Garage Games Events



1.  “Jackie”
1000m Row
50 Thrusters, 45#
30 Pull ups
Scaled Division – No Scaling.  Same weight for men and women.
Time Cap – 11 Minutes

2.  “Back Squat/HSPU”
1 Round for time:
25 Back Squats 225/155 (from a rack)
25 Handstand Push ups (kipping allowed)
Scaled Division – Back Squats 185/115, HSPU – 1/2 Abmats
Time Cap – 5 Minutes

1.  “Floater”
1 RFT:
5 Dead Lifts (315, 225)
300 yard Shuttle (25 yrds out and back x 6)
Scaled Division – Deads 225, 135
Time Cap – 2 Minutes


1.  “Quest”
1300m Run with hills
800m Run with hills with bumper plate 45, 25
1300m Run with hills
Scaled Division – No Scaling.  Same weight for men and women.
Time Cap – 30 Minutes

2.  “AMRAP 4”
2 Power Cleans (185, 135)
2 Front Squats (185, 135)
2 Shoulder to Overhead (185, 135)
Scaled Division – men 135, women 95
Time Cap: 4 minutes

CUT TO TOP 10 MALE and FEMALE for RX Division

3.  “FINALS”
15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Power Snatch 115/85
Barbell Burpees
Scaling:  No Scaling
Time Cap:  16 minutes
There will be videos released later this week which will explain the wods in greater detail.
Heat assignments will be posted later this week.
Good luck to all the competitors and thank you to all the volunteers.

Fear Anthos

Most of you have heard that Anthos, a private investment company, has positioned themselves to purchase 50% of CrossFit Inc. from Lauren Glassman (Coach Greg Glassman’s ex-wife).  The fear is that this company, not understanding what we have, will destroy the nature of what makes our community special.  The rumors have been swirling that Anthos would “franchise” the affiliates, force us to peddle supplements and change the nature of what has made us great.

I don’t believe rumors and hate “he-said she-said” battles of social media so when news of this potential hostile take-over came out I spoke directly with representatives of CrossFit HQ to see what the deal was.  Their side of the story was compelling and scary.  Basically, their story is the worst fear an affiliate owner could imagine – an outsider with substantial power takes control and destroys what we all love so much.  But that was only one side of the story, so I called and spoke to Bryan Kelly, the Co-Founder of Anthos.  We spoke for over 45 minutes and Mr. Kelly was very forthcoming with his motives, thoughts and intentions.  Mr. Kelly stated that he was a CrossFitter, loved CrossFit and that is why he wanted a piece of the action.  He believes Greg Glassman is a visionary, an amazing leader, and he repeated that he had no intention of changing the affiliation model.  Mr. Kelly was forthcoming, personable and convincing.  I thought our conversation would have beeb much more uncomfortable, but I actually enjoyed talking with him and felt more comfortable about the potential CrossFit/Anthos marriage after our conversation.

From the onset I have been reluctant to post about this rocky situation, or get involved in any way.  I wanted to know and understand first hand what was happening, but I loathe the social media “he-said, she-said” battles and blog-wars that this has turned into.  Having said that, in light of recent events, I now I feel it necessary to voice my opinion on the matter.

As a successful affiliate owner and lover of everything CrossFit I was originally scared to hear of an outside threat potentially taking over the business that has given so much to so many.  My conversation with Mr. Kelly helped to subside my fears as he promised that his intentions are not to disrupt a business model that is working so well.

Since our conversation it has become public that Mr. Kelly said, in writing, that he would never approach Lauren about a selling her 50% of CrossFit out of respect for Coach.  In the same statement Mr. Kelly said that such a sale would allow a third party the ability to create gridlock.  My fear is that Mr. Kelly cannot be trusted.  HE LIED.  And now I believe he lied to me during our phone conversation and is continuing to lie to the community through his social media posts and emails.

I trust Coach Glassman whole-heartedly and completely. Coach is one of the rare people in this world that every time you speak to him, you feel better about yourself, the community and the future.  Coach has always had the best intentions of the community as the driving force behind his decisions.  He continues to lead CrossFit to great places, and continues to lead me.  He is the single man I have modeled CrossFit New England after.  Coach said, “do all the right things for all the right people.” And that is exactly what I have done.

Repeatedly in my conversation with Mr. Kelly, and recently in his Facebook video, Bryan refers to CrossFit as “his investment.”   On the other hand, when Coach talks about CrossFit he talks about “his life’s mission”.   These two very different viewpoints sum up exactly how Coach and Mr. Kelly view CrossFit and how they would direct the company.   Coach is motivated by bettering people’s lives, creating an extended family of affiliates, and “doing all the right things for all the right people.”  There is no “end” for Coach.  Just like the CrossFit program isn’t a short-term “get-fit-quick” scheme, Coach is in this for the long haul (his entire life), and because of that he can be trusted to make the right decisions.   On the other hand, Anthos is motivated by an investment opportunity, and the only way to realize the potential gains from that investment is to cash out at some point.  Mr. Kelly and Anthos will not be steering CrossFit with the same core values that we as a community have come to embrace as our ethos.

Mr. Kelly has said that he is a CrossFitter and that he respects and understands the Affiliate Community.  But he doesn’t train at an Affiliate.  He did for a short while, but left.  You can be a CrossFitter and train in your garage, or with a coach, but you cannot understand the business and community of CrossFit if you aren’t part of an affiliate.

My allegiance is with Coach Glassman.  He is the reason I started CrossFit New England.  If Coach decides the best course of action is for mass de-affiliation, we will be the first to follow him wherever he goes.  The comforting thing is, I spoke at an Affiliate Business Seminar this weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, FL with close to 40 box owners in attendance, and the feeling was mutual. The resounding sentiment I heard around the room  was, “CrossFit is Greg Glassman”.  If Coach leaves CrossFit we all believe he can recreate this fitness revolution under another name and he will start it with 4,000 loyal foot soldiers.

My recommendation to Bryan Kelly is to step away.  There will be other suitors for Lauren.  You are not leaving her in a bad position.  Your interest and motives in CrossFit are suspect at best and you are not welcome.  Please go away.

I am so Proud…

CFNE! The fittest family in the world.

WOW!  What an amazing experience.  I have been wanting to write something to express how proud and happy I am to part of this little gym in Natick that just WON THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, but every time I sit down to write a recap of the Games I feel like my words aren’t going to do justice to the emotions I have.  So please realize that this is only a fraction of my true feelings. 

I am SO PROUD of you guys!  And I am not talking just to the six members of the team (they know how proud I am of them, their accomplishments, and how they embody the word “Champions” in every sense).  I am proud of our alternates, JC and Ali, for being the strongest teammates anyone could hope for.  I am proud of our Master’s competitors, Elaine, Bubba and Big Bri for competing with heart and class.  I am proud of the 30 something members of our gym that travelled across the country to cheer us on in the Sea of Red.  Our fans were the loudest in the stadium and the Team and Masters will tell you how much that meant to their performance.  I am proud of the dozens of other members who watched us watched us online and sent their support through texts and emails.  I am proud of Heather, who was spectacular commentating for ESPN this weekend. 

Lastly, I am proud of CFNE as a whole…every member!  Sometimes it’s hard to realize how much every member effects the success of our affiliate.  I think Bubba nailed it when he said, “I am the lucky one to have gotten to train with the other CFNE athletes that push their envelope and set the bar as high as they can for the people around them. What you give to the WOD you give to the community and help build the culture of personal accomplishment that is the core of CFNE. 

It’s like an iceberg, the biggest, most important part isn’t the shiny tip sticking above the water, it’s what is not as visible but much more important beneath the surface.”

 I noticed this firsthand this past couple of days as our members have been smashing PR’s and getting after WODs like it’s their own personal Games.  There seems to be a new sense of hunger, desire and level of commitment that our victory has brought to everyone.  How awesome is that?  Forget resting on your success.  CFNE is hungrier than ever.  LOVE IT!


Games Streamed Live on ESPN3
Catch all the World Games action next week on ESPN 3! Yeah, that’s right, CrossFit on ESPN. Very cool! The action starts Friday. Coverage is LIVE and highlights will stream at 9pm.

What’s Happening at CFNE

Class Time Change
By popular demand, James’s Olympic Lifting Class has moved to 6:30pm on Tuesdays. The class is Free to CFNE members and is open to the public for a $20 drop-in fee.

 CFNE is ending the competition season in style with a trip to LAS VEGAS! Join us for one outrageous afternoon/night/morning in the city of sin, Monday Aug 1st. Games competitors and super fans will fly from Long Beach Monday morning, stay at the Hard Rock and Tropicana Hotels, and leave Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. EVERYONE is welcome/encouraged to join the festivities! For more details email Mel



The Games
July 29-31st, Team CFNE will compete in the 2011 World Games, at the Home Depot Center in LA. There is a group of Superfans making the trek to Cali, but if you can’t watch the action live, the Games site will stream live feeds of the weekend’s competition. There will be a three hour broadcast at the end of each day that will feature competition action, summaries, highlights, analysis and athlete profiles. Visit the Games site for more details.

CFNE Schedule From 7/27 – 8/1
Wed 7/27 – Regular morning schedule, one night class at 6pm
Thurs 7/28 – Regular morning schedule, one night class at 6pm
Friday 7/29 – No night class
Sat 7/30 – Regular schedule
Sun 7/30 – No Classes
Mon 8/1 – Regular schedule, one night class at 6pm
Tues 8/2 – Back to regular schedule


Garage Games
With the Games approaching, are you getting that itch to compete?  How about the community, camaraderie, and excitement of an “On-Site Competition.”    Look no further…  The North East Garage Games are coming. 

 Updates and info will be posted on the Garage Games Website.

These 3 events will have several hundred competitors.  Sign up for a single event or put yourself in the running for Series Crown by competing in all three. Register NOW, spots are already filling up!

Garage Games Northeast One: CrossFit New England FireBreather Festival, Sept 24th and 25th
Garage Games Northeast Two: CrossFit Milford, October 8th & 9th
Garage Games Northeast Three: CrossFit Southie, November 12th & 13th

Fight Gone Bad
Save the date, Friday September 16, 2011, CFNE will host the annual Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser. Last year, we raised two thousand dollars for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and The CrossFit Foundation, in only two weeks. This year, we’re going to at least double  last year’s total, by registering early! To register click here and  join Team CFNE. If you want to donate but not participate in the workout, you can sponsor an athlete from our team simply by choosing their name from the Team Roster.

Mobility Certification
August 20th
Kelly Starrett, CrossFit’s mobility ninja, will be a CFNE for his mobility seminar/workshop. Attendees will learn how to: Improve force production, increase work outputs, avoid common and preventable movement dysfunction and injury, and understand how to address simple performance related myo-fascial and joint mobility issues. What does this mean? You’ll improve your Fran time, your overhead capacity, remain injury proof and understand/end your athletic pain. For information and registration, click here.