Bubba Staying Loose

80/60 Calorie Bike
100 Double Unders
800 Meter Wreckbag Run (50/35)
100 Double Unders
80/60 Calorie Bike

80/60 Calorie Bike
200 Single Unders
800 Meter Wreckbag Run (50/35)
200 Single Unders
80/60 Calorie Bike

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Box Brief

24-Hour Hero Team Challenge

This Saturday, join Geoff in celebrating and honoring the lives of 24 Navy SEALs who gave their lives in the line of duty. From 1:00pm on Saturday to 1:00pm on Sunday, every hour on the hour, we will be completing a SEAL Hero workout.

If you were to ask a Navy SEAL what they do in the military, the common response is – “I’m a Team guy”. Not a Navy SEAL, but a “team guy”. Part of a group bigger than themselves. For that reason, each Hero workout we conduct over the course of this 24-challenge will be in teams. Of 2, 3, and 4, varying on the workout.

We have taken each workout and build appropriate team variations of each so that *all* can participate, regardless of ability level. Just like in class, we will have modifications for all athletes. Our biggest goal here is participation, and to create an environment so that all levels can do so. Whether you’d be able to join us for a single workout, or for a handful (or more), we would absolutely love to see you here.

This is also an effort to raise funds for the Navy SEAL foundation, with all proceeds going to so. We would love it if for each workout you complete, you donate $10 to the fund. We will have a list at the front desk that you can sign, and we can make the donation through your billing information already on file.

Kill Cliff has generously donated prize packages for the event, in which we’ll have a raffle for on Sunday at the conclusion of the event. For each $10 workout you complete, you’ll receive (2) raffle tickets. If you’d like to donate, but aren’t able to participate, we would still love that and each $10 donation receives (1) raffle ticket.

If the weather is nice too, we’re planning on heading somewhere as a group for some great eats to celebrate.

                                                                                    Day        Workout   Time         Hero
                                                                                    Saturday      1      1:00 PM      Glen
                                                                                    Saturday      2      2:00 PM      Tumilson
                                                                                    Saturday      3      3:00 PM      Mr. Joshua
                                                                                    Saturday      4      4:00 PM      Fass Fit
                                                                                    Saturday      5      5:00 PM      Murph
                                                                                    Saturday      6      6:00 PM      JT
                                                                                    Saturday      7      7:00 PM      Nate
                                                                                    Saturday      8      8:00 PM      Colin
                                                                                    Saturday      9      9:00 PM      The Juicy
                                                                                    Saturday     10     10:00 PM    Strange
                                                                                    Saturday     11     11:00 PM     Ryan Job
                                                                                    Sunday       12     12:00 AM     Jason
                                                                                    Sunday       13     1:00 AM       Badger
                                                                                    Sunday       14     2:00 AM       Blake
                                                                                    Sunday       15     3:00 AM       Adam Brown
                                                                                    Sunday       16     4:00 AM       Gallant
                                                                                    Sunday       17     5:00 AM       Brian
                                                                                    Sunday       18     6:00 AM       Spehar
                                                                                    Sunday       19     7:00 AM       Michael
                                                                                    Sunday       20     8:00 AM       Kevin
                                                                                    Sunday       21     9:00 AM       Feeks
                                                                                    Sunday       22     10:00 AM     Marc Lee
                                                                                    Sunday       23     11:00 AM     Tommy V
                                                                                    Sunday       24     12:00 PM     Marston

Friday, October 6th – Free Class Friday
Saturday, October 7th to Sunday, October 8th – 24 Hour Navy Seal Foundation Hero Challenge (1pm – 1pm)
Monday, October 9th – Columbus Day Schedule (6am, 8am, 9am) 

Wednesday, October 11th (2-7pm) – Blood Drive for Ava Khalipa
Saturday, October 28th (9-11am) – Halloween Throwdown
Saturday, December 16th – CFNE 10 Year Anniversary Party