Thursday 1.26.12

Get your kids in the kitchen!!!  All kids can help, even little babies can stir, drop in veggies, and add spices.  Older kids can cook, pick out ingredients, and even meal plan. Getting rid of all the junk food is paramount in your success.  If you  keep a stash of pop-tarts or apple cinnamon oatmeal, you WILL GIVE IN when you are rushed, busy, stressed and faced with a whining child. If you do not have the kid food as an option, it’s just that, not an option!  Serve your healthy meals with a smile and a kiss, sing and dance together in the kitchen, let your kids make a mess, let them choose what they want out of your healthy paleo options, be patient and know that even if your little ones decide to skip a meal out of total revolt, they will not starve. Maintain a positive and cheerful “we can do this attitude” and you will succeed.  Focus on what you will do next rather then the fact that the plates lack the pasta!  A fun game of soccer in the back yard or tag in the living room should be the focus for all kids – not the lack of hamburger buns – distraction is awesome!!

I realize 100% that this blog post is just the tip of the paleo kids iceberg, and I have written about this concept before but everyone needs a place to start; I know because I have been there. So here’s a list to focus on as you start your paleo kid journey:

1. Rid the house of the junk.

2. Do not make a big deal about the transition to healthier eating and focus on FUN!

3. Get the kids in the kitchen with you.

4. Do not stress out; your kids will eat!

5. Jump up and down for joy when you see them dive into a yummy plate of slow cooked chicken and sweet potatoes – why? See number 6!

6. Rest assured that your child is getting more nutrients and better nutrients by eating paleo than he or she would on a standard American diet and by removing the gut irritating grains, dairy, and legumes, your child is able to better absorb the nutrients that he or she is eating!!

7. Stick with it, you can do this, celebrate your successes, relax and live a little, enjoy your kids and let the messes begin!!

As always, Enjoy!!

Wednesday 1.25.12

Pushing yourself to the next level is hard when your tired, but you can always do more work than you think!  Tell yourself ” I am strong and I will crush this WOD” 

Tuesday 1.24.12

Cheering and helping one another get through WOD’s is very important at CrossFit New England, whether it’s a friend or competitor it’s always good to motivate 🙂



Monday 1.23.12


Thanks to the Athletes, Parents, and Volunteers who trucked through the snow to throw down with us Saturday!!
Also BIG THANKS to Reebok, Progenex, and Again Faster for great PRIZES 🙂

CFNE Athlete Sophie FLYING through weighted lunges!Suck it up cupcake!

CF 508

WOD "Final Exam"