Thursday 07.17.14



American Dream
Up Ladder of:
Power Clean (205, 140#)
Muscle Up

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Box Brief: Karen, John, and Anjali finished Elements this week! Welcome to CFNE!

Gransky's using their fitness under water.

Gransky’s using their fitness under water.


  1. Andy M

    American Dream: 7+4 (140#) 9 rep PR at same wt.

  2. rich t

    American Dream: 8+9 (135,2xC2B)
    on the patio. nice air but bar got soupie.

  3. Brian L

    7+15 (185,MUs)

    • Hell yeah Brian! Glad to see you back at the box.

    • Ben Bergeron

      Fun training with you this morning and thanks for doing the little post wod run with me.

      • Brian L

        Great to be back in there this morning with the 6:30, obviously couldn’t have asked for someone better to train with.

        Being away from CFNE for over a month really makes you appreciate the opportunity we have to train at the best gym around, thanks.

  4. Braatz

    American Dream: 7 + 1 (155, MUs)

    Way off PR, but thrilled to be able to do a pain-free pulling movement after a month break.

    5 x 7 front squats (across): 175#

  5. AD: 7+13 Rx

    50 GHDs. Beach season.

    Pretty bummed about AD. Just felt completely drained from go. Some days I guess the body takes a break whether you want it to or not. Adapt and overcome. Here’s to tomorrow. And so on…

  6. Kaitlyn

    American Dream – 5+10 RX

    Huge victory, my first time doing MU in a workout!

  7. American Dream: 9 + 1 (175, MUTs) PR by 9. My notes were to go RX this time (vacation tomorrow and I want to make sure I’m fresh to get my drink on, is that a good excuse?) have a good week all. cheers.

  8. Colleen (OC)

    American Dream: 11+8, 75# and 1 x c2bs. Don’t know if this is a PR since I seem to change up the modifications every time, but it was fun anyway!

  9. Michelle

    American dream: 6 + 4. 105#/muscle ups
    Mus are easier when I do them correctly. Starting to break my bad habit- psyched. I appreciate the coaches keeping after me on this.
    Nice work today, Leo!

  10. Big Bri

    AMRAP 20
    Box jump 30″ with weight vest, ascending
    Prowler push (1 per round), 75M with 45#
    12 rounds + 8

  11. American Dream 8 + 14 MU transitions (70#)

  12. laura c

    AD: 9 + 14 75#

    10 pounds heavier and 2 rounds slower but not 100% sure what the last mod was? Today did 1 PC/ 2 pull u p/ 2 push up

    Did not want to MU stuff b/c have to wear a dress this weekend and not into having scabbed up arms…I will not be with cross fitters

    Off to my 25th HS reunion – may shock some people as I was a little permed head cheerleader 25 years ago…LOL!

  13. Georgia

    4 mi run in MV

  14. Stephan

    AD 8+9 with KPU and PU as subs. 7 rep PR with same mods from 2/14

  15. Lára Vukson

    Go Rachel!

    early 5.8mi in NY w/my work ladies

  16. American Dream: 8+7 (135#, subbed 2xKPUs & pushups for MUs)

  17. American Dream: 6+1 (185# for a few reps, then dropped to 155#; MU for rounds 1-4, then 2X C2B)

    I’ve never come close to 10 MUs in WOD before, so that was great even if it did slow me down a bit.

    Great tips from Harry and Meg this morning on the PCs… thanks guys!

  18. What is the rep scheme for the Up Ladder? Thanks

  19. American Dream: 8+42 @ 85#. Last time I did 11+7@85# which doesn’t make sense?? I’m wondering if I did 1 pull up and 1 push up for each MU last time? This time I did 2pu/2pu per MU. Hmmm…in any case I’m fitter :)

    • Laura c

      I was over 2 rounds slower and only 10# heavier. I had 12+14 last time… I truly don’t think I could have maintained that volume of PU/push-ups if they were doubled.

      • we definitely only did 1 and 1 last time for the pull ups/push ups, i have it in my notes :-) nice job ladies!

  20. Eugene

    American Dream – 8 + 9 PC + 16 C2Bs (155#, 2xC2B)
    7×5 Front Squats – 195# across

    Can’t clean or do MUs anymore, but can front squat. Ugh.

  21. Jonathan

    American Dream: 7+1 (165#)
    5 rounds:
    10 GHDSU
    10 Back Extentions
    200m run

  22. American Dream: 8+1(155#)MUTs

  23. I was a lone ranger today at 2pm, American Dream 9+6rx

  24. AD – 8 rounds (185#). That’s a PR and #10 heavier.

    • Great job today JC, those muscle up have come a long way, well done

  25. Greg D

    American Dream – 7+16 (155#: MU’s & 2xC2B)

    1:1 PC +1 MU
    2:2 PC +2 MU
    3:3 PC +3 MU + 1 attempt
    4:4 PC +2 MU + 2 attempts
    5:5 PC +2 MU + 3 attempts
    6:6 PC +1 MU + 5 attempts
    7:7 PC + 14 C2B
    8:8 PC + 8 C2B

  26. John S

    American Dream: 7+ 3 (95, pu…did 100 for first 3 rounds)

  27. AD: 7&8@75# kpu & pu

  28. Krystle

    AD: 6+9 (95#, BMU) last time I did one BMU per round so I guess this is a PR

  29. Satan’s Whisker: 10:15 Rx

    Wowza – that was slow. I felt like I was breathing through molasses. Of corse, the air in Richmond in July is … thick. Two weeks off & little water did me no favors either.

  30. AD: 10 even with 76# and KPU (increasing by one each rd). I had a small hand rip and had to switch to BPU in last 2 rds. But those were about 40 unasisted pu. Yay I got my pull ups back!! (One at the time), i take it :-)

  31. American Dream: 7+6 (155#, MU)

    7×5 FS 165,155,155,155,135,135,135 That was frustrating

  32. Nicole D

    American Dream: 10+3 (105#, ring rows)

  33. American dream: 7+18 @ 115 w pull ups and push ups
    2 rounds less than last time but we def did 1 pull up 1 push up last time so this was double that so I’m fine with my score :-)

  34. Maureen B.

    American Dream: 7+ 6 (95#, 2x pull ups and push ups, had to switch to ring rows on the last set cos of hand tears)

  35. Andrea F

    American Dream: 6+7 @85#. First time doing it and felt pretty good. Hands got sore from the pull-ups but other than that all was good :) Thanks for letting me drop in 6:30pm!

  36. Matt L

    American Dream: 7+6 at 135lbs and a fun time with the 7:30 crew.

    • Cleans and pull-ups are really improving. Way to dial in those fast elbows tonight!

  37. Kelly F

    American Dream: 8 rounds even @ 185# & MUTs.

    Really want to be at Rx for both movements by the time we hit this workout again!

    • Dude next time you do this you will RX it. Those power cleans looked silly easy!

  38. American Dream: 8+5 Rx (9 Rep PR)

    MUs felt good today, but the weight felt really heavy. I need to work on my cleans!

  39. 7 + 12 (115#, 2x pull ups and push ups)

    Had to settle on 115# once figured out in warm-up that my favorite formula Women Rx – 20# wouldn’t work for me today. Cheryl thanks for the cue on getting wider grip on PC – amazing how little adjustments like that help!

    Kudos to all fellow athletes @ 7:30pm doing MUs and MUTs – reps are accumulating very quickly in this workout’s rep scheme! Though Kelly had some explaining to do going shirtless tonight – hey, it’s not Tuesday! Just kidding, great job!

    Today’s post-WOD walk&talk was really nice despite the rain!

  40. Kara C.

    American Dream: 7+8 (85#, w/pull-ups & push-ups)

  41. Steve D

    American Dream 7 + 6 (205# 2x Pull-ups/push-ups)

    Last time 8 + 14 @ 175#

    Super happy with the PC weight. Felt heavy but smooth.

    Big thanks to Geoff and Max for the encouragement and big push tonight!

  42. Sergio

    American Dream: 6 + 7 (140, MUs)

    first time doing MU’s in a WOD

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