Monday 07.14.14

Bridget and Krystle threw down this weekend! Nice work ladies!

Bridget and Krystle threw down this weekend! Nice work ladies!

Sugar Daddy
Deadlift (225, 155#)
400m run after each round

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Coaches Corner with Coach Max

Why do you CrossFit?

Why do we wake up before the sun comes up to workout? What drives us to sneak out of work early to just make it in time for the 5:30pm or take an extra long lunch to fit the noon class in?

Why do we do it?

Please post your reason for walking in the Box everyday, then write it on the giant chalk board in the back.

I’ll start…

I CrossFit because I was lucky enough to find CFNE. I purchased a Living Social Deal that changed my life. I was in a bad place before CFNE. I was in a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere, I was unhappy and depressed and didn’t have the guts to do anything about it. CrossFit and the coaches at CFNE gave me the courage and strength to believe in myself. Fast forward 2 years and my life has completely changed and I can honestly say it started to change because of CFNE.

I walk into the Box everyday because I love everything about it. The people, the coaches, the community, the workouts, the feeling of battery acid pumping through my veins after a workout.

Why do you CrossFit?




  1. Shannon Dren

    I Crossfit because I was on the verge of losing my mind. My then 3 year old had been sick for almost a year, I could barely get through a full summers day with both kids alone, my 40 year old “mommy belly” was hanging over my pants and I had no time or energy to take care of myself.

    I needed help. I also needed an excuse to get out the house 3 nights a week to go to my Elements class and not put my kids to bed. I needed a quiet car ride alone and to break a sweat.

    Little did I know that I had found a lifelong solution to everything I needed. I became stronger, lost my belly weight, changed my diet (which was already healthy) but Paleo has been a blessing. I have never felt better. I have almost reached my 2 yr anniversary… and I may not have reached all my goals. But I have learned that I don’t need to be like everyone else. I just need to take care of me and I’m proud of how far I have come.

    Thanks to CFNE for being in Natick and having the best coaches in the world!

    Shannon (from the 9:30 class;)

  2. I Crossfit because it has allowed me to find the person I am deep down inside. The kid who grew up on humble pride and hard work. Before finding CFNE I was going through some dark and hard times. Times that are hard to forget and wish to never be again. I was just out of college taking jobs I didn’t want just to get by to pay off some loans. Weekends were a rough scene and I knew I needed to make a change in my life. I finally made the choice at about 3am working the graveyard shift for a beverage distributor and I was loading kegs on a truck when I mishandled a keg and it dropped on my leg. I bit down on my lip in pain and told myself there has to be a better life for me in this world. I owe Chad Messina a huge thank you, if not for meeting him at my first cf competition I would have never made the trip to CFNE to see what made it so great. I CrossFit not only for myself and because it brings out the best in me but for my loved ones. For my dad, my mom, brothers and sister, each and every family member and friends who I consider my family. So when workouts get tough and it feels as if my lungs are going to explode I dig deep and do it for them, for you, for CFNE. Thank you to all of you here at CFNE.

  3. Stephanie

    Sugar Daddy: 11:52 (85#)

    • Stephanie

      And I cross fit because it makes me healthier, happier and a better mom!

  4. rich t

    sugar daddy – 12:15 Rx

  5. Sugar daddy: 9:31 (115#)

  6. Andy L

    Sugar Daddy: 9:13 (185#) first time, blerg. felt good to get moving after some time off.

  7. Big Mike

    Sugar Daddy: 7:47 Rx

    • Sarah W

      I’m sweating it up here after reading that time. Fast.

      • Big Mike

        And there were several faster….new course standards make the runs a little longer…but the same for everyone.

    • Big Mike

      What I love about CF is that I GET to do it here. Having visited many other boxes, none come close. Everyone inside our four walls is an athlete for an hour a day, on the same field, playing the same game, competing WITH one another. We don’t have to make decisions, we just DO WORK. We HAVE FUN. We move on the rest of the day having gotten the toughest part of it over with which makes every other challenge or problem seem easy.

      Why I Crossfit-to Be Inspired by everyone and to Inpsire everyone around me.

  8. Colleen (OC)

    Sugar Daddy: 9:56, 105#. Way off PR (:31 seconds off from May) but we had the longer (?) course today. The Mayhem was super fast this morning!

    I crossfit because the Mayhem is my second family and has been for four years! They’re the main reason I get up at 4:45 everyday! Sure, this fitness stuff is pretty cool too…

  9. Sugar Daddy – 9:50 @ 160#

    PR by 1:25 (and 5# heavier)

  10. Braatz

    Sugar Daddy: 8:07 (205#)

    5×7 front squats (across): 155

    • Braatz

      I CrossFit because it expands the breadth and depth of my life – physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. CrossFit has enabled me to push harder, confront the unknown more directly, be more self-aware, trash talk better (Mayhem!), and generally just be happier and more stress free.

      I CrossFit at CFNE because of the the 3 C’s: the Mayhem Crew, the world class Coaches and, wait for it… the Community. What a great collection of people!

  11. Wendy P

    Sugar Daddy: 10:05 85#….

  12. Laura C

    SD; 10:32. 125#ROW

    Not proud of my time but proud that I took care of my injury and still rowed …. Full well knowing I would be dead last and far off my prior time. I was but I will heel faster and come out stronger! Take that my plantar facititis!

    • laura c

      Why I cross fit? I found CF almost 3 years ago when I was looking for more… I was bored of running, swimming, biking,etc but had a bad back so thought it could not be for me (even though I did not understand it). Spoke to Vin about it one night at our kids school and he told me I had to try it….I met Mel and I was hooked! It was everything I was looking for….. I have searched for years for fitness that actually changes me….I never have considered myself an athlete..being I was a cheerleader but in CF I do things I never thought I would EVER do! IT has made me not only a stronger person physically but 100% mentally. I have become such a role model for my 2 girls – they see their mom being committed, healthy and strong and most importantly, NOT GIVING UP!!!! They know I am not the strongest one in the gym but they know I always give it my all and they see that. What is better than that? And yeah, being naked is more fun now too:)!

  13. Alison

    Sugar Daddy – 9:34, Rx. 1 second slower, 40# heavier than 2 years ago. Love this WOD.

    I crossfit to stay in great shape – the functional fitness stuff works. Like OC, the Mayhem is my second family and they help me to be faster, stronger and fitter both by example and by pushing me.

  14. Sugar Daddy: 8:13 Rx First time. Why I CF coming soon.

    • My wife found me CF, she didn’t like where I was going with my health. She had a friend the told her about it and she told me to Google it. When I moved to Mass I weighed 189, I got up to 222, buying larger pants, and that was high enough. I CF because:
      • I love my family. I want to be there for the long hall. Let’s be serious, I have three daughters that look just like their mom. I’m going for the “holy crap, your dad could crush me” look.
      • I finally eat like my wife has been trying to get me to eat for the past 12 years… No more BK twice a week. No more taking my kids to fast food.
      • I get my ass handed to me weekly. I RX “floor flopping” almost every WOD.
      • We are all a team and an individual at the same time. It’s a hard thing to explain.
      • Hands down I have the best coaches in the world.
      • Looking over the “mental/physical edge” and taking a jump. Its dark down there but you will always pull through.
      • Finally what does all this boil down to?: Look dam sexy naked!

  15. John S

    Sugar Daddy: 10:03 (155#)

  16. Michelene

    Sugar Daddy: 8:16 (95#)

    Why I CF: I completely stumbled on CrossFit. I came to elements with a friend knowing nothing about it other than to wear workout clothes. It was the best thing I ever did though! I’m the fittest I have ever been and I never thought exercise could actually be fun. I have only gone to a few other boxes, but I can’t imagine the community the Bergerons have built at CFNE could be replicated anywhere else.

  17. I CF because I get to hang with amazing wonderful people like Max Isaak !

    I did a couple of good open water swims this weekend.
    I noticed that I was pulling to the right pretty quickly. Does anyone have any corrective advice on this ? Is it because this is the only side I am breathing on or just because I am stronger on this side ? I can swim freestyle/crawl with my head up pretty good but I know this slows me down. How often should I pop my head up and have a look around ?


    • Jamie,
      learn to breathe every third stroke. It will balance your breathing, kicking, and body turn. Its challenging at first, but the next thing you know your swimming in a straight line.

    • rich t

      Bi lateral breathing may help. Focus on symmetry with pulls, arm and hand position. . Longer glide and stretch in open water. Poke head up more often until you straighten out with longer and longer intervals as you straighten. Masters swim usually have good coaches and let them know what you need to work on..

  18. Todd B

    Sugar Daddy: 11:42 Rx

  19. Giselle

    Sugar Daddy: 10:26 RX

  20. Sugar Daddy: 7:44 (105#). Thanks for the good advice, Melinda. Great coaching from Kevin, Rachel and Maya!

    • laura c

      sooo fast. I think you double lapped me…and I rowed!! Impressive!

  21. Sarah W

    I don’t always do CrossFit, but when I do I prefer CFNE.

  22. Sugar Daddy: 7:53 RX

  23. Sugar Daddy: 10:15 @ 155#
    sluggish today. Day 2 of strict PALEO.

  24. Big Bri

    Why do I Crossfit? So many reasons. Here are a few:

    1. I believe one of the great parts of being human is constantly striving for improvement. Crossfit is something that allows us to see not only what the body is capable of, but the mind as well. Constant improvement, constantly striving for better.

    2. I had the good fortune to meet Ben many years ago. As he became a superstar coach, he turned me from a guy that wanted to stay fit into a competitor I could only dream of being before I started Crossfit. So, Ben and the CFNE coaches are a big reason that I Crossfit.

    3. We all need inspiration. I get mine from every Crossfit athlete that keeps coming back for more. After your first day, you know how hard it can be. You know you’ll have fear, but you overcome it. You keep coming back. The inspiration from my fellow CF athletes – that’s a big reason.

    3 RFT
    70 KB DL
    400M row
    Not for time

    3 RFT
    Prowler push
    15 GHDSU

    • Big Bri,
      You motivate me everyday I see you working out. You set the tone for all of us. Thank you for everything.

      • What Max said. You are an inspiration the way you have been so diligent with your healing process. Seriously motivating.

  25. Sugar Daddy: 8:50 @1:15. :04 less than pr

  26. Tricia D

    Sugar Daddy: 10:06 (105)
    Off PR by 1:33, but 20# more this time.

    I CF bc it is very fun, it generates results I never thought were possible, it makes me a better wife, mother, and professional, and the people are hardworking, postive and encouraging. CF for life.

  27. Eugene

    Sugar Daddy – 8:24 Rx (safe back=good back)

    I remember first meeting Max on a Saturday just when he had finished Elements. The workout (I think it was a hero) involved double unders, and I told him it was tough because a lot of people didn’t have these when they first started. He did! But more importantly, he was so excited to be there. Watching Max from that first day, to his first day coaching to now has been fantastic. That’s why I crossfit, to see stories like Max’s.

    • Thank you Eugene. I remember that day very well. I also remember reading your success story on the website and then putting 2 and 2 together afterwards. You continue to be an inspiration for us all.

  28. SD: 10:22 With 105#.

    I crossfit for many reasons. One is the challenge that every movememt brins to me. From sit ups to a MU to any barbell movement, they all challenge me. I love variety of movements and combinations. I love how I hate all wods and love the feeling after I’m done. Crossfit makes me feel not only alive but younger. Most important, I love the people around me, from the owners, coaches and every single member, CFNE is just the best!!
    I crossfit for that and for many other reasons.

  29. Sugar Daddy: 8:38 (225, 20 cal row)

    • Why?
      Like many others have posted, I was going through a tough time as my family and I were moving back to the US from living abroad. Flying back and forth non-stop I became very ill. Long story short…3 months had gone by and I just could not shake the problem. So much so that I started to lose my ambition, direction, and motivation. It drove me crazy because I have always been extremely driven, and have so much to be grateful for (wonderful wife, three great kids, and a good career) but for some reason, I just never felt the same after we moved back. Physically, I had gained about 25 lbs. and mentally I was “asleep at the wheel”, just going through the motions. Then my friend Jim Bleakley introduced me to CFNE. What can I say? It was exactly what I needed. I have been inspired, motivated, humbled, and absolutely hooked from the very first day. It’s now been about 2 ½ years and each day I fall deeper and deeper in love with this place.
      I believe what makes CrossFit (especially CFNE) so special and unique is the acceptance of everyone, regardless of background or fitness level. I am literally moved by being a part of this community and its ability to transform lives. Not only physically…but socially, spiritually, and emotionally.
      Oh yeah, not to mention that this sh*t really works. I am amazed at how many people ask me the question…”Do you work out?” Then it’s on! My chance to be an evangelist for the great life experience that is CrossFit.

      • Rachel E

        So well said, Ken! Totally agree that it’s the universal and genuine acceptance that makes this place special.

  30. Nicole D

    Sugar Daddy: 8:20 (105#) slowly increasing deadlift weight with each workout

  31. Patrick

    Sugar Daddy- 7:13 Rx.

    I tell myself that I crossfit to be healthy, but I think the real reason is I finally found something where I can challenge myself athletically in a team like setting and work to improve.

  32. Tatiana

    Sugar Daddy: 9:53 @115 un broken next time run faster and pick bar fast shoulders back at all times.

  33. Great to see everyone tonight! I’ve missed you all so much. All the high fives and hugs were very much appreciated!!

    Sugar Daddy – 7:48 rx
    BtKSn 155
    5×7 Fsq 195

    I do CF bc all the hot chicks.

    Also, its a good place to test out some of my jokes – like the bee joke and Kermit joke.

  34. Kristin B.

    Sugar Daddy: 9:28 — rx weight, subbed row for run

  35. Kelly F

    Sugar Daddy: 9:09 Rx (1:19 slower, but 40# heavier than May 2014)

  36. Rachel E

    Sugar Daddy: 9:13 (:18?) (135#) DLs still a battle but happy to hang onto the bar for round 1.

    I love reading the responses to that question, Max — gets me fired up. I do CrossFit for a pretty simple reason: it makes me incredibly happy, even when it’s tough (like every day) and no matter what’s going on in my life. I get to learn new things and test my limits, mentally and physically, in new and different ways every single day, and just PLAY with the best mix of people from totally different backgrounds, and that magic combination just fills up my fuel cells, know what I mean? : ) Thanks for the coaching and community, CFNE!

  37. Sugar daddy: 9:15 (110)

  38. Sugar Daddy: 7:29 Rx.

    Why I crossfit? For multitude of reasons, but here are few:
    * Some 15 years ago I decided I don’t want to be bullied in school any more and physical transformation was part of solution
    * Around 10 years ago doctor told me I need to have surgery and forget about lifting. The journey to prove him wrong has been fun
    * Because working out is on the same token as taking shower or brushing teeth
    * Looking a year back in log book and realized I just did a WOD with my PR at a time
    * Because of discipline it brings in my life (no, I’m not going to stay up till 2am watching The Big Bang Theory reruns – I need to recover for the next day)
    * Thrill of throwing down with buddies in WOD
    * Extra horse power from Coach’s encouragement when I thought there is nothing left in the tank
    * Because if there is ever The Fittest Nerd challenge I want to finish somewhere close to the top
    * Because my English typically has nothing to do with my performance in WOD (you mean that C2B is Chest-to-Bar, not Chin-to-Bar?)
    * Because of pride I take in effort inside the Box and outside of it. Every. Single. Day.

    • Roman! I love this list! You are one of the hardest workers. I see you put in 110% everyday. Keep doing what your doing brother!

  39. Andrea F

    Sugar Daddy: 9:38 (105# and row for run)
    I started CF because I was bored of the gym, had put on a weight following my wedding and was looking for something that was different and would help me look and feel good. What has kept me at CFNE almost 1.5 years later is definitely the sense of community. Kelly and I have made some wonderful friends here that we know we’ll grow old with. I never regret coming in and working out and there’s never been a day that I’ve come to CFNE and haven’t laughed. Obviously, it’s made me stronger. Maybe not skinnier, but I’ve learned skinny isn’t important–being healthy and strong and happy is way better than being skinny and hungry :) I also love it because it’s given Kelly and me something we can do together! We love cheering each other on, talking about how we could have done better and motivating each other to push ourselves that little bit more. We’re looking forward to bringing our little girl to CFNE so she learn about being healthy, strong and happy! Thank you CFNE for all you’ve done for me and growing family :)

    • Love the Freys! Andrea you are a staple of the 7:30pm. I could not picture CFNE without you. So excited for little Maxine to come visit :-)

  40. Sugar Daddy: 7:11 Rx

  41. Kara C.

    Sugar Daddy – 8:29, 100#
    I CrossFit for many reasons – most of which have already been said. Something that really started me down this path though is that I got my husband to do it with me! I’ve been trying to get him to workout with me for a while, and he had never been that interested – probably because I love running and he hates it, and he loves lifting weights and I never had any desire. CrossFit has given us an opportunity to do something together that’s different, challenging, and is more rewarding than sitting in front of the TV every night!

    • This is awesome! Also, so psyched you’ve joined us at 7:30pm. You and Steve are wonderful additions!

  42. Georgia

    Sugar daddy 9:31 115#

  43. 11:22 (175#, row) Mixed bag: 20# heavier, 1:32 slower
    DLs: 15/9, 9/6, 9

    I started Crossfit for one reason and have kept doing it for many other reasons. Is that possible?
    Anyway, from my previous experience I knew that it would be fun to do functional movements and that’s basically it.
    Now I go to CFNE for fun, challenge, competitiveness. Plus three more major reasons:
    Community, Community, Community – Coaches&Athletes&Staff, live as well as online

  44. Why do I Crossfit?

    Its pretty simple. As a Type I diabetic, there are a handful of actions I can take to keep complications at bay, and exercise is at the top of the list. Crossfit, particularly as practiced at CFNE, is the only fitness program that has ever worked for me. The intensity and the challenge keep me coming back to Crossfit. The coaches and community keep me coming back to CFNE. The culture here is magical. I miss it when I’m away for too long.

    Sugar Daddy: 185, sub’d 20 hand release push ups for runs.

  45. Bridget

    Sugar Daddy- 10:14 @115# slow runs, but hung on for all DL sets unbroken!

    Why do I CrossFit?
    I’ll try to keep it as short as possible :)
    For as long as I could remember I was never athletically motivated, I was much happier playing the bench during my high school volleyball days (which I did most times), and even though I danced from age 5 to 18 I was always petrified to get up on stage at the end of the year to perform knowing all eyes would be on me. No thank you.
    Then college hit…I was really good at drinking beer from the keg on the weekends, and sleeping between classes instead of getting a run in.
    Things changed the summer before my senior year (about two years ago) when my mom brought me to her gym, and over the summer I lost 15 pounds. When I got back to school in the fall for senior year I kept at it, and even got a job (and free membership) at a local “globo” gym. From June 2012 to March 2013 I lost 27 pounds, and went from a size 12 pant to size 6 (whaaaat!). That was when a friend of mine started posting about crossfit (he’s a coach at a box in hingham). Suddenly I was losing sleep watching EVERY video, and was instantly hooked…and then I walked into crossfit.

    Fast forward to today, CrossFit has become more than just a way for me to get fitter/stay in shape. I am constantly excited and proud of what I am able to accomplish every single time I walk through the doors at CFNE. I feel so lucky to be apart of such a wonderful, supportive, and talented community. When people ask me what I want to do with my life, all I can say is CrossFit. So happy to call CFNE home :)

  46. Jessica

    Sugar Daddy 9:55 Rx

  47. Sugar Daddy: 9:05 (155#)1:03 off PR

  48. SD: 9:51 205#
    First of I’d like to thank Max and Geoff for bringing this up after class today it really got me thinking!
    I could say its because I want to do better in sports, and maybe that’s how it started, but if I say that NOW I’d be lying. Here’s why I do Crossfit.

    1. Community
    3.5ish years ago my dad purchased a 1-month crossfit “big dawgs” membership for me at a football auction. At that time I was chubby, un-athletic and in 6th grade. I loved “big-dawgs” and the opportunity to laugh, sweat and get fit with my new friends Maya, the foster brothers, and more. It wasn’t until after my first competition that I really understood the community behind CFNE. Afterwards I had people congratulating me that I didn’t even know, but it didn’t matter who they were to me because they supported me and were part of my new extended family. The community behind CFNE is awesome and I’ve gained so many new friends through it. Friends I know will last.

    2. Competition
    Every day either at 5:30 AM (Mayhem!) or 3:30 PM (high school!) I’m thrust into battle with the one true rival/enemy/bad guy I’ve met along with crossfit… My mind! This guy constantly kicks my butt, but it is the greatest feeling of self fulfillment when I kick his butt right back. Not through football, nor lacrosse have I ever had that competition. Never. This is one of the main reasons I come back ever day.

    3. Influences
    As a developing high-school student mind everything around me is an influence. Thank goodness crossfit is the biggest influence of them all. The gym is always full of kindhearted people who give advice or even just give an encouraging smile or high give. Also my coaches (Max, Geoff, Rachel or whomever) play an awesome role in my life and I’m confident that whenever I meet a crossroads in life I can ask “What would Max, Geoff, Rachel or whomever say or do?” or ask “What’s the healthy choice?” and pick the right path.
    Unfortunately In every town there IS under aged drinking, illegal substance abuse and just generally dumb actions that come from high-schoolers. To be honest that scares me and can be overwhelming at times. Thankfully crossfit and fitness are there for me; my little sanctuary. Without it who knows what would happen? It’s cool to have that in common with other kids and have them watching my back as I watch theirs.

    4. Crossfit is just Fun!
    I’ll keep this one short. Crossfit isn’t a job for me, it’s a passion. I love seeing new faces and greeting familiar ones every day. Crossfit is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Haha it’s twisted to think about how I love the daily struggle so much. I wouldn’t want to spend my hour every day any other way. Ha ha, maybe I’m still just a little WOD-Drunk.

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