Adrienne F.

Significant challenge I face in my life is maintaining balance.  When things get out of balance, all facets of life are affected.  My weight battle is an excellent example.  Starting my career after college meant a long commute, work pressure, and not enough time for me.  I managed to get that straightened out somewhat as my career progressed.  When I relocated to Massachusetts, I lapsed back into being a workaholic, didn’t take the time to find a gym, and lost some serious ground.  After a year, I smartened up, found a gym, and got working on myself again.  Unfortunately, this ended up going to the extreme too, and I got burned out being my own health-information-researcher, personal trainer, and dietician.  Then I discovered CrossFit.  Here, I reap the benefits of a specific dietary regimen, a structured training plan that I show up and follow, and coaching that provides one-on-one support as needed.  It’s a prescription that gets results.

It has been nearly a year since I started the CFNE Elements class.  I have lost 20lbs of fat while gaining strength, endurance, body awareness, and skills.  All of this makes me more confident facing everything in life.  Beyond the physical adaptations are the mental ones.  I am a natural introvert.  Having people around who share my interest in health and fitness, and are supportive of me both when I succeed and fail, creates a cooperative, comfortable environment that I cherish.

The athletes and coaches at CFNE set the bar high.  We all push each other to be better.  Going to CFNE in the morning starts my day off right.  I often think it is the best part of my day, aside from coming home in the evening to my wonderful husband.  The WOD provides physical and mental challenges to overcome.  The coaches and athletes provide support and camaraderie.   The atmosphere is both serious and light-hearted.  Time spent at the box is beneficial, and entirely for me. CrossFit has helped me achieve and maintain balance.  I am a happier and healthier person because of it!