2011 OPENS

Team CFNE at the 2010 Games.

Registration for the CrossFit Opens is….well, Open.

There will be a prize given to the  Team with the most registered athletes at the end of the first week.   Right now we are in Second Place.  We need YOU to Register to Help Us Win This.  It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been training with the Games Athletes over the past couple of months.  WE WANT EVERYONE TO SIGN UP FOR THIS.

So here is the deal, you are going to at CFNE over the next six weeks anyway.  You are going to do be doing the Games WODs anyway because they are going to be programmed into the weekly CFNE programming.  You don’t need to travel anywhere or even do the workout every week.  If you can’t do it RX’d…no worries. 

So why not take one extra little step and sign up for this thing?  What’s that?…  You don’t feel like you’re ready.  You’re intimidated.  You’re too busy.  Isn’t that for Super-Freak Athletes.  Maybe next year….Aren’t those the same excuses you hear when you ask your friends to try CrossFit with you?  Come on, as CrossFitters we like challenges.  As CrossFitters we know that there are great rewards in doing things that scare you.  And with the support of CFNE, you know it’ll be fun.  So take the plunge.  You’ll be glad you did. 

Here’s how to do it in 10 simple steps (I promise it’s not as hard as it looks).  3,2,1… go:

1. Go to: https://games.crossfit.com/

2. Click “Register”

3. Click “Register as an Athlete”

4. Enter your email address, create a password, check the boxes, and click “sign up”

5. Enter your billing info. (the whole season costs $10) and click “review order”

6. Make sure everything is correct and click “submit order”

7. Feel free to upload a photo and add any personal info. you wish

8. Click “Athletes and Teams” near the top right and select “Find Teams”

9. Search “CrossFit New England” and then select “Join”

10. Take a deep breath.  You did it!

The Opens Are Coming!

The 2011 season will start with the CrossFit Games Open on March 15th. The Open is a six-week-long competition open to anyone in the world. There will be one workout per week, and athletes must submit a validated performance, either by uploading a video of the workout or by performing it at a Registered Affiliate. Everyone will be ranked instantly with everyone else in their region and with everyone else in the world.

The new website will go live on March 7th, and will have all the rules, regulations, and registration options in full detail. The cost will be $10 in the US and Canada, $5 in the rest of the world. The Open will also screen the top athletes and teams for Regional Qualifiers, and Masters athletes directly for the Games. All aspiring Regional and Games competitors must register on the Open Website no later than March 20th at 17:00 PDT. Each week athletes from around the world will complete the same workout, and submit their validated times or video proof to the Open Website. The best athletes and teams will progress.

Next are the Regional Qualifiers. There will be 17 Regionals around the world, with 10 in the United States and 7 abroad. They will be held over four weekends between May 27th and June 19th. Each Regional will send approximately 3 athletes of each gender and 3 teams to the Games, depending on the region’s size.

CFNE, Southie and Fenway will be taking turns hosting The OPEN events for the 6 weeks. The workouts will be held at 1pm on Saturdays starting on March 19th.  We are expecting to have over 100 athletes competing every weekend, and your affiliate must submit an athlete roster the Tuesday before the event.  As of right now, Scaling will not be allowed.  Certified Level 1 athletes will be asked to judge as well as compete.  If you are a L1 Coach but don’t plan on competing we could use your help judging.

Meet Our New Competitor’s Coach

Heather, myself and the entire CFNE Coaching Staff are SUPER excited to announce our new Competitor’s Coach, Derek Mohamed. At CFNE we strive to have each of our competitive CrossFit athletes put their best foot forward on Game Day in local, regional, national and international world competition. To help us meet this objective, and to help each of our competitive athletes reach their full potential on Game Day, having one of our most experienced and successful CrossFit athletes available to help our TEAM with their preparation for competition in the days, weeks,  and months prior to competitions will be enormously beneficial.

Derek will be available to all CFNE competitive CrossFit athletes on topics such as; Psychological Preparation & Strategy, CrossFit/Life/Work Balance, and WOD Strategy/Gaming.

Derek is one of most dedicated, motivated and experienced CrossFit Competitors.   He has competed in two CrossFit Games including a 2nd place finish with Team CFNE at the 2010 CrossFit Games. Derek won the Individual New England Sectional in 2010, and has competed and finished on the podium of several local Throwdowns.

I feel confident that Derek’s involvement with TEAM CFNE is going to make our entire gym, not just the Competitors on the TEAM, stronger, mentally tougher, and better at life in general.   Please help me welcome Derek to The CFNE Coaching Staff.