March Member of the Month, Sarah Merchant!

“Goat Day”
On the Minute x 20:

Odd – Movement 1
Even – Movement 2

Post scores to comments. 

Box Brief
Congratulations to March Member of the Month, Sarah Merchant! 

1. When and how did you get started with us?
I started in November 2017 when my previous box CF Framingham shut down. CFNE has an amazing reputation and my husband and I wanted a new challenge. 

2. Favorite workout?/Least favorite workout?
I’ve had to modify so many workouts, I’m not sure. But I think “Guts and Glory” is going to be fun to try once I’m back. Favorite: anything with cleans. Least favorite: anything with burpees. 

3. What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?
A pic of my niece and nephew, although I think their time is up since my little guy will be here soon. 

4. What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab?

5. What’s your favorite CFNE tradition?
Ooh, this is tough, I’ve only been here for a few months so does the unofficial color dress code count? I love seeing everyone where the same colors, really shows a sense of community. 

6. What genre of music would you be?

7. What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?
“Full moon calendar” – hoping something will give my little guy a push to make his appearance!

8. What’s your favorite cheat food?
Donuts 🍩🍩

9. What superpower would you want to possess?
I’m thinking super speed so I could avoid my commutes and long drives to VT to see my family. 

10. If you could travel anywhere outside of this planet, where would you go and why
Definitely another planet like Mars, I’m trying to find other life forms.

**Save the Date**
Saturday, March 3rd – Free Class “Saturday”

CFNE Friends and Family! We have some extra equipment after our last Rogue delivery. We will be hosting a CFNE Garage Sale this Saturday 3/3 at 12:00pm. There will be barbells, plates, and squat racks for sale. It is first come first serve, cash or check only. Here’s what’s available:

5 pairs of 45# plates- $45/pair
8 pairs of 25# plates- $25/pair
3 45# barbells- $75/bar
2 squat racks- $50/rack

Please be sure to check the Lost and Found as we will be donating unclaimed items on Friday!