Wednesday 07.16.14

Grab your ropes and sign up for the Doubles or Nothing Clinic!

Grab your ropes and sign up for the Doubles or Nothing Clinic!

Strongman Style
Teams of 4
AMRAP 6 at Each Station:
Yoke Carry
Prowler Push
Farmers Carry
Tire Flip
Log Press

Post Scores to Comments.

Box Brief: Want to work on your double unders? Tired of coming home with whip marks? Well you’re in luck! The Doubles or Nothing Clinic is coming to CFNE August 24th. Click HERE for more information.




  1. Heather Bergeron

    LOVE those ropes.

    And, HUGE Tracy fan :)

    Fun training with te 8:30 class again!

  2. Have to give a plug to Tim Haft who is doing the Doubles or Nothing clinic in August. I had been working on double unders for five years and just about given up hope. The best I had ever done was to string a couple together and that was rare. I went to the Doubles or Nothing class in May and in the class he gave me cues that helped me advance to the point where now I can get 10 pretty consistently and a PR of 32. I have a long way to go but its a big improvement.

    • Ben Bergeron

      I saw you rocking double unders this week Jerry. They looked solid.

  3. 7×5 front squat: 215#

    OTMx7 3 TnG power clean: 215, 220, 225, 230 (f3), 235, 240 (f2), 245 (f3)

    Strongman Style with added station of axel cleans w/The Crew (aka Hamel, Ho, Scott, Dougie and McD): a million reps at a million pounds.

    Great to be back.

  4. I need to sign up for that clinic. Whip marks need to go!

    Remote traveler WOD.
    NY. Run 4m & Freddie Kruger not for time at hotel gym

  5. John S

    Strongman style
    With Brad and Deena

    Yoke Carry-25
    Prowler Push-11
    Farmers Carry-14 7/8
    Tire Flip-51
    Log Press-120

    • look at you John, you seriously remembered all the individual numbers? I’m lucky i can remember to grab my truck keys. haha i put us at 120 whoops. 221 7/8. 😉 Great working out with you today.

  6. Strongman Style: (Dina[sp?], John, Brad) I think it was 120/121ish. Super great team to work with. By far one of my favorite workouts; functional movements. I’ve been doing CF for 2 years now and its the first time I’ve touched a tire.

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  8. Georgia

    Mod Satin’s Whiskers a day late. In garage: 6:20 65#, TRX rows. Has anyone trained at CF Martha’s Vinyard? Thoughts?

  9. Strongman Style: Team Daisy’s Dukes (Daisy, Ali, Trina, me) 245
    That was so fun to try 3 new movements!
    After: 50′ yoke carry 2@220#, 2@270#
    EMOM 7×3 TnG PCs: 95,100,105,110,115,120,125
    I lost my grip by the last set.

  10. Today was a blast. Got to play with lots of toys for the first time!

    Team Cuban Salsa: 360 (Dan, Mark, LJ and me)

    Pregame 5 rounds: 10 bench (210), 10 axel hang cleans (115).

    If you haven’t played with the axel, go introduce yourself. Fun, fun, fun!

  11. OTMx10 3 Tng Power cleans 135 145 155 165 170 175 180 185 190 195
    7×5 FS @ 235 should have gone heaver thanks for push to 7 rnds Cheryl
    Team Strongman Style with Kevin (team of 2): Log at 115, Yoke with 4 plates, Prowler with 3 plates, 70# carries, heavy tire – saw god on the prowler pushes – tough
    8x200M sprint OT2M worst :40 best :37
    Iron Scap and done!

  12. cheryl nasso

    SOoo i loved Maz’s coaches corner this week…and I had a lot to say about WHY i started CrossFit….just wanted to share it with you guys!

    **ON a side note, it has been sooo awesome watching you guys play with the strongman stuff today!!!!

    • Braatz

      Cheryl, wow, thanks for sharing your story. From “rock bottom” to the top – of your sport, of life. Inspiring.

    • KarenH

      thanks Cheryl! You never know who can help with your story! AND, look how far you have come :)

    • It has been such a pleasure to get to know you and learn from you. You inspire by leading. And you lead by example. Thanks, Cheryl.

    • Love this post! You are a gem.

    • Cheryl – this is a great post. I’ve learned so much from your great coaching and to learn more of your story only makes me respect and admire you more. It has been great to get to know you. We’re lucky to get to have you as our coach.

  13. Kristin B.

    Strongman Style w/Meg, Kaitlyn & Nikki: 249 (i think?) this was fun.

    Earlier: EMOM 7×3 TnG PCs: 95,100,105,110,115,120,125
    7×5 FS: 135# across
    Easy 1,000m row

  14. With Jon, Josh, and Dave:
    30 Yoke
    13 Prowler
    17 Farmer’s Carry
    100 Tire Flip
    122 Log Press

    282 Total

  15. SS – “The Screws” w/ Jonathan, Dave, & Max – 282

    You know you are addicted when the night before you’re thinking about skipping WLW for some track work (my running needs help). But then you look at the WOD and see a bunch of stuff that makes you go, “hmm, I’m not sure what all of that is, but tire flips are fun so the rest must be awesome too”. Instead of being frightened, you are pumped to get to CFNE and figure out exactly what they heck you’re going to be doing. I get the whole constantly varied thing means we can’t be doing this every week – but this was without a doubt the most fun workout I’ve done in a long time. Smiles all around.

    Pre-wod in the back:
    7×5 FS @ 95#
    EMOMx7 3x TNG power cleans, worked up to 135# and another instance of me realizing I can be going heavier. This was the most I’ve ever had on the bar for cleans and it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

  16. Matt L

    Jenny’s Men at 7:30pm (Jenny, Rich, Matt) Total Score: 223 and a fantastic workout!

    • Bridget

      Hah, Jenny’s Men. I love it, sad I had to miss the 730 crew tonight!!

  17. SS: team “chicks before …” With Nicole, Cheryl and Rachel.
    300 reps with lots of different weights between the four of us

    Lots of fun. Those prowler pushes man…

  18. Kevin KII

    KStrongman Style
    Teams of 4
    AMRAP 6 at Each Station:
    Yoke Carry 225#
    Prowler Push 90#
    Farmers Carry 2 70lb KB
    Tire Flip 400#
    Log Press 85#

    268 Total
    Chris, Jamie,Kevin III, Kevin II
    Good Work!!

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