Wednesday 07.29.14

Hi there. Nice to meet ya.

Hey there. Nice to meet ya.


Overhead Squat
Build to a Heavy Single

Snatch Balance
Build to a Heavy Single

Squat Snatch
Build to a Heavy Single


Box Brief
GREAT day to use the CrossOver Symmetry “Activation” to prep those shoulders.
Built into the “CFNE Warmup”, be sure to get it in today. Your shoulders will love it.




Coaches Corner

Mastering Movement and Becoming Insanely Fit
By Coach Kev

I’ve always wanted to write an article and use an over-the-top, yet enticing title. It makes me feel like I’m doing one of those crazy infomercials or some sort of overpriced information sales product pitches, haha! Anyway, the purpose of this Coaches’ Corner is to help give you tools on accomplishing your fitness goals.

Step 1: Always Focus on your Movement

Step 2: Work Harder

Step 3: Every Rep Counts

Let’s start with the workout of the day. What is it? Well, at first glance it appears to be a few lines of text written on the white board and for most, I think that is where a majority of focus goes. However, in a class there is a full hour of content that can be used to dial in and improve movement. The first step to becoming a master of movement is to consciously focus on movement not just during the timed portion after you hear 3..2..1..GO! but during general warm ups, mobility, specific warm up, and even during the cool downs.

To become more fit, the first thing to do is to have a paradigm shift. The workout of the day isn’t just the text on the board, it is the content of the entire hour. Are you putting in full effort for the entire hour or saving it for the 5-15 minute timed portion of the day? I wish the big secret to fitness was fancier or amazing, but it’s not. The key to being fitter is to work harder. Work harder during the warm up, during the mobility, during the skill work, during the race, during the cool down, etc. If you are tired before you hear 3..2..1..GO! it’s ok 🙂

Finally, every rep and step counts and matters. We talk about it a lot but it’s a good constant reminder. The most impressive isn’t always the fastest. The most impressive is when you see dedicated practice and focus on mechanics, consistency and intensity, while maintaining integrity in range of motion and rep count. Shorting a distance or shaving a rep is a quick way to halt progress in your fitness pursuit for a temporary gain in a slightly faster posted score or time. Usually, pursuit of a faster time is driven by competition with others which can lead to peaks and valleys in motivation. In order to have sustainable motivation, competition should remain intrinsic focusing on your own self improvement before focusing on beating someone else.

Quality, quantity, and speed can and should be achieved. Focus on getting the most out of everything you do, be diligent, and maintain integrity and you’ll find motivation, progress, and PR’s will continue to happen.

All the best,

– Coach Kev 🙂