Our Rates

ADULT Monthly Rates
3x/week: $189
Unlimited: $219


(no discounts for elements or one on one coaching)

High School Strength and Conditioning Class
Ages: 13-19
Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30pm. Saturdays 11am

One Month Unlimited: $119

Middle School Program
Ages: 11-14
Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30pm. Saturdays 11am.

One Month Unlimited: $119

CrossFit KIDS
One Month Unlimited: $90
Try your FIRST CLASS FOR FREE. (No drop ins)

CrossFit Kids Classes (All Ages)
Our ‘All Ages’ classes are appropriate for most kids ages 5-12, and all different skills levels.  The kids who haven’t “found” their sport yet are able to find their strengths right alongside the kids who excel in ump-teen sports a year.  Very similar to the way our adult classes work, our kids classes provide an opportunity for every kind of athlete to improve on athletic skills while simultaneously having fun in an appropriately competitive environment.  An example of a Kids Class might include an obstacle course, Human Bowling, Tabata double-unders, Spiderman handstand holds, a “Mini Murph” WOD, and dodgeball…all while listening to Heather’s Guilty Pleasures playlist (oh, yeah, there’s a lotta’ Hannah Montana…and, Taio Cruz.  Don’t ACT like you don’t know who they are).

Drop in Visitors from from another Crossfitters Affiliate:
First Session Free.
$20 Thereafter  or bring us a T-shirt from your box.

One on One Coaching or Consultation:


Ali – $100 per hour
Ashley - $100 per hour
Cheryl - $100 per hour
Geoff – $100 per hour
Harry - $100 per hour
Heather – $120 per hour
James – $350 for three one hour sessions
Kevin - $100 per hour
Max - $100 per hour
Rachel - $100 per hour

1/2 hour sessions are available. Email the coach of your choice to schedule times.