Not only do I look better and feel better, I carry the “mental toughness” aspect of Crossfit into everything I do.

Deb R.

I’ve never been someone who enjoyed exercising.  I found it tedious, boring and hard.  I spent most of my adult life making excuses.  The usual excuses, no time, too tired, too expensive, etc.  I would get to a point where I felt disgusted with myself and I would join a gym, start walking or something to feel better but it never lasted.

I watched my husband, Andy change his body doing this “crossfit” thing.  He would constantly tell my about it and try to get me to sign up.  I thought this was something only “die-hard” exercise freaks did and that was definitely not me.  My friend Jen asked me if I would try Crossfit with her…I reluctantly said yes.  I knew I wanted to achieve what Andy had (not to mention he was starting to look like a Calvin Klein underwear model) but, I just didn’t think that I could.

Almost a year ago, 2 days before Christmas, Jen and I started our first session with Mel.  It was scary to walk into CFNE for the first time.  I remember being really happy that we were in the small room because I was embarrassed to been seen by all of the “regulars” because I was so out of shape.  This was the beginning of my transformation….

In January, I signed up for the Paleo Challenge.  I ended the month of January losing 10+ lbs and like 3% body fat…I was psyched!  I spent the next few months losing 15 more pounds.  By the spring I had stopped losing weight but my pant size kept dropping.

I remember doing a WOD that had a lot running in it (huge goat of mine) and I was really struggling.  Some man that I had never seen before was walking out to his car.  He stopped and cheered me on for the remaining 400 meter.  That was the day I fell in love with Crossfit.  The positive way everyone is always rooting for you even when you are not sure you can do it, I think is the greatest and most unique part of Crossfit and that’s why I keep coming back.

Crossfit has changed my life.  Not just physically but mentally and emotionally.  Not only do I look better and feel better, I carry the “mental toughness” aspect of Crossfit into everything I do.  Some of the WODs still make me super nervous, but I know that all I have to do is walk in that door, give it my best and I always feel great after I accomplish something that I didn’t think I could.  Best of all, the WODs never get old because I’m consistently getting better, stronger and faster each time.

If you are reading this because you are interested in trying Crossfit or better yet CFNE, don’t waste another minute wondering if you can do this.  Let me be the proof that anyone, any fitness level (which in my case was none) or any age can do this.  I only wish I had found it sooner!

Thank you to all the coaches and all of the athletes who have helped me find my “inner badass”!