Teams of 3:
3 Rounds:
75 Squat Cleans
Hill Team Sandbag Hill Run (50/35#)

Round 1 – 95/65
Round 2 – 115/80
Round 3 – 135/95

If you’ve ever seen an elite marathon runner in a race or a an olympic lifter move a barbell, you’ve probably awed at how effortless it looks for them. While we often think about the finer details on a movement like the snatch, dialing in our running mechanics makes a huge difference as well. Without maybe knowing it, running uphill is a perfect tool for thinking about technique. Leaning forward and picking up the feel a little quicker allows us to get up the hill quicker and more efficiently. When we get onto flat land, we can use the lessons from the hill to improve our running. Slight lean forward, feet landing under our center of mass, quick foot cadence, and minimal foot contact. 

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Box Brief
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