Friday 08.01.14





Front Squat (135/95)
Kettlebell Swing (70/53)
400m Run

Box Brief
CFNE Summer Social is TONIGHT! 7:30 @ The Kinsale in Boston!

Tonight! Be there!!!

Tonight! Be there!!!

Join us in celebration of the conclusion of the 2014 Games season. Through the Open, Regionals, and the Games, it’s been an incredible year. We couldn’t be prouder of the entire gym for the support, energy, and enthusiasm that drives us all to new heights. Pete Sarmanian, one of our original CFNE members, has invited us again this year to his restaurant in Boston – The Kinsale Pub. Come out and enjoy a great night with the crew!

Location – The Kinsale Pub, 2 Center Plaza, Boston
Time – 7:30pm to… yup.
Directions – Click HERE (Google Maps)


  1. Can’t wait for the social tonight!! And it’s not to late to sign up for the party bus!

  2. Anaconda: 11:27 (135/53) unbroken on all FS. I think the entire 5:30 am went unbroken on the first 21 FS, it was an awesome view from the back. Thanks for the push coaches, It really helped with this one!

    • Sarah S

      You’re right! I was kind of hoping to hear someone drop and no one did so I just hung on :-)

      • exactly! I was like “man i hope someone puts their bar down soon, so I can put my bar down” then no one did, push on through, you got this!

      • that’s awesome!

  3. Tricia D

    Anaconda: 12:37 (65, 35)

  4. Anaconda: 10:21 Rx

    Fun times with the 6:30 crew! Great crew.

  5. Sarah S

    Anaconda: 12:51 (65#, 35#KB)

  6. Big Mike

    @Crossfit blACKfish
    Anaconda: 12:53 Rx
    Hard to do this solo. Need to chase and be chased. Did go unbroken on FS on round 1 and on all KBS- though a few got a little ugly. Never got thrown around like I did this morning. Had a little interruption mid-WOD so some time to improve.

    Giorgio et al: message me at six one seven triple seven zero seven eight seven. CF BF is all yours.

  7. Rachel E

    Anaconda: 12:15 (35# KB) Unbroken FS but had no gas on those runs, wow.

    Huge and fun 6:30am today! Can’t wait to party with y’all tonight!

  8. Anaconda: 16:00 – (95#FS,35#KBS)

    See everybody tonight…

  9. Michelene

    Anaconda: 10:59 (55#/30#)

  10. Ashley R

    Anaconda: 12:45 65#/ 45 # KB

  11. Anaconda – 12:36 (135#/53#)
    10×3 Front Squats – 210# across

  12. Everybody have a great and safe night!!!! The Simmons Hayes family is away but I can’t wait to hear about it all :)

  13. Georgia

    Anaconda 12:16 (55/35) iffy hip flexor this AM so the weight felt perfect. Love me some 8:30-thanks for letting me crash!

  14. Anaconda: 12:30 with a small but awesome group of 9:30 am’ers!
    85# Front squat and 53# kb.
    So glad I did not do more weight on the FS–liked the feel of getting them straight and much better form than if I had gone heavier.

  15. John S.

    Anaconda: 14:07 (95/45) hesitant with using 95#, but really glad I did as I was able to go unbroken on FS and KBS. I know this sounds strange, but it felt like I was running the 400 using someone else’s legs.

  16. Krystle

    Anaconda: 11:47 (75#/35#/100m row) Had nothing today.

  17. Anaconda: 12:03 (135#; 53#)

  18. Giselle

    Anaconda: 12:33
    Front Squat 95 #
    Kb: 35#

  19. Anaconda: 10:35 Rx

  20. Melinda

    Anaconda:11:06 rx

    Fun, small 9:30 today (yay for Maya joining us)!

    • Thanks Melinda. bitter/SWEET wodding with you—you totally push me as I try to keep up with you…..hahaha, but, damn, you are so fast and strong I don’t think I will ever catch you.
      So, not really bitter(sorry to use that word). It really is a win-win as I like to be pushed but I kind of hate it too. I know you get that. See you tonight!

  21. Anaconda – 13:07 95# FS from rack, KPU for kbs

  22. Anaconda 12:14 (95# + 44# bell)

    Have we done this WOD before, but maybe another name?
    It felt so familiar….

  23. Anaconda – 13:50 (75#, 53#)

    Disappointed in the squat weight, but happy I’ve moved up to 53# KBS. The run was my biggest time suck today.

  24. Anaconda’s w/ the nooners today 9:48rx

  25. 13:30 RX

  26. Dave Mc

    Signed up for bus forgot I had Army training this weekend. Anyways have fun.

  27. Anaconda: 11:59. 65#, 35#

  28. 21-15-9
    push press 65#
    20 cal assault

    then about 40:00 of slashing around with some swimming drills before the rain started!

    see you all tonight! : )

  29. Anaconda – 12:30 (60#, 35#)

    10 x 3 front squat (75#)

  30. Nicole D

    Anaconda: 11:14 (75# FS/35# KBs to eye level)

  31. Craig B

    Anaconda: 11:09 rx

  32. Anaconda: 14:50 rx weight-row for run

  33. 12:56 with 65# and 35# . Thanks Cheryl!
    Saying we should finish that wod in 15 min was what helped me to finish in the time I did otherwise I would have done after that time.

  34. Anaconda: 9:58. 65# zercher squats and 45# KB. Feel like I have been cheating on the 7:30 pm quite a bit recently but enjoyed the 8:30 am!


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