Friday 07.04.14

Capt. Matthew "Nukes" Manoukian

Capt. Matthew “Nukes” Manoukian

Happy 4th of July!
One class at 8am

Team Nukes
Teams of 2:
8min Clock
1 mile run (switch every 400m)
Remaining time Max Burpees to Plate
10min Clock
1 mile run (switch every 400m)
Remaining time Max Ground to Overhead with Plate (45, 25#)
12min Clock
1 mile run (switch every 400m)
Remaining time Max Overhead Lunge with Plate (45, 25#)

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  1. Harry

    Happy Independance Day CFNE. Great to see the huge crew this morning. Enjoy the day!

    • Ali G

      Thanks to you and Rachel for coming in on a holiday and coaching!

  2. Sam/Michelene: 198 @ 35#/25#
    Great job, partner!
    good to be back to CFNE after a week off

  3. Andy M.

    Nukes (solo): 137 (29/40/68) subbed T2B for lunges.

    Happy 4th of July everyone!

  4. KarenH

    Thank you Harry. Happy Independence Day to you too. Thank you for your service to this country,Land of the free, home of the brave!!

  5. Jen W

    3 mile run @ mid-tempo pace. Was supposed to be 4.5, but it just wasn’t happening. At least I did something …

  6. Team Nukes: 216 Rx with Rae

    Great class this morning Harry and Rachel. Loved your enthusiasm and encouragement through that long WOD!

  7. Team Nukes: 249 Rx with Daisy. Such a fun wod with a huge group. Thanks Rachel and Harry!

  8. Braatz

    Team Nukes w/ Travaun: 267

    Travaun Rx / Braatz: 1-arm 25# DB for G2OH

    10×3 front squat: 155

    5×3 push press: 115/135/145/155/160 (PR – previous 1RM 155#)

  9. Big Bri

    Modified Team Nukes. Teamed up with Andy M on the runs – thanks!

    GHDSU = 45
    One arm snatch 15# = 80
    Walking lunge w/vest = 123

    Thanks Coach Rachel for the modification!

  10. Ken k

    Regents Park London:
    100 push-ups
    100 sit-ups
    100 air squats
    2 mile walk/ run

    10 sets:
    20 lunges
    10 air squats
    10 push-ups
    2 mile walk

  11. Big Mike

    Team Nukes: tomorrow with Matt

    10×3 Front Squat 4@135/6@155
    5×3 Push Press: 115, 125, 135, 145, 155

    Tomorrow’s Comp WOD modified. (14:15)
    Goblet Squat Thrusters 27#
    Power Snatches 95#

    The Historic District Commission is just going to have to learn to deal with the fact that I’m painting a big red target at 10′ on my garage and buying a wall ball. I’m sure there was a whaling captain on this island 100 years ago that threw a stuffed whale bladder to a target on the side of house.

  12. Georgia

    154 w/ Martha

  13. Bridget

    Had a blast getting through this WOD with Liz M.! Gotta know running is not my thing, so I used everything I had to drive to CFNE this morning knowing it would be good for me.

    “Team Nukes”- 170 reps on the nose!

  14. Big Mike

    Nukes: 284 Rx with Wendy


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