Friday 08.08.14


John Shea.


5 rounds:

8 Strict Toes-to-Bar
8 Dumbbell Thrusters (35’s / 25’s)
14 Dumbbell Lunges (35’s / 25’s)

If you happen know John Shea, you would agree that he is one of the kindest human beings you’ll ever come across. Humble, committed, and always full of positivity. One year ago today, on the 8th of August, his lovely wife Diane left us.

Also Diane’s birthday, the 8th of August is a special day to the Shea family. Today, John and his two children Maeve and Luisa will be celebrating Diane by doing 8 things throughout the day that are kind, fun, and memorable. John has created a Facebook event page HERE so that friends can join and share their 8 experiences as well.

Happy Birthday Diane.

Maeve, John, Diane, and Luisa.

Maeve, John, Diane, and Luisa.


  1. Susan Stein

    John that is so lovely and what a why to remember/honor an amazing woman. So sorry for your loss and I just love what you’ve done. Thank you for sharing.

  2. John, you are amazing. I am in awe of how you continue to stay positive, keep Diane’s memory alive and regularly honor her, nurture the girls, come to the Mayhem. I’m honored to know you and so sorry I didn’t know Diane. We will join you in doing 8 things throughout the day. Thank you for being so awesome. xo

  3. John-I am so glad to have gotten to know you better this past year. You are an amazing and strong person and admire all that you have done to honor Diane. Thank you for your positive outlook, energy, and friendliness that you bring to CFNE.

  4. laura c

    Amazing John. Count me in and I will share this with my kids too…

  5. Peace John

  6. Michelene

    John, what a nice way to honor your wife’s memory. I’m so sorry about your loss, I didn’t know this about your family. It is always a pleasure to see you at the mayhem and I will be thinking of 8 things I can do tomorrow…

  7. Michelle

    Love you, John Shea! What a great man.

  8. Sending lots of love John.

  9. John, I am so touched by the way you have chosen to honor your wife and preserve her memory. Our crew will definitely find 8 kind and fun things to do to honor Diane too. Thinking about you — Jen L.

  10. Christian


    Love this idea – I’m on board. Lots of love from over here as well, dude.

  11. Tricia D

    Shea: 9:06 (ghd, 26kbfs, 13# lunge)

    So honored to do this WOD in celebration of Diane’s birthday. First fun thing of 8 today! John, this is such a wonderful way to celebrate your wife and mother of your girls. xo

  12. Shea: 9:32 (30#’s) Happy Birthday to Diane

  13. Big Mike

    Shea: 10:08 (close to Rx but apparently I have a slight kip on my TTB)

    John-proud to be able to come in today and do our own CFNE Hero WOD. You’ve given us all the first task of the day and that is to be with our community.

  14. Hey John, I’m sending you super positive vibes your way brother and I’m for sure doing 8 kind, fun, and memorable things today!

    Shea: 8:27 (30#, Toes touching ground on TB)

  15. Shea: 10:43 Rx

    Thanks for setting an incredible example for us all, John. An honor to do this this morning.

  16. Andy M.

    Shea: 10:08 (30#)

    John, thanks for letting us celebrate Diane’s birthday with you by doing this WOD. You truly are the nicest guy on the planet and looking forward to having to back with the mayhemers in the fall. Can’t wait to do my 8 (at least) nice things for people today.

  17. Christian

    Shea – 9:47rx happy to do this one. Have a great day everyone! <3 John.

  18. Shea: 14:38, 25#, TTB attempts

    Oof. First day back in nearly 6 weeks – lots of pain. I probably achieve 40% of TTBs.

    Sending positive vibes your way, John.

  19. Michelene

    Shea: 11:36 (15#) I did a combo of kipping TTB and TTB attempts. I really need to practice this movement whenever I can. Big thanks to Tricia D for loaning me her gloves which were a huge help for my sore hand and to Alison C for offering picking up a pair for me – definitely list worthy acts!!

  20. Rachel E

    Shea: 9:01 (15# DB, knee raises. May have done an extra round but I’ll consider it a bonus :) )

    John, we haven’t met but I so admire the way you have chosen to celebrate your wife. Kindness is a beautiful legacy to leave. All the best to you and your girls!

  21. Colleen (OC)

    Shea: 8:00, 5 strict ttb and 15#.

    Somewhere in the middle of this WOD I learned that I can actually DO strict ttb– I should have done all 8! So after I finished, I went back and did the other 15.

    John, you are one of the kindest people I know, and I’m sure Diane was the same way. Time to spread the love!

  22. Filthy Fifty at Upper Cape Crossfit: 36:28 Rx. First time Rx.

    Cotter: 34:07 – subs: knees ‘close to elbows’, and 20 GHDs and 30 banded good mornings

    It was nice to see so many CFNE shirts at Upper Cape today!

  23. Shea: 13:57 (30#) Took awhile to get all those strict T2B!

    1 mile run with Big Bri

    John – Sending lots of positive thoughts to you and your beautiful daughters.

  24. Big Bri

    Awesome idea! John, sending positive thoughts your way!

    5 RFT
    8 GHDSU
    8 Lunge with 110# safety bar
    14 back squat 110# safety bar

  25. Shea: 10:57 @ 15#

  26. Jennifer Walsh (MA Jenn)

    Hello from Tucson! Sending a warm hug for you John and your family. I did not know of Diane’s passing. So sorry for you loss. It is nice to read how you, your family, and CFNE are honoring her memory. I am about to go outside in the hot desert and do “Shea”in her honor.

    Miss and think of ALL of you at CFNE ALL THE TIME! Hope to come back for a visit sometime soon.

    • Yea! Great to hear from you Jenn! Enjoy your Shea Day!

    • Ben Bergeron

      MIss ya MA Jenn.

    • Hi Jenn-
      Hope you come back soon :)

      • Jennifer Walsh MAJenn

        HELLO!!!! You can’t even imagine how much I miss CFNE. All of it! Ben, your morning grin and amazing coaching, and all the incredible people that make up that community! I look at this site everyday – so don’t think ya got rid of me :). Miss and think of you all, all the time.
        Sending you a hug John.

        Shea: 9:23 rx
        Complete with chickens roaming around me on the desert ranch…

    • You were the first smiley face I met when I walked in the doors to CFNE.

      Miss you!

    • John S.

      Thank you!!

  27. Ashley R

    I do not often stop to think about much during a WOD but today I thought about John Shea and his family. I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and strive to complete 8 things today in memory of your wife.

    14:40 RX. Tyler kept my strict T2B STRICT! He had me come off the higher bar so there was absolutely no swing in my T2B. (even when I didn’t think I used any swing!) As soon as I had to come from a dead stop it became significantly harder. Some were suspect but I did my best. Man they were hard. Thanks Tyler!

  28. Shea 9:33 25# w/ every attempt to be strict (and not successful) on the T2B.

    Back Squat 10×3 across 175#

    John, my thoughts go to you and your daughters today as I happily seek out 8 kind things to do. Thank you for inspiring kindness through your loss.

  29. Patti Jeanne

    Shea up times with Liam 16 sit ups for TTBs used 25lb weight for thrusters and walking lunges.

    An honor to do this workout. Lots of love and warm wishes to you John and your family.

  30. Ben Bergeron

    I am so honored to have people like John in our community. What an amazing way to honor/remember a special person. I am excited to do my eight special things today. So far I have four done….
    1. Played three fun games with the 8:30 class before the workout today.
    2. Bought the entire 8:30 class a Kill Cliff after the workout.
    3. Checked in on a friend that I haven’t checked in on in a while.
    4. Surprised Heather by coming home from work at 1:00 today.
    5-8. TBD

  31. Shea: 11:09, 15# (note to self, next time #20)

    I agree with Ashley. Today was one of the few times when I really thought about who we were honoring during the workout. John, your daughters are lucky to have such a kind, thoughtful dad. I hope you all have a very special day today.

  32. Shea: 10:26 with 20# and knee raises as high as possible.
    What a Great gesture John, hugs to you and your family!!

  33. John it was an honor to do this workout today in remembrance of your wife. We met once when I came in for an early 530 mayhem throw down. Every bit of sweat and effort today was for your wife, you, and your family. I will do 8 things of kindness, such a great idea! Thank you and beat wishes for you and your family. Shea, all heart RX.

  34. I’m sorry I was not able to do this WOD at CFNE with you. Maeve and I WODed at Barnstable High this morning.

    Shea-10:50 (25#, ttb from ground as I could not find a bar)

    Maeve also WODed with me…
    8-ttb from ground
    14 hula hoops rx

    I was all set to try and do this WOD at Crossfit Hyannis but was not able to get there in time for a class…so my plan B was to go to Sports authority and get some dumbbells…because how could I NOT do this WOD.

    Most importantly though I want to thank you all for your Love and support. ReadIng today’s WOD posts has so very cool for me. You have no idea how CFNE has helped me today and everyday for that matter. I am more than blessed to be part of such an amazing comunity. Maeve and Luisa know how important CFNE is to me.

    Thank you Ben, Harry, all the coaches and the CFNE community for helping to celebrate Diane’s birthday today. She absolutely loved her birthday and would love this honor.
    It’s a beautiful day today… The sun is shining. The girls and I are certain it’s Diane smiling her radiant smile down upon all of us.

    We miss her every second of every day.

    Continue to enjoy today….

    With much love,
    John, Maeve and Luisa

    • Harry Palley

      So great to hear John. We miss you here and look forward to having you back!

  35. John, it’s been such an honor knowing and working out with you these last five years. You were one of the first guys I ever met in the gym, one of the true constants in the 5:30, and one of the nicest guys I know. I’m so sorry for your loss. Today was a great idea to do a true CFNE hero WOD and thinking about 8 things to do today. Thank you for that. All my best to you and the family.

    Shea – 8:47 Rx (as strict as I thought I could do)

  36. Neville

    Shea: 9:05 Rx

  37. Super sore from Wednesday’s squats and deads.

    Shea: 7:16 Rx awesome WOD – trying to keep up with Roman and the nooners!

    no squats today – quads cramping – got in on some bench 5×175 5×195 4×205 5×195 5×195 4×195

  38. Shea: 11:20, 30# DB Honored to know you John.

  39. Krystle

    Shea: 10:45 RX (26# kb)

    John is one of those people whose mere smile makes you want to be a better person, so it’s only appropriate that today he’s inspiring others to act in kindness as well. Honored to have been able to WOD in Diane’s memory today. Hope you and your girls are enjoying your special day.

  40. As the mom of two little girls (one of whom is named Louisa), this post took my breath away when I read it early this morning. It definitely made me pause and think on the way to CFNE today. Thank you, John, for such a nice tribute to Diane. I wish I had known her and look forward to meeting you.

    25# DB in one hand, KTE.

  41. Shea: 8:58 (20#)

  42. Nicole Z

    Great 8:30 class today with my friend Renee visiting from TX
    So glad to have the opportunity to honor the Shea family
    5 good deeds done, 3 more to go…

    1. Treated an older couple to breakfast anonymously
    2. Paid 5 people’s parking meters
    3. Surprised 3 HOT construction workers with cold water
    4. Helped The Fells Market price and stock wine
    5. Paid the tolls for 2 cars behind us

  43. Sarah S

    Shea: 10:06 with knee tucks and 15#.

    John, I love seeing your smiling face so early in the morning. It’s an honor to celebrate Diane and her legacy with you. Thank for allowing us to do so! Much love to you and your girls today.

  44. John- I’m away right now and am just seeing this. Sorry I missed it. You and your family are in my thoughts.

  45. Shea: 10:05

    People ask me all the time what makes CrossFit special. The obvious physical accomplishments are usually what people assume. But really it’s the community that is what makes it unique. We come together to celebrate our successes, which makes the moments special, and we rally around each other in support in moments of grief, which lessens the sting.

    Today was an opportunity for our entire CFNE family to celebrated Diane’s life…and her wonderful family. Thank you John for sharing the day with us. I made full use of my 8 happy moments!

  46. Shea: 8:30 (25#)

  47. Shea: 9:19 (30#)


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