Member of the Month, King Steve Collins!

Power Snatch
Build to Heavy Single

For Time:
30 Power Snatches (135/95)

Power Snatch
Build to Heavy Single

“Bunny Hop”
6 Power Snatches (95/65)
18 Bar Hop Overs

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Box Brief

Congratulations to April Member of the Month, Steve Collins!

1. When and how did you get started with us?
In late 2011 a buddy from college was posting his CrossFit workouts on Facebook and peaked my curiosity (what the heck is a SDLHP or a HSPU?).  Turns out he was a coach and walked me through what CF was and how it changed his life. 
He told me to go check it out on YouTube and sent me a few links. “Iceland Annie” doing Grace at a place in Natick called CFNE was one of them.  My mind just about exploded. I’d never seen a barbell thrown around like that prior. I was sold and immediately signed up for on-ramp at a gym in Ashland five minutes from my house.
I became a massive fan of the sport and couldn’t believe there was a box in the next town over that had just won the team competition at the games. “They must breed dragons there” I thought. After attending the NE Regionals and seeing the sea of red CFNE shirts being worn with pride I knew I wanted to be a part of that community myself someday to learn and grow.  Over time, more and more examples came one after the other (watching the results each year with Spealler, Becca, Michelle, Katrin, Matt, Cole, Brooke and so on) just added to the cause. 
I’ve been looking for a way to become a member at CFNE (given the much longer commute) and needed a change. Last year I had an opportunity for a new job which enabled me more time with my family and the freedom to become a CFNE member. Problem solved.
With this member of the month honor I feel like I’ve now earned my own red CFNE shirt.  Thank you so much to all the coaches and members who have made me feel incredibly welcome from day one. You rock. 

2. Favorite workout?/Least favorite workout? 
Favorite- Helen’s my girl.  She’s got my three best movements (run, kettlebell & pull ups) and treats me right. 
 Least favorite- Karen and her 150 wall-balls are always a set of mental hurdles for me as I work through the seven stages of grief each time we meet.

3. What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?
Two of my three little ladies (Amberly and Finley) in their PJ Masks costumes. Going to have to update that to get Lucy in there too.

4. What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab?

5. What’s your favorite CFNE tradition?
Any time Morgan has us do “Lay and pray” in the warmups.  It’s the gift of a micro-nap before the WoD.  It’s feels like a small/more frequent Christmas morning each time.
6. What genre of music would you be?
I’d be reggae. When reggae is playing at my house it means we’re on my boat with family, friends and dogs. There’s no place better.
7. What’s the last thing you searched for on Google? 
Trampoline practice for learning a Tantrum (How to back-flip on a wakeboard). I’m 43 and should get to finally learning how to do that
8. What’s your favorite cheat food? 
“Mount Delicious” (as named by my daughter Amberly). A base of mashed potatoes coated with Montreal seasoning with copious amounts of fresh corn piled on them. Cut up marinated steak tips stacked on the potatoes and corn then pour the steak juice from the plate on top of all of it. Oh man it’s good.
9. What superpower would you want to possess? 
The ability to think of any power or capability and then I have it (such as thinking “I want to be immortal” or “I want to fly” or, alternately, “I want tacos”, and it just happens. This seems useful).
10. If you could travel anywhere outside of this planet, where would you go and why? 
Assuming immortality (per my superpower) I would just keep going and going throughout the universe, taking in some breathtaking views and gaining perspective at a higher level.

**Save the Dates**

Friday, April 6th – Free Class Friday
Monday, April 16th – Boston Marathon (One Class @ 6am)