Tuesday 07.22.14

Jerry and Bubba are competing as Masters in the CrossFit Games TODAY! Go get em boys!

Jerry and Bubba are competing as Masters in the CrossFit Games TODAY! See below for heat times!!!


For time:

20 Thrusters
20 Hang Power Cleans
20 Push Presses
20 Overhead Squats
20 Front Squats

Prescribed Weights – 95 / 65
*** On the Minute – 5 Burpees ***

Box Brief
Jerry and Bubba, CFNE Masters Games Athletes, will take on their 1st day of competition today!
Check out CF Games.com for the live-feed!







Handstand Walk



Rope Climb / Run



Kristen drilling in the Muscle-Up Transition

Kristen drilling in the Muscle-Up Transition


Coaches Corner

Coach Heather

While I was raised Catholic, I’ll be brutally honest and confess that I haven’t done a “religious” thing since I went to Christmas Mass (and, if I remember right I think we even missed that this year).

So, the fact that I’m quoting the Bible (I should capitalize that, right?) makes me feel a little bit like a thief.

Anyways, I came across this quote today and the one thing I do know about the Bible is that it’s all about interpretation.

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Listen, I don’t know who this John character is, but he got me thinking with all of his “the truth will set you free” talk.

Too often, I think we do a lot of covering up for ourselves.  Yes, we’ve all experienced how lies are hard to keep up with; once you tell one lie, you know you’re gonna’ end up telling a whole host of other lies in an attempt to make that first sound “true”.

But, lies come in different shapes and sizes.  Lies, or non-truths, aren’t always as clear and dry as “telling a lie”.

In other words, being honest and truthful has to do with more than just “not lying”.  It includes being up front with people, and offering up information about yourself that you’re not necessarily comfortable with.

Yes, we can get really good at hiding things about ourselves from others, but at some point all our hiding will just end up with us being a slave to all of those secrets.  If you find that you’re living with a growing number of “secrets”, that’s usually a good sign that it’s time to start changing up the decisions you’re making.

Think about it.  When you’re making decisions you feel good about, you’re not feeling like you can’t tell people about them.  You don’t feel like you have anything to cover up from others.  In fact, you’re usually walking around feeling like you want people to know what you just did, not like you hope to God they never find out.

When you have those moments, or get to that place in your life, when you want everyone to know everything about your life…that’s a part of what “being set free” is all about.  It’s about being free from hiding the real you, free from sneaking your habits around, and free from the fear that comes along with living a life that you essentially don’t believe is righteous.

Whether it’s telling your friends about having Irritable Bowel Syndrome, admitting to a neighbor that your son or daughter just checked into rehab, cracking a joke with a buddy about the fart you just ripped, skipping the chips even when no one’s around to see you eat them, opening up to a family member that you think you might be depressed, or fessing up to your teenage daughter that you got a boob job…they’re all the sort of things I’m talking about.

Just come clean with people.  It’s a whole lot easier than waiting around until someone asks, you panic and lie because you weren’t prepared at that very minute to be put on the spot, and then you’ve got to keep up with the lie because you feel like it’s too late to just tell the truth.

Honestly, this is the stuff that people bond over.  We’re all walking around thinking we’re the only ones that have ever pooped their pants during a heavy squat clean.  But, everyone’s done it…well, almost everyone…and, that’s the stuff that’s more fun to talk about than to keep secret.

So, while I don’t pray every night or read the Bible…ever…I can interpret just about anything to justify the stuff that goes through my head.

Maybe I should have become a nun, after all?



  1. Have we done this workout before but maybe it was called something different? It looks super familiar but I could be wrong

  2. Colleen (OC)

    Ali, it was G-Force on 2/17/14!

  3. michelle

    LOVE Bubba and Jerry! Go kill it, men!

  4. Andy M.

    Go Jerry and Bubba!

  5. Good luck Bubba and Jerry! Terri and I will be out there on Wednesday cheering you on! Kick ass tomorrow!


  7. Colleen (OC)

    Beretta: 9:47, 40#.

    I just noticed in Feb we did power cleans from the ground and “shoulder to overhead.” Either way, I had a 3:56 PR, but I went 5# lighter today to keep the same weight for all of the movements. Last time I dropped the weight for the OHS.

    Good luck Bubba and Jerry!!!

  8. Beretta: 6:55 Rx…dang darn overhead squats…ug

  9. Andy M

    Beretta (a.k.a. G-Force) 13:41 Rx (1:15 PR)

    Chad, thanks for the push and form cues at the end buddy.

  10. Braatz

    Beretta: 10:56 Rx

    OTM snatch work: 95/100/105/110/115

    Best of luck to Bubba and Jerry… get after it, guys!

  11. Tricia D

    Crossfit Hyannis:
    Goat min 1: :30 du attempts, min 2: 5 strict pu att green band (12 mins)

    7 rounds:
    1 min Max kb (35)
    1 min rest
    1 min Max calorie row
    1 min Max 10 m sprints
    Total= 289

    Great workout! Beach bound. Good luck Jerry & Bubba!!!!!!

  12. Stephanie

    Beretta: 14:48 (35#) * thank you to the person who kindly put my bar away!

  13. Big Mike

    Beretta: 9:56 Rx
    Ouch. You’d think I’d never done a push press before.

    Go get ’em Bubba and Jerry!!!!

    • laura c

      i KNOW! I am usually OK at PP but today I could not do them!! The hardest movement in this wod!

  14. Rachel E

    Beretta: 7:59 (55#) +5 extra back squats because I wasn’t going to try the OHS (shoulder). Decided to go for it in the next minute, started at zero, and they felt great! I guess bonus squats are really what this WOD needs, guys.

    Have fun throwing down at the Games, Jerry and Bubba! We’ll be cheering for you!

  15. Michelene

    Beretta: 7:52 (35#) Should have gone heavier but form felt good.

    Good luck Bubba and Jerry!!

  16. Beretta: 8:42 (55#)

    Go get ’em Bubba and Jerry!

  17. John S

    Beretta: 13:58 (55#, 52 sec pr from G-Force)

  18. Laura c

    Beretta : 8:53 55#

    Push presses got hard for some reason. The rest was like butt-ah!

  19. Stephan

    Good luck to Jerry and Bubba!
    Beretta 14:48 @ 75#
    Completely underestimated this one. Went lighter on the weight and thought I could fly through. Forgot that burpees and anything overhead are not in my wheelhouse, plus I didn’t listen to Harry and came off the bar too early during push press and OHS. Could have avoided a couple rounds of burpees. Next time….

  20. Beretta: 9:48 (40#). (Note to self: right weight for today but next time 45#)

    Go get ’em Bubba and Jerry!

  21. Susan Stein

    Beretta: 6:52 (60#)- No overhead movements so did: front squat, hang power clean, dead lift, hang power clean, front squat. Lastly, did in & out burpees.

    Best of luck Jerry and Bubba!! Crush it!!!

  22. Eugene

    Beretta – 8:58 Rx

  23. Beretta: 9:48 55#
    Pre wod; 1000 meter swim with Michelle

  24. Todd B

    Beretta: 10:50 (75#) – 3:31 faster than G-Force in Feb. (G-Force had power cleans instead of HPC.)

  25. Beretta 7:55 Rx
    about 6 of my push presses we’re push jerks. That was the hardest part!

  26. “Beretta” away from home (cfne) today 5:50rx

  27. “I could feel the bar give way to my power as I thrust my hips forward. The bar rose higher and higher, weightless and helpless against my cold, steely technique. Just like the kettle bell the day before, rising at my will, free and effortless.”
    — Helen Beretta,
    Fifty Shades of Steel

  28. Melinda

    Beretta 5:57 rx

    Go Bubba and Jerry!

  29. Chad M

    Beretta. 7.54rx

  30. Beretta: 10:41 @95# (10 OHS) wrists didn’t want to play today.

    Great joining the nooner’s today.

  31. At Colonial CrossFit in Colonial Heights, VA:

    Strength: worked up to a heavy bench press @ 120#

    10-9-8…3-2-1 Power Clean (165#/115#), Push-up, T2B: 17:48 Rx

  32. Nicole D

    Beretta: 5:33 (65#) Mods – 20″ box jumps, HPC, deadlift, back squat, FS

  33. Kristin B.

    Beretta: 10:56 @65#. Dropped to 3 burpees after round 7. That got spicy.

    OTM snatches: 65-85#. Failed two @ 85.

  34. 14:50 with 55#, 5 burpes except when I get to the OHS. Finish with a bunch of sets of 3 burpess as I spent a lot of time in the OHS.

  35. Beretta: 9:38 @ 65#
    Not on my A game, today.

  36. Molly C

    Beretta: 8:40 (I think… it’s been a long day) w/50#.

  37. Matt L

    9:53 and definitely not on my A game. In fact, I wasn’t on my B or C game tonight but I still had a great time.

  38. Big Bri

    20 Box jump 30″
    20 Calories Assault
    20 Back squat (safety bar) 155#
    20 Calories Assault
    20 Box jump 30″

  39. Andrea F

    Beretta: 9:23 with 45# and air squats. I only did 10 OHS as I thought my wrists were going to snap–the rest was 20 reps each. Definitely a mental game today…didn’t quite conquer it. However, tomorrow is a new day :) Great to have Nick back in the 7:30pm and lots of love for Tubby Tuesdays :)

    • Great work Andrea! So nice having Nick back! I LOVE TUBBY TUESDAYS!!!

  40. 14:37 @ 60#

    Today OHS got me big time :-(

    Guys&gals, thanks for cheering me at the end! I really needed some push for that damn single last FS after set of burpees at 14:30+ mark …

    On side note: who needs Weight Lifting Wednesday with 5 different lifting movements on a Tuesday?!

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m still working out tomorrow :-)

      • Kara C.

        Awesome job tonight Erkin!! You’ve got a point about Weightlifting Wednesday ;-)- but I’ll still see you there!

    • Way to gut it out at the end!

  41. Kara C.

    “Beretta” 7:54 55#. Mods due to injured leg: KBS, HPC, PP, DL, & push-ups. Sit-ups instead of burpees. My plan was to grit my teeth tonight, but I want to thank Max for noticing the pain face while I practiced OHS. It was definitely still a tough workout and I didn’t hurt myself even more. :)

    • Glad you got the through the workout pain free. We can always modify workouts. Remember we do this to be fit for life. Tonight and every night you come in you are workout towards that lifelong goal of fitness.

  42. Chicago hotel:
    3 rounds
    25 thrusters w/ 35# DB’s
    20 push-ups
    5 HSPU

  43. Beretta 10:40 65#

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