With Equipment
“Deck of Cards”
Spades: Goblet Squats
Clubs: Burpees
Diamonds: Sit-ups
Hearts: Single Arm Dumbbell Snatches

Look at SuagrWOD notes for full details.

Without Equipment
“Deck of Cards”
Spades: Odd-Object Zercher Squats
Clubs: Burpees
Diamonds: Sit-ups
Hearts: Single Odd-Object Ground to Shoulder

Look at SugarWOD notes for full details.

Check out Coach Tori Talking about Today’s workout.

Box Brief
We run group fitness classes. That’s what CFNE does. While the current events are not allowing us to work out in the same place at the same time, these events will not stop us from getting fitter together. We are going to expand our offerings of online classes so that we can continue to be a part of the best hour of each other’s day. Join us at these times, starting today, to see some familiar faces, get a good workout in, and have a good time.



8am Yoga

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