Andy R.

Weight: Before 260, After 180 Lost 80lbs!
Waist: Before 42”, After 32” Lost 10 inches!

The immediate few years before Crossfit were rough. I worked out occasionally, going to a globo gym, lifting a few weights, maybe running a treadmill, mostly though it was the sauna and checking sports scores on the TV. The general lack of intensity found in a standard gym left me unmotivated. My diet was terrible. I had basically accepted my condition as what happens to people when they get older. I ate lots of bread, peanuts, hummus, pasta, beer and crackers. I slowly began to gain weight in a really bad way.  The next thing I knew I was afraid I was becoming type II diabetic, I had poor circulation, trouble sleeping at night, went to the doctor frequently and generally suffered from low self esteem.

A friend of mine Will Berry told me about this amazing community of supportive people, with a great work out program that I had to try it. I trusted him and gave it a try. That was in September of 2010 and it was one of the BEST decisions of my life.  I found a great community, amazing, inspiring coaches free of pretention and people whom I could trust and believe in. The professionalism and true passion of the coaches is a huge draw. And the environment from day one, has made me realize the power of positive thinking, of team encouragement and dedication.

I wish I found the community, nutrition and Crossfit sooner!!!! I feel better walking around in everyday life. I no longer need any medication of any kind. I sleep great and can’t believe that I have found my own fountain of youth. I work out 5-7 hours a week , eat well and I have gained everything, literally everything.