Monday 08.11.14




3 Power Snatches (135/95)
15 Wallballs (20/14)

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Box Brief

Special Message from Coach Kev.



Dear CFNE,

The time soon comes for parting,
And our time is at an end,
The rest of our life is starting,
And we have no time at all to spend.

I knew one day I’d have to go,
But thought I’d have more time.

We can’t reverse time’s one-way flow,
But at least you’ll have this rhyme.

There were lots of shining moments,
Upon this life’s eventful stage,

And in my book of wonderments,
You’ll never be just another page.

– Modified original poem by: Megan Bakowski

I am writing to let everyone know I will be moving back to Colorado September 1st. My time at CFNE can be summed up in one word, amazing! It has provided so many friendships and opportunities. I really hope to keep in contact and be an ongoing resource for anyone interested. Please feel free to contact me anytime:

All the best,
– Coach Kev :)

We will miss this guy big time. Fear not – we’ll be announcing a get together to send him off soon.
And the rumor is true… he does love Tequila. Just saying.


Upper back sore from Eva? Check out this great video with Mobility guru Kelly Starrett.


  1. FS 5×7 @ 145#
    Lipson Test (new course) 4:21. First time doing it at all. Loved it.

    I saw Kevin at the gym today when dropping my daughter off for the kids class. I got a knot in my throat. I couldn’t even talk to him or make eye contact. Deep sigh.

  2. cheryl nasso

    Okay sooo its taken me almost two full days to respond to Kevin’s coaches corner. Mostly because i don’t think i really want to believe it! Kevin, you are an amazing coach and an amazing friend. I am so grateful to have met you and to have been able to spend my first year at CFNE with you! Even more, i am so happy that I even had the pleasure of competing with you at the Spring Cup (even though I couldn’t finish the last workout :/ ) Even though I hate to see you go, I am so happy and excited to see how much you will accomplish in the coming years. Your amazing ability to be the best EVERYTHING is irreplaceable. Here is to Starbii, your life on the specialty seminar staff, and also having close friends and family around you to share it with. We will miss you Kevin!

    • cheryl nasso

      how cool I was the 100 comment!! haha i knew i was saving myself for something!

    • Cheryl thanks so much for the kind words. I was really happy when you decided to move up to MA and I am psyched to see how well you’ll do next year. Glad we at least got to train together for a little while :)

  3. “Karabel”: 7 +7 Rx

  4. Karabel: 7+11

  5. Nicole D

    Karabel: 10+2 (55/12) really happy to start going overhead again

    Kevin – I really enjoyed dropping in on Friday night classes with you and loved watching you compete the past couple years. Best of luck to you and your family in Colorado!

  6. Kelly F

    Karabel: 8 + 1 Rx

    Psyched to do this WOD Rx because 135# was my 1 RM Power Snatch going into tonight.

  7. Rachel E

    Karabel: 7+8 (65#, 14#) definitely got better at wall balls, even if it didn’t look it! Lots of good practice in this one.

  8. dylan r

    *Karabel 5+1

    *Scale – 10 mins, 65# snatch, 14# jumping medball squats

    I can’t think of words to express how good it is to be back.

  9. Maureen B.

    Karabel: 7+13 (65#,14#)

  10. Kara C.

    Karabel: 10 +11 (45#, 10#). Went lighter than usual today since I’m still getting over a cold. Felt good to be back though :-)

  11. 8+1 (65#, 14#)

    All PS ub. Should I have gone a bit heavier in PS? Not sure since I would have missed a “sweet spot” of 8rnds-12rnds Max targeted us to in pre-WOD talk :-)

  12. 10 rounds + 3 with 30# dumbbell in right hand and 10# wall balls. This was a hard one.

    Good luck to Kevin!

  13. Karabel: 8 rounds (95#. 20#)

    Best of luck, Kevin!

  14. Nick C.

    Karabel – 7 + 3 Rx

    WBs unbroken. Mini victory.

  15. Tatiana

    Karabel 9 rounds +5 wb12 squat snatch 55

  16. Cheryl J

    Karabel: 8 + 1 (60#/14#)
    Battling some chest congestion so I am pleased with this even though I broke up the WB more than I probably needed to. The work I’ve done over the last year with wallballs is paying off – not my favorite movement (yet) but definitely not my least favorite anymore.

    Kevin, best of luck with everything in your future. I am glad to have crossed paths with you.

  17. Kevin- Thank you for being such a wonderful coach and, ULTIMATELY, human. I am so honored to have been in your 5:30 classes and in the presence of such rare athletic talent. You are a class act and I’m so happy (and slightly…no….REALLY jealous) that you are moving back to the gorgeous state of CO.
    I’d wish you luck but you really don’t need it. You’ve followed your dreams and you will keep succeeding.
    See you at the going away party! TE-QUI-LA!!

  18. Davey Grimes

    9 Rounds + 3 Snatches Rx. Great workout.


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