Happy Halloween Throwdown Day! No group classes. Throwdown goes from 9-12. Hang out for Pizza and Beer Mile following the workouts!


“Grim Reaper”
In 7 Minutes:
3-RM Hang Clean

Team takes as many attempts as they would like, and can move up and down weight. Each attempt must be have clips on the barbell. Athletes can complete a hang power or hang squat (or a variation). Hips to shoulders.

“Bag of Bones”
4 Rounds For Time:
10-15-20 Calorie Bike
200 Meter Wreck Bag Run (Full Team Together, 35#) 

Time Cap – 10:00

Team decides who is “Athlete 1”, “Athlete 2” and “Athlete 3” before the start of the workout. Each round starts with Athlete 1 completing 10 calories. Followed by Athlete 2 completing 15 calories. Followed by Athlete 3 completing 20 calories. Running total on the bike. Athlete #1 takes it to 10 calories, Athlete #2 to 25, Athlete #3 to 45. Upon all three athletes completing their bike, the team runs 200 meters together with a single Wreck Bag.

“Pumpkin Patch”
75 Pull-ups
75 Medicine Ball Squats (20#)
75 Burpees
75 Barbell Repetitions (65#)

Pull-Ups: Jumping, Chin Over Bar, Chest to Bar
Medicine Ball: Front Squats, Jumping Front Squats, Medicine Ball Squat Cleans
Barbell: Deadlift, Hang Power Clean, Hang Power Snatch

Teammates rotate in the same order each time, and must rotate after, at most, 15 repetitions. The team has determined once again ahead of time who is Athlete 1, 2, and 3 for each respective station. It can be different here. As an example, a team mate can be “Athlete 2” on the pull-up station, competing chin over bar pull-ups, but can be “Athlete 3” in the barbell station, completing hang power snatches. But once they decide their respective places, they hold to that during the workout and rotate in the order written above.

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Box Brief
**Save the Dates**
Today, October 27th: Halloween Throw-down
Friday, November 3rd: Free Class Friday