“Mano y Mano”
Class Divides into 2 Teams:
3 Rounds:
Team 1: Assault Bike (Team Score)
Team 2: 400 Meter Prowler Push

Teams Switch Movements When Prowler Finishes

If Teams of 2-4 Each, 1 Bike + Prowler
If Teams of 5-7 Each, 2-3 Bikes + Prowlers
If Teams 8-10 Each, 4 Bikes + Prowlers

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Box Brief
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Friday, May 18th – Sunday, May 20th: CrossFit Games East Regional
Monday, May 28th – Memorial Day Murph (7am & 9am with Cookout to Follow)
Saturday, June 30th – Sunday, July 1st: Kill Cliff Teamwork 24 Hour Hero Challenge