Saturday 07.19.14


Call in the crew. Team Saturday Sweatfest!

Call in the crew. It’s a Team Saturday Sweatfest!

In Teams of 2, AMRAP 25:

50 Wallballs (20/14#)
40 Kettlebell Swings (70/53#)
30 Toes to Bar
200m Run (1 Partner at a time)

Post Times to Comments.

Box Brief
Best of luck to our Games athletes as they depart for California this weekend!
Bubba, Jerry, Rachel and James are on the big stage, starting Tuesday. Stay tuned workout times…

Grab a Buddy, Grab a Bell. Bonus points if your buddy is either Doug or Sarah Bell.

Grab a Buddy, Grab a Bell… Bonus points if your buddy is either Doug or Sarah Bell.


Working on your kipping Toes to Bar? Check out these tips from Games Athlete Chris Spealler.


  1. Great way to start the day firing up a workout the “Bronx” w/ The Stronger of the two Kevin Kelly II. Blue Collar Crew 4rx

  2. Colleen (OC)

    Bronx with the lovely and talented Sarah Bell: 3+116, Rx for Sarah; 10#/30# for me. Back has been tight lately, kept it a little light. Fun 7 am class, Max!

  3. Andy M.

    Bronx: 3+74 Rx with Eric B. Perfect hangover cure for sure, just what the doctor order. Thanks for the push Eric.

  4. Michelene

    Bronx with Tricia D: 3 rounds even (12#/35#) This is definitely NOT a CrossFit unicorn for me (nice analogy Braatz) but I’m glad I came and did it!

    Have a great vacation D’Agostinos!!!

  5. Kara C.

    Team Coduri: 3+88. WB 20/14 but I’m still not used to hitting the 10 ft line consistently. KB 53/35. T2B – Rx for Steve and half K2E for me. But I’m finally getting the kip! That was exciting. :-)

  6. Bronx: 3+120+200M run Rx – Team D’Braatz (Greg D. & Braatz)

    Or, as I like to think about it, 4 – 200M Rx

    As Cheryl who “Him” is.

  7. Braatz

    Sorry for taking up so much space…

    10 x 3 front squats (across): 185

  8. Bronx: Sam and Lisa 3 rounds+105reps
    Sam–53#kb and 16# wb
    Lisa-26#kb and 10#wb
    Great start to the weekend!

  9. Big Mike

    Making up for Friday
    The Good Life: 11:51 Rx (4 sec PR)
    Then, Lipson Test: Fail (205#)
    Amazing how much a pea size pebble can screw this up. Got about 200 M then felt my calf plink like a piano wire. Emptied half the plates on the neighbors lawn and made two trips. Good way to meet the neighbors.

  10. 10×3 front squats: 245#

    1 min snatch @135: 9
    1 min rest
    1 min pull-ups: 25 (unbroken)
    1 min rest
    1 min CJ @155: 8
    1 min rest
    1 min ring dips: 24
    1 min rest
    1 min dead lifts @225: 21
    1 min rest
    1 min hand release push-ups: 20

  11. Josh G

    Bronx w/ Diego: 3+120

    14# WB 45# KBS

    I sub’d knees to chest


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