Wednesday 07.23.14

Rachel and James have their first day of Competition today!

Rachel and James have their first day of Competition at the Games today!

Power Clean

Build to a Heavy Single

On the 2:00 for 7 Rounds:

XX5 Power Cleans (70%)
XX30 Double-Unders
XX7 Strict Pull-Ups

Post Loads to Comments.


Box Brief
CFNE Athletes Rachel and James have their first day of competition today at the CrossFit Games! The day starts at “The Beach” , and ends with a 1-rep Max Overhead Squat in the evening.
Heat Times Below!


“MedBall Burpee”

“The Beach”




4:15 PM



10:30 PM


1:55 PM

5:20 PM


1:00 PM

9:30 PM

Box Buddies

Box Buddies

James Hobart – More than Meets the Eye

Have you seen this recent video from featuring the CFNE stud himself, James Hobart?
It’s an excellent view into the life of one of our gym’s closest friends… close enough to call family.


  1. KarenH

    Great video James. love the honesty! Good luck this week!
    (love your relationship with your Mom)

  2. Susan Stein

    Good luck Rachel and James! You’ll hear me cheering from here.

  3. Tricia D

    Good luck Rachel & James!

    Rachel, being one of my coaches, I have to give you a special shout out. A strong woman, excellent coach and great person – hope you enjoy every second bc you deserve it.

    We’ll be watching from the Cape and cheering you guys on !!!

  4. Heather Bergeron


    …And, I’m on the Cape. AAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!

  5. Braatz

    Power Clean: 195 (10# PR)

    OT2M x 7: 135 / 5 ring dips sub for pull-ups

    Rachel and James: Work hard, have fun!

  6. PC: 275#

    Wod: 185# w/25 DUs and 5 strict pull-ups.

    7×5 back squat: 230#

    10×2 strict press: 115#

    Accessory: 4 rds
    20 close grip bench at 75#
    15 green banded tri ext.
    15 reverse flys with 5s

  7. Rachel and James: you’re a true inspiration, kill it!
    Travel WOD at crossfit port orange
    Power clean: 245 (20lb PR) nailed that dead goat to the wall!
    5x 5 PC/15 Box jumps 2min rest. 11:32 almost all rebounding. ( something very new for me, PR)
    Plank transitions 20secs: f’n hard! No PR…
    Now in to PRing 12oz’ers

  8. PC: 115# (PR)

    OTM: 85#, 15 DU, 5 strict PU. Only did 3 rounds, had to leave.

  9. Colleen (OC)

    PC: 100# (tied PR) Thanks for the tips Harry. I’m going to drop it way down and focus on getting under the bar better. Otherwise I’m stuck at 100 forever!

    OTM: 70#, 5-10-5 or 3 in the last 3 rounds. Ouch.

  10. Greg D

    @ CrossFit Hyannis
    Big Nick
    7 Squat Clean Thrusters (135#/95#)
    23 Lateral burpees
    9 Pull-ups

    20:47 (115#) I actually did 21 burpees per round because I read the WOD wrong.

  11. michelle

    Rachel & James, we can’t wait to watch you kill it today! Good luck!

    PC: 125#
    OTM: 90#/ 10 push ups/ 7 Strict PU (only got 5 last two rounds)
    BS: 7 x 5: 145#
    otm strict press: 10 x 2 @ 75# failed 2nd rep twice
    3 r of accessory work/ 55#/ red band/ 10# db
    It was a blast to be at the 5:30 am- thanks, Harry!

  12. Andy L

    Power Clean: 205# (20# PR)

    OT2M: 145, 30DUs, 3strict pullups – first two rounds I did 6 but ack, strict pullups are hard

  13. Laura C

    PC: 115# (5# PR) a PR is a PR!

    • Heck yeah! Nice job!

    • laura c

      Complex: 85# (pushed myself out of my 75# nice comfort zone) 10-15 DU (being careful of my foot) 5-7 strict PU

      I had a lot of excuses, huh?

  14. John S.

    PC: 110#
    OTM: 75#, 60 su, 5 strict PU

  15. PC: 140#
    OTM: 100#PC, 15-25 DU per round, 4 strict pull ups

  16. Eugene

    PC: 195#
    OTM: 135#, 30 DU, 7 strict PU (2 rounds at 5 strict PU)

  17. Susan Stein

    PC: 100#
    OTM: 70#, 40 seconds of double under attempts, 5 green band pull ups (rounds 1-3), 4 green band pull ups (rounds 4-7)

    Used my new Starbii rope and I totally PR’d my double unders, got 3 in the row. First time ever getting more than one at at time! It has to be the rope. Thanks Kevin!

  18. Todd B

    Clean: 202# (7# PR) Failed at 207.
    OTM: First round 135#, 30, 7. Then 4 rnds at 135#, 15, 5.

    I think I’ve finally reached the point where my squat clean is stronger than my power clean. At the very least it is equal. It’s taken a while to feel comfortable getting under the bar and trusting that it isn’t going to just knock me over!

    • Todd B

      Ha. Guess I missed where it was supposed to be a power clean!

  19. Today I woke up and decided I’m gonna be an athlete again. Gonna wipe the slate clean and start recording down my numbers….even if they are way off from my PR’s.

    Power clean: 175#

    OTM WOD: 95#, double under’s, green band for strict pull-ups….ended up doing 3’s towards the end.

  20. Chad M

    Power clean. 250# (10#PR)
    WOD @ 175# Rxed

  21. Josh G

    Yesterday AM at Upper Cape Crossfit: EMOM 20; even 10 power cleans (65#), odd 30 Double Unders. got at least 20 unbroken per round.

    PM: 70 minute stand up paddleboard w/ 150 air squats mixed in

    This morning at UCCF: 4RFT of 200m run, 10 KBS (53#), 200m run, 20 situps 14:25

  22. PC 145# not a PR
    OT2M WOD: 105# strict PUs as 7,7,7,7,3,4,6

  23. Power Clean: 110# Pr. Failed at 115#
    OTM x7: 80# du Rx x 6/ pu’s mix strict & red band 7 and down to 3’s at the end.

  24. Sarah S

    PC: 95#, failed 105×3. Had 100# on the books from a while ago but didn’t record if it was power or squat.
    OT2M: 65#, tried for 10 DU which I got during 4 rounds and had a round each of 4,5, and 6 DU, green banded strict pull ups.

    Then did 10×2 strict press OTM: 55#x6, 60#x4

  25. KarenH

    PC: 120# (5#pr)
    OTM: 85#,30 sec of DU attempts,4 strict pu;; ups with green band

  26. PC: 175#(15#pr)
    OTM: 115#(30 DU,7 strict pu’s expect 6th round at 3 pu’s)

  27. PC: 115#

    OTM: 85#, 13 DU, Green Band SPU (5,5,5,4,5,4,4)

  28. PC: 205# (20# PR)

    OTM: 145, 30 DUs for rounds 1-5 then 20, SPU (7,6,4,3,4,5,5)

  29. Krystle

    PC: 125# (PR for a PC but I’ve SC it before)
    OTM: 95/95/95 then dropped to 85. 8 burpees instead of DU and strict PU some with green band

  30. Kristin B.

    Power clean: 155# PR (yay!)

    OTM: 105#, single-unders and ring rows

  31. Ken K: PC 205# PR
    OT2M: 135, a few DU’s, and strict PU

  32. Nicole D

    PC: 130# (10# Pr)

    OTM: 90#/30 DU/7 green band strict PU

  33. Power Clean- 150# (10# PR)
    WOD- 105#, 5 green banded strict pu, three rounds only got one real strict pull-up because I was running out if time. It was the three rounds my dus totally fell apart.

  34. 1 rep heavy: 145
    OTTM: scale city
    105 (dropped to 3 reps last couple rounds)
    Dubs (one round got mad and only got to 18)
    3 strict pull ups

  35. Kelly F

    1 Heavy Rep: 235# (10# PR) with approx. 173 failed attempts at 245#

    OT2M: 135#, 20-30 DUs, 3-5 PUs

  36. Molly C

    PC: 120#
    OT2M: 85#, 15 DUs, 4 SPU (rnds 1-4), 3 PU (rnds 5-7)…. wiped out!!

  37. PC: 125# (10# PR, initially thought it’s 20# PR)

    OT2M: 75#, 60SU, 5 green band strict PU
    First time ever Touch-n-Go PC – felt good!

  38. Kara C.

    1 rep heavy: 100# (finally! PR)
    OT2M: 70#, 30 DU, and 5 green band strict pullups. First round did 3 strict pullups on red band, but knew that wasn’t going to last.

  39. Georgia

    1 rep heavy 115# (tied PR)
    80#/du’s/green band strict, added red 1/2 way through
    Dnf last round

  40. brian smith

    Hobart is REAL.

    2nd workout of week, 2nd CF wkout in year: 175#. OT2M: 6 rounds complete at 135# but underhand grip on strict. Strict overhand PU sux.

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