something different.  I went on CFNE’s website and read every detail, all the before and afters (Eugene! Big Mike!) and decided to do it.  I remember reading something along the lines of, “It doesn’t matter how fit you are or how old you are, it’s about building community.”  And I thought, ok I’m not too old for this.  I sent Ashley an email that night to sign up, and we walked into our first Elements class five days after my birthday.  We were hooked from day one.  During the second week of Elements, Ashley sent us on a warm-up jog before class, and I literally ran to Longfellow and cancelled our gym memberships with them.

I didn’t learn English until college.  When I started at CFNE, although I’d been living in the states since 1995, I realized there was a whole world of fitness vocabulary that I hadn’t acquired.  Like the day we first did snatches.  I was thinking, “Wait, what are we doing with the bar?? And why does everyone think this is so funny?”  I learned two new words that day.  Also, one time, I gave a guy at the 5:30 a hi-five just before starting a WOD, and said “Don’t forget to powder up!”   I now know the correct terminology is “chalk up!”  But seriously, I sincerely thank the 5:30 AM ladies who sometimes can tell by the look on my face that I have no clue what is going on and they help me along.  It’s a great group!

Sometime during the first year, I figured out that working out at CFNE is not about comparing myself to others, but about competing with myself.  Just going every day and doing the best I can. That was a turning point for me that made me realize that I wanted and I could do this for a long time.

3) The Mayhem class is hurting during a long AMRAP. Time to break out into a solo with the microphone. What are you singing?

Eminem’s Lose Yourself.  Because the morning of my first marathon when we were driving to the race in Philly, it came on the radio, we cranked the radio and sang along real loud!  And since then I’ve always loved that song to get psyched up.  Good memories.

4) If you could visit anywhere in the world for a day, with instant travel time, where would you want to go (and do)?

Asia, specifically Thailand.  I’ve never been to Asia but I want to go before I’m 60.  I’ve always pictured Thailand as beautiful. I want to see the landscape. I want to walk the streets. I want to eat the local food.

5) What does a day in the life of Rae (that has a ring to it, we could be onto something) look like outside of CFNE?

Up at 5:00 to make the Mayhem.  Usually I make my lunch to take to school before heading out to CFNE.  After the 5:30 I rush home to get ready for school.  I’m usually there by 7:10 so that I have time for breakfast at the dining hall with some of the faculty.  We meet everyone morning, now calling ourselves the Breakfast Club.  I teach French at the Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick. It is a private boarding high school. First class is at 8:00.  I’m on my feet all day. I love teaching at Walnut Hill because there is nothing more rewarding than teaching passionate young adults. I’m the Class Dean for the junior class and the department head for the language department, so I usually have meetings in the afternoon and situations to handle throughout the day.  I stop by the grocery store every day on the way home to pick up something to make for dinner. Once at home, I hang out with our three small dogs, Coco, Lucy and Hugo for a while. Then I usually grade papers and prep for the next day until Erin comes home.  After dinner, we’re usually watching the Montreal Canadiens game.  There are 82 games in the season and I don’t miss one.

6) Give us a fun fact that we don’t know about you. Until now.

I’m from a small French town—actually it’s a village—in New Brunswick, Canada.  I have 72 first cousins.  Both my parents come from families of 10, hence all the cousins.  I can’t walk down the street or go to the grocery store in town without bumping into a cousin, aunt or uncle.

Monday 2.1.16




5:00 – Burpee Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)
Rest 5:00

4:00 – 10 Meter Shuttle Runs
Rest 4:00

3:00 – Power Cleans (Choose one weight)
Guys: 75, 95, 135, 155       Girls: 55, 65, 95, 105
Rest 3:00

2:00 – Wallball Shots (20/14)
Rest 2:00

1:00 – Max Unbroken Pull-Ups

Record each score separately, for a total of (5) scores.
Compare scores HERE.
Post Scores to Comments.

Box Brief
Bring a Friend Day is this Thursday!!!

From Coach Cheryl on the Nutrition Challenge…

I am unbelievably amazed and excited by the progress and hard work of each and every athlete. This challenge has been so much fun to be a part of and i am anticipating a lot of positive changes for everyone who was able to stick it out. The meeting today brought up some very good questions on the best way to attack the “after challenge” mindset. I say, keep it going! Not in a sense of striving for points and perfection, but in the sense that you have already exchanged bad habits for better ones. What i do highly recommend, is giving yourself a break from being “perfect.” So if that means you want to have a little cream in your coffee on Wednesday morning, go for it! The wrong approach to the end of this challenge is the reward of a large feast of all the things you have been avoiding this month. Instead of overindulging, learn how to have a little and leave some for later. Stay away from the “all or nothing” mentality and give yourself permission to enjoy a dinner out with friends, or a glass of wine. There is no cheating when it comes to food.Food is just that “food”. There are foods that give us more nutrients, and foods that give us more pleasure. Learn to find the balance of both and no what things you can have in abundance and what things should be left for special occasions.
By popular demand, I will be continuing to lead you guys through yet another 30 days. I am so excited to see so many people motivated and i want to be there to help as you guys move away from “challenge” mindset and into “lifestyle” mindset. We have reset the system, now lets make it stick! If you want to be a part of this and were not able to attend the meeting today, please email me at More details to come!


Sunday 1.31.16



Open Gym – 9AM to Noon

“Paradise City”
3 Rounds:
Max Reps Bench Press (Bodyweight)
Max Strict Pull-Ups
Rest 3:00 between. Transition from the bench to the pull-ups immediately.

Rest 5:00

3 Rounds:
Max Reps Strict Ring Dips
Max Reps Ring Rows
Rest 3:00 between. Transition from the ring dips to the ring rows immediately.

Post Loads and Scores to Comments.

Box Brief
Nutrition Meeting with Coach Cheryl at 12:30pm today, immediately following Open Gym!



Saturday 1.30.16

Nick Langen

Nick Langen


Teams of 2, Relay Fashion:
10 Dumbbell Squat Clean Thrusters (50’s/35’s), 200 Meter Run
9 Dumbbell Squat Clean Thrusters (50’s/35’s), 200 Meter Run
8 Dumbbell Squat Clean Thrusters (50’s/35’s), 200 Meter Run
7 Dumbbell Squat Clean Thrusters (50’s/35’s), 200 Meter Run
6 Dumbbell Squat Clean Thrusters (50’s/35’s), 200 Meter Run
5 Dumbbell Squat Clean Thrusters (50’s/35’s), 200 Meter Run
4 Dumbbell Squat Clean Thrusters (50’s/35’s), 200 Meter Run
3 Dumbbell Squat Clean Thrusters (50’s/35’s), 200 Meter Run
2 Dumbbell Squat Clean Thrusters (50’s/35’s), 200 Meter Run
1 Dumbbell Squat Clean Thrusters (50’s/35’s), 200 Meter Run

Partner completes the full round, and tags partner in to do the same.
Time is called after that second partner completes the 1 DB Cluster and the 200m Run.

Box Brief
Nutrition Meeting this Sunday at 12:30pm after Open Gym with Coach Cheryl!

Joe V

Joe V

Friday 1.29.16



Teams of 2

2 Clean and Jerks (205/145), 6 Rope Climbs, 30′ Handstand Walk
4 Clean and Jerks (205/145), 6 Rope Climbs, 30′ Handstand Walk
6 Clean and Jerks (205/145), 6 Rope Climbs, 30′ Handstand Walk
8 Clean and Jerks (205/145), 6 Rope Climbs, 30′ Handstand Walk
10 Clean and Jerks (205/145), 6 Rope Climbs, 30′ Handstand Walk

Continue to add (2) repetitions each round to the Clean and Jerks.

CFNE – We have some bittersweet news. From Coach Rachel:

Hello Friends and Family of mine at CFNE. I know some of you already know but for those of you that do not I will no longer be coaching at CFNE. I will miss you all so much! I feel like I’m breaking up with my family and I will miss each and every one of you. You have all inspired or affected my life in some way shape or form. I appreciate all of you tremendously and wish you the best of luck with your fitness endeavors. From the bottom of my heart, I will miss you! Keep in touch and please join me in a little shoulder smasher I programmed. I hate working out alone so of course it’s a partner workout. I will be taking the 11:30 AM and I hope as many people as possible can work out with me. I will be coaching the 7:30am as well so if you can’t work out with me then be coached by me one last time and take the 7:30am. Love you all! – Rachel Martinez
As bummed as we are to see her go, her plans ahead excite us. For a couple of years now, Rachel has been trying to compete on a team with her boyfriend, Conor Murphy, at Reebok CrossFit One. This year she is going to make that happen, and we couldn’t be happier for her.
Post Scores and/or a good Rachel story to comments.
Box Brief
Stand by for your coach to email you on getting your post-challenge measurements!

Nutrition meeting this Sunday with Coach Cheryl at 12:30pm!

We'll miss #flexlife

We’ll miss #flexlife. Go get em Rach!