Jen S.

Weight:  Before 160, After 125 – Lost 35 lbs
Body Fat:  26%, 18% –  lost 8%
Pants Size:  10-12, 4-6

This picture was taken in the fall of 2010 (likely September), just before I joined CFNE (November).

Though the change has been gradual over the past year, the most dramatic strength, speed, and endurance increases, as well as decrease in body fat percentage, have occurred in the past 6 weeks. I owe a huge thanks to Mel for working with me these past 6 weeks to make sure that I continue to become a better (and more healthy) athlete despite a fairly limiting (and frustrating) injury that could have easily taken the wind out of my sails of progress.

In addition to obvious physical changes, since transitioning to the paleo diet, my seasonal allergies and allergies to cats have significantly decreased (to the point that I very rarely need to take any medication for it). I used to be on prescription allergy medication (I was first prescribed medication for allergies at the age of 18). I’ve dealt with exercise induced asthma since middle school. After about 5 months of CrossFit, I found that I didn’t need my inhaler anymore. I haven’t used it since May, and I haven’t had any issues or events that would require the use of my emergency inhaler. Interestingly enough, if I have a weekend of really falling off track, I notice that my respiratory issues start to creep back.

At this point, I feel the most mentally and emotionally tough that I’ve ever been in my life. This mental and emotional strength has carried over into other areas of my life: work, family, friends, and rugby. The mental coaching at CFNE carries way beyond the walls of the gym, and all aspects of my life are better because of it.

Results don’t lie. This stuff works.

Thanks for doing what you do!