Coming to CFNE became less about individually working out, and more about being part of a team.  When the coach yells 3-2-1 go, we are all in it together.


Prior to 2012 I had a very different life.  I commuted to NY for 10 years; travelling 200+ days a year, which meant lots of hotels and flights.  I had business dinners 4 nights a week, which meant huge caloric meals, and lots of late night cocktails.  On a good week, I averaged about 5 hours of restless sleep a night.  And, other than weekends, there was no time for fitness.  None of this was healthy.  It was clear I needed to reprioritize my life.

Finding Crossfit, and CFNE more specifically, was Divine Intervention. I was watching ESPN and the prior year’s Games came on.  I knew nothing about CF, but it looked kinda cool.  During a break, they showed the CF Whiteboard commercial with the CF definition:

“Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.”

In other words, everyday would be different, so there was no chance of getting bored.  So much about life involves routine.  If I was going to commit to something new, I wanted it to have a purpose, be exciting, and challenge me.

The next morning I looked up Crossfit on line and found CFNE.  I knew right away that I found something I could be passionate about, because everyone I met was so into what they were doing.  It was a charged environment and the energy was contagious.  I was hooked.

During Elements it became clear that Crossfit is a marathon.  For me, it started with walking into the Box for Elements and getting past the intimidation of a new environment; learning the importance of mobility, diet, hydration, and quality sleep; drilling in new movements and understanding the importance of form; building mental/physical toughness; finding new limits; dealing with constant soreness; training through injuries; holding myself to standards; identifying and attacking my weaknesses; setting goals; and ultimately stepping up to compete.  What I didn’t appreciate initially was the power of the community and how much stronger mentally and physically I would become by sharing successes and challenges with friends at CFNE. Once I realized this, I became accountable to everyone at CFNE. Coming to CFNE became less about individually working out, and more about being part of a team.  When the coach yells 3-2-1 go, we are all in it together.

There are no shortcuts in CF, and I’m not sure one ever reaches the finish line of this marathon.  But the CFNE coaches and athletes provide the best roadmap for success.  Since joining CFNE I have lost 35 pounds and feel great for the first time in years.  I know I have a long way to go still, but I am already stronger, faster and more energetic than I have ever been.  It seems that everyday I show up I feel fitter, and I find myself better prepared to take on life’s physical and mental challenges.

As I said, what drew me to CF were the elite athletes on TV that first day.  What they could do seemed super human.  But it’s the day-to-day CFNE athletes who really motivate me with their commitment, effort, and often times courage.  Being surrounded by other passionate people has helped me stay motivated and driven.  I look at Crossfit as a team sport that each of us plays – individually we get stronger, collectively we become a force.

I’m grateful to the entire CFNE community for their support and encouragement.  It’s a remarkable group of people and a special place.