The community is like no other – we support each other and provide a level competitiveness that I need to keep me going.

Heather V.

Before I started Crossfit, I didn’t think I was that out of shape.  I have always worked out…mostly cardio. But, I was literally dragging myself to the gym every day for my usual aerobics class and/or a 30 minute jaunt on a cardio machine.  I even started to get involved in doing triathlons to try to find ways to keep my interest in working out.  I finally decided that I needed to do something different and started looking into getting a personal trainer or doing one of those boot camp classes.  A friend from California told me about Crossfit, so I did a Google search and found CFNE.

Nutrition played a huge role in the change of my body and performance.  Even though I was doing Crossfit, I really needed to change my eating habits.  Prior to Crossfit, I thought eating healthy was eating a reduced fat muffin and drinking a non-fat mocha.   And of course, bread was OK as long as it was whole wheat, right?!  I ate pasta at least once a week and never turned down dessert.  I really had no concept of what eating real food meant.  After doing the Paleo challenge, it helped me to understand how to eat healthy and that it wasn’t a diet, but a way of life.  I now try to eat 75-80% Paleo on a daily basis.  I understand what real food is and strive to only buy natural foods.

As a mother of two daughters, I am so glad I found Crossfit.  I grew up in the world where it wasn’t ok to be strong.  In grade school I could easily do several pull-ups, but during the physical fitness tests, I would count how many the boys did to make sure that I always did one less.  I never want my girls to think it is not OK to be strong.  Crossfit brings out the competitive side of me and I strive to work hard everyday.   My husband, mother, and sister all do Crossfit and it has officially become a family affair!

It has now been almost 2 yrs since starting Crossfit.  I have lost over 10% body fat and dropped 2-3 pant sizes.  I have met some of my best friends here at CFNE.  The community is like no other – we support each other and provide a level competitiveness that I need to keep me going.  The coaches are amazing and have a true interest in helping you become not only a better athlete but a better person.