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“Big Clean Complex”
6 Sets of the Following Complex:

High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Press
High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Push Jerk
High Hang Squat Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Split Jerk
*Goal is to build in weight each set

Recipe for a great workout: one part strength, one part cardio, one part technique. Big Clean Complex, a CFNE benchmark, blurs the line between strength training, cardio, and proper mechanics. This holds true to Greg Glassman’s quote, “Blur the distinction between strength training and metabolic conditioning for the simple reason that nature’s challenges are typically blind to the distinction.”

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Box Brief
Congrats to our May Member of the Month, Michelene Flanigon!

This is a very fitting photo. Congrats Michelene, you stud.

When and how did you get started with us?
For several years, I ran with a friend a few mornings a week.  One day she announced we were going to try CrossFit, “so we can look like the two super fit guys at the bus stop.”  I had never heard of CrossFit before and, for better or worse, I never bothered to check it out before agreeing to try it.  I just thought it was some exercise class at Longfellow, you know, like Zumba.  We did our first elements session on a Saturday morning while classes were going on.  I walked in, heard all the barbells crashing to the floor, and almost walked back out.  But she drove.  I remember being really intimidated going to my very first class, which was on 10/9/2012 (the WOD was Nancy, my mother’s name).  What kept me going was reminding myself that everyone there went to their first class at some point too.  The downside is that my friend didn’t stick with CrossFit and lost her running buddy.  The upside is I found the best gym in the world – quite by accident – and hopefully I now look like the bus stop guys!

Favorite workout?
It’s so hard to pick just one!  Well, maybe not so hard if I am choosing from WODs I can do Rx, because this is probably all of them, ha!  The Good Life, Annie (the ‘on the run’ version in particular) and Murph.  Like my t-shirt says:  Scaled it. Like a boss. 

Least favorite workout?
My least favorite in recent memory is 17.4.  Wall balls, ugh.  Plus, I was 7 push-ups short of finishing a full round (scaled version), which was really annoying.  

What’s the best part about working out with the 5:30am?
What’s the 5:30am?!?!  We’re the Mayhem!!!  It’s definitely not when my alarm goes off at 4:30 am.  Nothing seals it for me more than how the Mayhem came together over the last year to lend a hand, in whatever small way, when some of our own were/are going through their own personal tragedies.  It’s such a welcoming group, whether you have been part of the Mayhem for 6 years or 6 hours.  I’m not really sure what it is.  Maybe there is something likeminded about people who get up at that hour to work out?  Whatever it is, it just feels like home. 

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?
It’s a picture of the mini-Flanis (i.e. my three daughters).  Chloe (age 14) has her hair up in a mom bun that features chopsticks.  She has that crazed look that Big Mike and Eugene get when we play dodgeball for warm-up, while she gives her sister, Erin (9), a similar hairstyle, with a fork.  The middle one, Siena (11), is in the background with the most perfectly timed photobomb ever. 

What’s in your most frequently used emoji tab? (Screen shot attached)
I’m surprised the middle finger isn’t on here!!  Apparently, no one has pissed me off in a while. 

What’s the first album you ever bought?
I’m going to date myself here, and not just because I know what an ‘album’ is.  I think it was Shaun Cassidy, who was pretty dreamy if you were 8 year old girl in the 70s.  

What’s your favorite CFNE tradition?
This is so easy.  Thanksgiving Day Murph.  What better way to remember what you are thankful for than honoring a hero like Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy with great friends, followed by family and lots of food? It’s extra special when Coach Geoff gives his pre-WOD speech.  So inspiring.  

What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?
Whether loss of spousal coverage is a qualifying event for making changes to your healthcare flexible spending account.  It is, in case you were wondering (I work in HR). 

What’s your favorite flavor of Starburst?
Tropical flavors or original??!!  Even though I haven’t had a Starburst in a while, I still consider myself a bit of a connoisseur.  I’m going with strawberry.  

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?
This was actually the toughest question of them all, but I decided to pick something from the ocean – to pay homage to my Gloucester roots.  I choose a dolphin because they are clever, strong and playful.  Plus they have to come to the surface for air, so they have the best of both worlds. 

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
I asked for some advice from the mini-Flani’s for this question. It’s called it “Polka Spark” which is sparkly pink and blue polka dots on a silver background. Why? Because it’s awesome.  Enough said.