Bridget and Krystle threw down this weekend! Nice work ladies!

Bridget and Krystle threw down this weekend! Nice work ladies!

Sugar Daddy
Deadlift (225, 155#)
400m run after each round

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Box Brief: The CrossFit Games are right around the corner! Get psyched to cheer on James, Rachel, Jerry, and Bubba!

Small but mighty!

Game Face

Coaches Corner with Coach Max

Why do you CrossFit?

Why do we wake up before the sun comes up to workout? What drives us to sneak out of work early to just make it in time for the 5:30pm or take an extra long lunch to fit the noon class in?

Why do we do it?

Please post your reason for walking in the Box everyday, then write it on the giant chalk board in the back.

I’ll start…

I CrossFit because I was lucky enough to find CFNE. I purchased a Living Social Deal that changed my life. I was in a bad place before CFNE. I was in a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere, I was unhappy and depressed and didn’t have the guts to do anything about it. CrossFit and the coaches at CFNE gave me the courage and strength to believe in myself. Fast forward 2 years and my life has completely changed and I can honestly say it started to change because of CFNE.

I walk into the Box everyday because I love everything about it. The people, the coaches, the community, the workouts, the feeling of battery acid pumping through my veins after a workout.

Why do you CrossFit?