Garage Games Events



1.  “Jackie”
1000m Row
50 Thrusters, 45#
30 Pull ups
Scaled Division – No Scaling.  Same weight for men and women.
Time Cap – 11 Minutes

2.  “Back Squat/HSPU”
1 Round for time:
25 Back Squats 225/155 (from a rack)
25 Handstand Push ups (kipping allowed)
Scaled Division – Back Squats 185/115, HSPU – 1/2 Abmats
Time Cap – 5 Minutes

1.  “Floater”
1 RFT:
5 Dead Lifts (315, 225)
300 yard Shuttle (25 yrds out and back x 6)
Scaled Division – Deads 225, 135
Time Cap – 2 Minutes


1.  “Quest”
1300m Run with hills
800m Run with hills with bumper plate 45, 25
1300m Run with hills
Scaled Division – No Scaling.  Same weight for men and women.
Time Cap – 30 Minutes

2.  “AMRAP 4”
2 Power Cleans (185, 135)
2 Front Squats (185, 135)
2 Shoulder to Overhead (185, 135)
Scaled Division – men 135, women 95
Time Cap: 4 minutes

CUT TO TOP 10 MALE and FEMALE for RX Division

3.  “FINALS”
15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Power Snatch 115/85
Barbell Burpees
Scaling:  No Scaling
Time Cap:  16 minutes
There will be videos released later this week which will explain the wods in greater detail.
Heat assignments will be posted later this week.
Good luck to all the competitors and thank you to all the volunteers.

Garage Games

The Garage Games at CFNE is SOLD OUT!

We will post a bunch of info for competitors later this week.

As a thank you for your commitment to this event Reebok is hooking up ALL of the judges!!!  Every judge will recieve a shirt, pair of shorts and pair of shoes to take home.

We are still looking for more judges so if you are interested, or if you have any questions about judging email Mel at

I am so Proud…

CFNE! The fittest family in the world.

WOW!  What an amazing experience.  I have been wanting to write something to express how proud and happy I am to part of this little gym in Natick that just WON THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, but every time I sit down to write a recap of the Games I feel like my words aren’t going to do justice to the emotions I have.  So please realize that this is only a fraction of my true feelings. 

I am SO PROUD of you guys!  And I am not talking just to the six members of the team (they know how proud I am of them, their accomplishments, and how they embody the word “Champions” in every sense).  I am proud of our alternates, JC and Ali, for being the strongest teammates anyone could hope for.  I am proud of our Master’s competitors, Elaine, Bubba and Big Bri for competing with heart and class.  I am proud of the 30 something members of our gym that travelled across the country to cheer us on in the Sea of Red.  Our fans were the loudest in the stadium and the Team and Masters will tell you how much that meant to their performance.  I am proud of the dozens of other members who watched us watched us online and sent their support through texts and emails.  I am proud of Heather, who was spectacular commentating for ESPN this weekend. 

Lastly, I am proud of CFNE as a whole…every member!  Sometimes it’s hard to realize how much every member effects the success of our affiliate.  I think Bubba nailed it when he said, “I am the lucky one to have gotten to train with the other CFNE athletes that push their envelope and set the bar as high as they can for the people around them. What you give to the WOD you give to the community and help build the culture of personal accomplishment that is the core of CFNE. 

It’s like an iceberg, the biggest, most important part isn’t the shiny tip sticking above the water, it’s what is not as visible but much more important beneath the surface.”

 I noticed this firsthand this past couple of days as our members have been smashing PR’s and getting after WODs like it’s their own personal Games.  There seems to be a new sense of hunger, desire and level of commitment that our victory has brought to everyone.  How awesome is that?  Forget resting on your success.  CFNE is hungrier than ever.  LOVE IT!

2011 North East Garage Games


CFNE is happy to announce our involvement in the 2011 North East Garage Games. 

Did the OPENS give you an itch for more competition?  Did you miss the multi-day aspect of the Sectionals?  How about the community, camaraderie, and excitement of an “On-Site Competition.”    Look no further…  The North East Garage Games are coming. 

Updates and info will be posted on the Garages Games Face Book Page.

These 2 events will have several hundred competitors.  Sign up for a single event or put yourself in the running for Series Crown by competing in all three. 

Garage Games Northeast One: CrossFit New England, Sept 17th & 18t h
Garage Games Northeast Two: CrossFit Milford, October 8th & 9th
Garage Games Northeast Three: CrossFit Southie, November 12th & 13th

Saturday OPEN 11.3 Heats

Station Heat 1 11:35 Affiliate Judge  
1 Frizelle Adrienne CFNE Mike Trosen
2 Lewitus Allison CFNE Mike Giorgio
3 Polito Elaine CFNE Sonia Cormier
4 Heavy Lisa CFNE Susan Weiss
5 Keough Sam CFNE Mel Ockerby
6 Person Rich CFNE John Doole
7 Frankel Mat CFNE Derek Mohamed
8 Hamel Dave CFNE Bern Prince
9 Maloney Matt CFNE Jule Slootbeek
10 McGinley Dan CFNE Bruce Ballard
11 Ciallella Mike CFNE Scott Lacerra
12 Lee Eugene CFNE EC Synkowski
Station Heat 2 11:50 Affiliate Judge  
1 Cormier Sonia CFNE Elaine Polito
2 Gale Jenna CFNE Adrienne Frizelle
3 Synkowski EC CFNE Eugene Lee
4 Weiss Susan CFNE Mel Ockerby
5 Ballard Bruce CFNE Dan McGinley
6 Doole John CFNE Rich person
7 Giorgio Mike CFNE Allison Lewitus
8 Lacerra Scott CFNE Mike Ciallella
9 Slootbeek Jule CFNE Matt Maloney
10 Prince Bern CFNE Dave Hamel
11 Trosen Mike CFNE Mat Frankel
12 Daigle Kevin CFNE Derek Mohamed
Station Heat 3 12:05 Affiliate Judge  
1 Fegus Mary CFF Stacey Kroon
2 McSwiggin Maureen CFF Erika Snyder
3 Tu Helen CFF Eric Siegel
4 Jokel Nathan CFF Mat Frankel
5 Daly Chris CFF Joe McGhee
6 Hubbard Brant Unaffiliated Kevin Daigle
7 Kinard Brian CFF Aaron Landes
8 Wright Justin Unaffiliated Mike Ciallella
9 Cahill Michael CFF Brenden Ryan
10 Horenstein Sam CFF Matt Maloney
11 Yosh Yosh CFF Justin Shaughnessy
12 Scott JT CFF Sam Keough
Station Heat 4 12:20 Affiliate Judge  
1 A Michelle CFS Jenna Gale
2 Brown Mandy CFF Melissa Mcmanus
3 Snyder Erika CFF Amy Ferro
4 Byrnes Haley CFF Mel Ockerby
5 Landes Aaron CFF Yosh  
6 Gosler Chris CFS JT Scott  
7 Padgett Pat CFS Joe Shamon
8 Ryan Brenden Unaffiliated Mat Frankel
9 Cunningham Chris CFS Justin Wright
10 Shaughnessy Justin CFF Matt Maloney
11 Jones Chuck CFS Kevin Daigle
12 Lytle Jamie CFS Nick DeDonno
Station Heat 5 12:35 Affiliate Judge  
1 Kroon Stacey CFF Mel Ockerby
2 Ferro Amy CFS Jenna Gale
3 Hestand Kristen CFS Michelle A
4 Mcmanus Melissa CFS Haley Byrnes
5 Shamon Joe CFS Yosh  
6 O’Neil TJ CFS JT Scott  
7 Siegel Eric CFF Chris Gosler
8 C Alec CFS Chuck Jones
9 DeDonno Nick CFS Jamie Lytle
10 Harrison Mike CFS Eric Siegel
11 Mcintire Pete CFS Mat Frankel
12 Melberg James CFS Pat Padgett

Game Day 5 Results

“Game Day 5”
3 Rounds for time of:
10 Thrusters (115, 80)
300 meter Row


Place Last Name First Name Sex Affiliate Time RX Scaled
1 Bergeron Heather F CFNE 5:10 x  
1 Ockerby Mel F CFNE 5:15 x  
2 Gomes Alicia F Unaffiliated 5:20 x  
3 LeBlanc Ali F CFNE 5:20 x  
4 Polito Elaine F CFNE 5:24 x  
5 Mikels Melanie F CFCM 5:27 x  
6 Cormier Sonia F CFNE 5:47 x  
7 Rockett Ronda F CFNE 5:56 x  
8 K Angela F CFCM 5:59 x  
9 Mikkelson Lisa F CFNE 6:01 x  
10 Byrnes Haley F CFF 6:02 x  
11 Snyder Erika F CFF 6:08 x  
12 Conway Steph F CFCM 6:23 x  
13 Modeen Amanda F CFP 6:24 x  
14 Kleiner Rachel F CFCM 6:37 x  
15 Diorio Jill F CFCM 6:48 x  
16 Lytie Jamie F CFS 6:56 x  
17 Heavy Lisa F CFNE 7:37 x  
18 Shafer Katrina F CFNE 7:42 x  
19 Marshall Michelle F CFNE 8:05 x  
20 Singer Susan F CFNE 8:39 x  
21 M Dana F CFCM 10:27 x  
22 Langen Kathy F CFNE 7:01   x
23 Dunlap Heather F CFNE 7:04   x
24 Weiss Susan F CFNE 8:41   x


Place Last Name First Name Sex Affiliate Time RX Scaled
1 McGhee Joe M CFF 4:30 x  
2 Frankel Mat M CFNE 4:41 x  
3 Spalatoro Mike M CFCM 4:42 x  
4 Hamm Adam M Unaffiliated 4:45 x  
5 Hewitt Ryan M CFR1 4:47 x  
6 Goose Goose M CFS 4:48 x  
7 Landes Aaron M CFF 4:49 x  
8 Cyr Paul M CFCM 4:51 x  
9 Mohamed Derek M CFNE 4:52 x  
10 McSwiggins Bill M Unaffiliated 4:55 x  
11 McEvoy John M CFC 4:56 x  
12 Dillon Mike M VBC 4:58 x  
13 M Ryan M CFCM 4:59 x  
14 Sawicki Dan M CFCM 4:59 x  
15 Young Tyler M CFED 5:02 x  
16 Dunlap John M CFNE 5:04 x  
17 Caldas Jason M CFNE 5:05 x  
18 Daigle Daigle M CFNE 5:06 x  
19 Stellato Chris M CFS 5:08 x  
20 Nelson Billy M CFNE 5:13 x  
21 Maloney Matt M CFNE 5:16 x  
22 Romeo Andrew M CFR 5:17 x  
23 Shaughnessy Justin M CFF 5:19 x  
24 Hamel Dave M CFNE 5:23 x  
25 B Dave M CFH 5:23 x  
26 Duck Matt M CFNE 5:26 x  
27 Carbone Ryan M CFCM 5:27 x  
28 Brisebois Craig M CFNE 5:28 x  
29 Brisebois Eric M CFNE 5:30 x  
30 LaRocca Nick M CFH 5:33 x  
31 Smulligan Pat M CFNE 5:35 x  
32 Berry Will M CFNE 5:37 x  
33 Sawyer Kevin M Unaffiliated 5:44 x  
34 Bocianski Brandon M CFAH 5:45 x  
35 Wasik Brad M CFNE 5:50 x  
36 Sullivan Tom M ? 5:56 x  
37 Keefe Bob M CFNE 5:58 x  
38 McCarty Pat M Unaffiliated 5:59 x  
39 Badaracco John M CF-S 6:03 x  
40 R Nate M CFCM 6:04 x  
41 Ballard Bruce M CFNE 6:07 x  
42 Messina Chad M CFNE 6:09 x  
43 Yosh Yosh M CFF 6:15 x  
44 Curley Brian M CFNE 6:17 x  
45 Ciallella Mike M CFNE 6:24 x  
46 Stark B M CFNE 6:24 x  
47 Rapisarda Eric M CFNE 6:34 x  
48 Lytie Seth M CFS 6:35 x  
49 Hoare Zane M CFV 6:40 x  
50 Kinard Brian M CFF 6:43 x  
51 Stout Billy M Unaffiliated 6:48 x  
52 Giorgio Mike M CFNE 6:48 x  
53 M Ron M CFCM 6:58 x  
54 T Bill M CFCM 7:10 x  
55 Doole John M CFNE 7:22 x  
56 Leard Geoff M CFNE 7:30 x  
57 Prince Bern M CFNE 7:38 x  
58 Leard Tom M CFNE 6:22   x
59 Slootbeek Jule M CFNE 7:22   x
60 Pappas AJ M CFNE 7:43   x