Heavy Set of 3

“Smooth Criminal”
60 Double Unders
30 Wallballs (20/14)
15 Deadlifts (245/165)

Heavy Set of 3

“Smooth Criminal”
120 Single Unders
30 Wallballs (14/10)
15 Deadlifts (165/115)

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Box Brief

Get to know the newest member of our Front Desk Staff, Dana Rice!

1. Where are you from and what brought you to MA?
I have lived in Dover for almost all of my 20 years. While I didn’t have much say in this, I will say I am extremely lucky to live in the greater Boston area. I definitely want to experience others parts of the country and world, but I do hope to live in the city someday and maybe the Newton/Brookline area when I am older. I am extremely lucky to call Boston my home.

2. What is your favorite exercise/movement in crossfit?
I actually really enjoy the bike. I am able to power through it both physically and mentally. While some people see it and groan, I actually look forward to being able to push through it and get the calories I need to at a decent clip. While we do not do it too often, I also like anything that involves moving heavy objects. I love workouts that have farmer carries, tire flips, and yolk carries. I find moving heavy objects sort of fun in that it’s all mental–you know how far you have to get it so it is really just pushing past the stopping point in your head and holding on for dear life. I will also say that during college move-in I found these movements very applicable.

3. Why are you excited about working at CFNE?
Having dropped in to many different boxes due to school, I understand that CFNE functions in a way that is very different from most places. Because I happened upon CFNE as my first gym, I took it for granted of how awesome the coaches, programming, and people are. After being gone for a bit and coming back, I realized CFNE is such a special place. The energy, enthusiasm, and care that people have is unparalleled and I cannot wait to soak it all up. The members and coaches all have interesting backgrounds, so not only do I get to learn about exercise and nutrition, but I also get to hear about very cool outside of the gym experiences. CFNE is my happy place, and I am so thrilled I now get to work here.

4. What is your biggest strength you are bringing to this front desk position?
I think that I come from a cool position of having done Elements with Morgan just over 2 years ago and then being a member for most of that time. I think this helps me to truly understand what it is like for new people to walk through that door, see a bunch of super fit people walking around, seemingly know what they are doing. Because I understand how intimidating this can be, I feel that I can help alleviate the stress of those that are first walking in. I think reassurance that just showing up as the first step is awesome and that they don’t have to understand all of CrossFit right away (heck even I don’t after 2+ years) is something that I value and hope to bring to the team. As someone who was so nervous for Elements, even after being an athlete my whole life, I am in awe of people who decide to walk through that door who may not have any athletic experience. I think this empathy is my greatest strength for the front desk.

5. What 3 words would your closest friends use to describe you?
Integrity, Courageous, and Passionate.
For those that know me well, know that my number one thing is being truthful. In any situation, whether or not someone is looking, you should always do the right thing, and if you don’t, you must be honest about what you really did do. If I see something that bothers me, I will say something and try my best to fix it, even if it means that there might be repercussions, as long as what I am standing up for is meaningful. And lastly for those closest to me know that if I care for someone or something, I am willing to put all my heartfelt power into. If it is important to me or to those closest to me, they should know I will always have their back.

6.What is your favorite TV show?
Ooooh this is an easy question, hands down Seinfeld. While I know I am probably the only college-aged girl to say that, I have been watching it ever since I can remember. I can honestly say that I have watched every episode at least 5 times. My favorite is by far The Merv Griffin Show episode. It never ceases to make me cry from laughing so hard. For those that know what I am talking about, the best part is that you can see Jerry and Elaine trying to hold back their own real laughter as Kramer is pretending to talk to the camera.

7. What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?
“Possible careers involving forensic sciences.” While I am currently a nursing major, I am also interested in criminal justice/the law so I have been thinking about how I can bring all my interests together into a career. I have been thinking a lot about forensic nursing, pathology, or even anthropology. But who knows maybe I will end up in the policy side of healthcare. If anyone has any suggestions or opinions I am very interested in hearing them!

8. What’s your favorite cheat food?
Pretty specific, but the Isabella sandwich from the Linden Store. Served on a very delicious bread roll are mozzarella, prosciutto, basil, and olive oil. I don’t even want to know how much fat is in that. Also, I don’t know if this counts as a cheat food or not, but I love dill pickles. Super weird, but I have been known to eat a whole jar in one sitting.

9. What superpower would you want to possess?
Having the ability to read other’s minds at any point in time. (Yeah, I know I kinda just cheated by putting 2 superpowers together). But I think that it would be awesome if, for example, I could travel back into the minds of the big three Allied powers, and understand what they were thinking when the entire world was looking at them to see how they would end WWII. While of course they had to show the world that they were in control, I think it would be interesting to see what their actual human emotions were like inside their heads. (By this you can tell I am also a Politics nerd).

10. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?
I would love to travel to Poland. My entire side of my mom’s family is Polish, so I would love to travel back there and see where my family has its root. It is amazing that just a few generations ago my family was trying to make it work on a small farm in Poland and now we are where we are today, so I would love to travel back and pay my respects. Plus, I would love to get my hands on real pierogies and kielbasa.

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