Thursday 07.24.14

Nothing Smoother than Synchronized Squats

Nothing Smoother than Synchronized Squats


30 – 25 – 20 – 15 – 10

XXXRow for Calories
XXXBox Jumps (24/20)
XXXWall Balls (20/14)

Post Times to Comments.


Box Brief
The Party Bus for the annual CFNE Social on Aug 1st is filling fast… less than half the seats remain.
Sign up at the front desk before they go! Spouses welcome! $45/person
Round trip from CFNE – 7:00 pm Departure and 1:30 am Return

Doole by day... DJ Catnip by night.

Doole by day… DJ Catnip by night.

Rowing Technique

Check out this great video of Coach Ben fine tuning rowing technique.
Great pointers for your workout today.


  1. Why is Corey staring directly at the camera with her tongue out?

  2. Congrats to Rachel on 227# in OHS!

  3. Stephanie

    Modified Pinwheel (25, 20, 15, 10): 20:53 (8#) (small non-sleeping child didn’t sleep so I am just happy I got here today)

    • Anjali Stevenson

      Hi Stephanie, I’ll be doing a Modified Pinwheel with 6#, and we are sleep training our non-sleeping baby for the second night tonite. I feel your pain!

  4. Andy M

    Pinwheel: 25:19 Rx

    7×5 Backsquat 145# across

  5. Pinwheel: 27:30 Rx. Thanks so much to Harry and Stephanie for getting me through the last round. Really not sure I would have finished without you guys.

  6. Greg D

    @ CrossFit Hyannis
    Diane: 11:58 Rx (first time Rx)

  7. Todd B

    Pinwheel: 22:31 Rx
    What a sweatfest. I will enjoy my rest day tomorrow.

  8. Big Mike

    Pinwheel: 17:43 Rx

    Tall guy WOD!

    Rachel OHS me holding a cinder block.
    Froning and Fraser over head squatted my DL PR.

  9. Pinwheel: 20:10 Rx

  10. Pinwheel: 20:30 with 12# med ball squats

  11. David N


    I have a BOB Jogger Double that our young kids have grown out of. Looking to see if anyone wants it before donating. If interested shoot me an email.

  12. Pinwheel: 21:50 @ 24″ box and 14# wb

  13. Rachel E

    Pinwheel: 21:47 (12# ball) This one really left me outta gas. Great WOD!

  14. Michelene

    Pinwheel: 22:53 (10#) This is the closest I have ever come to throwing up during a WOD. Although I think that might have had something to do with the pizza and sundae I had for dinner last night… It was a good one for sure – the WOD and the dinner!

    • Kristin R

      Ha – would never have known. Great job this morning!

    • Harry Palley

      Loved the effort this morning Michelene. Got after it. Maybe pizzas and sundaes are the secret…

  15. Pinwheel: 20:25 Rx

  16. Big Bri

    Assault, cals 20-16-12-8-4
    Box, 24″ 30-25-30-15-10
    Squat w/20 lb ball 30-25-20-15-10

  17. laura c

    22 or 23:42…. 10# (to 9.5 -10), step up (bad foot still)

    I was seriously going to goto Daybreak this am and my car drove me to CFNE –

    Yup, a short girls nightmare WOD!!!!

  18. John S.

    Pinwheel: 26:16 (20″, 14#)

  19. Pinwheel- 21:44 RX

  20. Susan Stein

    Pinwheel: 21:54 (8# ball, jumped 30 and 25, stepped up 20-15-10)

  21. Pinwheel: 20:51 (8#, step ups)

  22. Pinwheel: 25:03 12#wb to dotted line and stepup bj

    • I used the same scaling option and thought about you through the wod. Thanks for the motivation :-)

  23. Pinwheel – 23:56 (10# to the 10′)

  24. Hughie

    No WB’s at gym… 44# thrusters

  25. Pinwheel: 23:00 10# wb
    First time doing that many box jumps in a very long time and no knee or glute pain this afternoon, so yippee.

  26. Pinwheel- 21:07Rx
    Thank you Ben for the rowing help. So lucky to have a personal rowing training session with Ben…even if 10,000 people have seen it. :)

    • 10,000? no way … wait, it’s 30,755 @ 6:25pm today!

      • Lol. I haven’t noticed since the first day but I should’ve realized when people have been contacting me from random parts of my life mentioning it. So funny.

  27. Alison

    Pinwheel – 19:52, 14# WB squats.

  28. 22:53 with 12# ball to the 9′ step ups.

    • Brad B

      Pinwheel- 15:21 Rx
      TALL MAN WORKOUT. Thanks for the mid game motivation Max. Unbroken on the wall balls.

  29. Cotter

    “Pinwheel”: 24:25 rx

  30. Georgia

    Pinwheel 23:23 RX totally psyched about the RX part :)

  31. Chad M.

    Pinwheelish. 19.07 (subbed 15,13,10,8,5 calories on assault bike for rower)

  32. Cheryl J

    Pinwheel 27:00 RX – happy I stuck with my plan of doing this RX even though box jumps were sloooow.

  33. Matt L

    Pinwheel 17:10 Thanks for the motivation Max!

  34. Nick C.

    Pinwheel – 19:03 Rx

    Love when the talk guy WODs make an appearance!

  35. 25:06 (14#, rest RX)

    Discussing the workout’s strategy Max wanted us to go “unbroken everything” in rounds of 15s and 10s. Alas, didn’t happen for me, though I got unbroken rows in all rounds :-)

    Had to switch to sets of 5s in rounds of 15s and 10s in box-jumps, but glad to have 10 unbroken wall-balls in the last round!

    Props for great job to at least half a dozen of 7:30pmers (Matt, Nick, Craig and others) – I noticed that you were done when I was only about to start round of 15s!

    • Erkin way to get those last 10 wall balls unbroken! Victory!

    • Nick C.

      Nice job tonight, Erkin! You moved your way through it at a great pace.


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