Power Snatch

Build to Heavy Single

followed by…

For Time: 

30 Power Snatches (135/95)

Power Snatch

Build to Heavy Single

followed by…

6 Power Snatches (95/65)
18 Bar Hop Overs 


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Box Brief

Halloween Throwdown Teams

It’s time to choose costumes with your teams! Sign up sheet will remain at the front desk for those still interested in signing up. Email dan@crossfitnewengland.com if you are unable to attend on Saturday, October 28th from 9am-1pm. 

1 Tim Lawton   Shelly Shaw   Julie Lee
2 Dmytro Boyko   Molly Pare   Claudia Ticktin
3 Russell Mallett   Ceryl Jauch   Abby Valencia-Gooding
4 Geoff Leard   Simone Gill   Lindsey Himstead
5 Krystle Orlando   Ruben Galindo   Mary Hanvey
6 Jill Lorion   Steve Schoenfeld   Judy Donnelly
7 Michael Lorion   Brad Ballinger   Sarah Quimby
8 April Quinn-Paquet   Dina Kobelski   Stephanie Magee
9 Barry Chow   Claire Lyons   Mariah Flanagan
10 Matt Maloney   Kerri Brown   Regiane Santos
11 Courtney Kelley   John Kelleher   Sarah Gardner
12 Chad Messina   Michelene Flanigon   Deanna Cardona
13 Jordan Chabinsky   Todd Himstead   Sibylle Kelleher
14 Harry Palley   Lynsey Smith   Mercy Mbuthia
15 Erin Kiely   Cheri Brisebois   Tom Corrigan
16 Tori Dyson   Jenney Pascarelli   Sharon Fener
17 Dan DeLomba   Patrick Paquette   Krysta Banfield
18 Matt Pare   Lori Baldwin   Molly Dumas
19 Kyle Toto   Sophia Werner   Jonathan Macal
20 Morgan Bungerz   Andrew Vernazza   Lynn Connor
21 Ben Bergeron   Devin Naughton   Alison Mitchell
22 Heather Bergeron   Nimish Shah   Jonah Keenan-Gallagher
23 Julian Phan   Kim Phillips   Renata Santos
24 Jeannette Naimoli   Ben Fisher   Naomi Fener
25 Jeff Tardiff   Sam Landau   Scott Joseph
26 Tine Bald   Becca Magee   Julie Trask
27 Kevin Burati   Nathan Bluhm   Mahala Hicks
28 Eric Dickson   Toni Indresano-DeRuscio   Rita Kapur
29 Dave Neal   Larry Lepard   Neil Lepard
30 Christian Ricard   Paul Bevilacqua   Griffin Renzella
31 Colleen Neutra   Ronda Rockett   Kathy Langen
32 Patrick Rowe   Jess Cummings   Becca Cahaly
33 Michelle Marshall   Dan Ciocca   Meredith Hendricks
34 Jared Harris   Peter Spinale   Liz Messina
35 David Weisman   Ashley Ranaldi   Amie Stowe
36 Angelo Gianakis   John Gianakis   Joe Gianakis

Wednesday & Thursday, October 18th-19th (8am-4pm) – K4K Playground Build
Saturday, October 28th (9am-1pm) – Halloween Throwdown & Beer Mile
Saturday, December 16th – CFNE 10 Year Anniversary Party