You’ll be sorely missed, Quigleypuff

“Surfer on Acid”
3 Rounds:
400 Meter Run
21 Burpees

No equipment necessary. The name of the game for this CFNE benchmark is how fast we can move with just our bodyweight. Whether its getting off the ground after diving for a loose ball in basketball, looking for something that rolled underneath your car, or out on the floor at 15 Tech Circle, burpees are everywhere.

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Box Brief
Today’s workout is in honor of our own Brian Quigley, aka Quigs, aka Quiggles, aka Quimber, aka Quimberly, aka Professor Quigglesworth, aka Quigleypuff, aka Quigmire, who is moving back to New York to finish school. Be sure to give him a hug when you see him today! Or just tie him to the rig so he can’t leave…