Thursday 11.29.12

9:30am class

2 x 1 Reps

9 – 7- 5
Muscle Up
Squat Snatch (135, 95)

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Muscle Up Maniac

Mel’s Going Away Party
TONIGHT 7:30pm at CFNE
BYOB and Snack

Judges and Volunteers

We looking for judges and volunteers for the Competitor’s Competition on January 19th (ONE DAY) at CFNE!

Judges: Email

Volunteers: Email

Free lunch, Free Beer, Win Prizes!!


Wednesday 11.28.12


Goat Day
On The Minute for 20 Minutes
Odd Min: Goat 1
Even Min: Goat 2

Your coach will determine the reps since they will be movement and skill/load dependent.
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Great alternative to Handstand Push Ups

Mel’s Going Away Party
When: Thursday Nov 29th
Where: CFNE
Time: 7:30pm
Details: BYOB, Bring your favorite dish!

Tuesday 11.27.12

Kid’s Classes are every Tues, Wed and Thurs at 4:30pm. Come in for your first FREE trial class

1.Clean and Jerk
3 Rep Max Touch and Go

2.”That Happened”
For Time
30 Burpees
50 Thrusters (65, 45)
500 Meter Row

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Are you recording your scores?

By Chris Cav

Check out this great read!! Chris Cav’s article in the CrossFit Journal on “Transference” of CrossFit into everyday life…Click HERE

Monday 11.26.12


3 x1

3 Rounds For Time
400 Meter Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (53, 35)
12 Pull Ups

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