I know that as long as I simply keep walking through that (CFNE) door each morning, I will always leave in the best shape of my life.

Big Mike

I was a high school and college athlete (football, track & lacrosse) and the first several years after college I had stayed active but slowly I had let life’s excuses get in the way of staying fit.  I had dieted and lost 20 or 30 pounds two or three times over 20 years but nothing stuck.  The seasons would change, I would strain a muscle or I’d be on the road traveling for work and I’d end up right back where I started.  My wife had finally had enough and flat out told me I was fat, and at almost 260 pounds, I was.  I was managing to keep my doctor happy by keeping my cholesterol below 220 with medication but I knew that I was fooling myself.  I also knew that I was not setting a good example for my teenage children who are both competitive athletes.

Not long after that pleasant conversation with my wife in the summer of 2011 – I was fortunate to find Crossfit New England.  I had spent about two months trying to get in shape before I started as I was terrified of embarrassing myself.  When I finally walked through the doors and started Elements, I was hooked from Day 1.

My Elements classes were mid-day during Open Gym and the only people I saw were the CFNE Games teams getting in their final prep work for the 2011 Games.  I had no idea what a class was going to be like and I thought that “little blond girl just clean and jerked my body weight” and here I am with a broomstick.  I learned quickly that I was going to need to check my ego at the door.

Always one to be the martyr I had decided that I would not let life get in the way and my workout time would be 5:30 am.  My first WOD was 8/10/11 and it was “Dark & Stormy” (25 DL/50 PU/25 DL).  I didn’t know to record my time but I did manage to DL 135# that day.  I quickly settled in with the 5:30 am crew and also quickly figured out how to post my workouts.  Not long after that I also began eating Paleo (on a vacation to Spain nonetheless-remember that whole martyr thing).  The rate at which I started to lose weight was unlike any other diet I had ever tried – and I felt like I was eating more!

Fast forward one year.  I am 60 pounds lighter, have lowered my cholesterol (good, bad and total) to perfectly healthy ranges and lowered my waist size by 10”.  My tailor now owns a small beach house in the South of France.

For me, success at CFNE has been the result of three things:

  1. The Work-it’s blood, sweat and tears but I relish it and I crave it everyday
  2. The Diet-it’s common sense-eat what you need, use what you eat
  3. The Community- I look forward to coming every day, meeting new members, seeing others make gains and succeed.  And if I can’t lift more, run faster or do more burpees than you-at least I can make everyone laugh with a funny post.  I have had the opportunity to try other gyms on my travels and I can tell you that what we have here is truly special.

I know that as long as I simply keep walking through that door each morning, I will always leave in the best shape of my life.