Monday 6.30.14

Bridget PR'd her clean and jerk this weekend!

Bridget PR’d her clean and jerk this weekend! 7:30pm represent!

Ultimate Warrior
Thrusters (135, 95#)
Bar Muscle-ups

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The Supah Dupah Tall Crew!

The Supah Dupah Tall Crew!


  1. Congrats Bridget!

  2. Braatz

    Ultimate Warrior: 10:56 (115, 30-20-10 GHDs)

    5×7 front squat (across): 135#

  3. Ultimate Warrior: 10:23 (thrusters and SQ&J 95#, CB)

  4. Stephanie

    UW: 12:09 (35#, black band pull ups)
    Thanks for the help, 6:30 class!

  5. Alison

    Ultimate Warrior – 7:58, 95# FS, KPU

  6. Big Mike

    Ultimate Warrior: 12:47 (115# & 12/9/6 C2B)

    Ooof. When the WOD scales to its easiest level and you land at Fran, you know you are in trouble.

    Probably the most C2B’s in a workout for me.

  7. Tricia D

    Ultimate Warrior: 9:17 (55, pull ups) should have gone for 65.

  8. Yay Bridget!

  9. Michelle P.

    Way to go Bridget! Your hard work is really paying off!

  10. Craig B

    Ultimate Warrior: 14:11 rx

  11. Rachel E

    Congrats, Bridget! Looking strong!

    Ultimate Warrior: 8:35 (65#, 28-22-16 GHD sit ups — just added 7 reps to each). Creepin’ back to overhead stuff and it feels good!

  12. Kaitlyn

    Great job Bridget!!

    Ultimate Warrior – 13:12 (28-20-12 C2B)

  13. Colleen (OC)

    Ultimate Warrior: 8:04, but basically I did Fran (50# thrusters and regular pull ups since I’ve been out for 10 days on vacation)… but that isn’t anywhere close to my best Fran time. Still, I should have gone heavier or done c2bs or something!

    I blame Heather V for leaving me.

  14. laura c

    UW: 9:40 65# and CTB (1:18 min PR)

    I was not happy with one CTB so went back and did it again so you can give me 9:42 if you want:)!

    I was nervous for some reason to do 65# and then PR’ed….your brain is sometimes the weakest muscle for sure!!!

  15. Eugene

    Ultimate Warrior – 13:03 (135# / C2B) first PR in months
    5×7 Front Squats – 175#

  16. Krystle

    Fran: 6:54 RX (1:06 PR) Pretty disappointed that I only took a minute off and couldn’t butterfly last time I did this one.

  17. Cotter

    “Ultimate Warrior”: 9:36 (115#, C2B)

  18. michelle

    Mod Ultimate Warrior: 11:5x?
    21-15-9-5-4-3-2-1 seated strict press w/ 20# dbs/ ctbs

    Shout out to the CFNE coaches and community for being so welcoming to my brother while he visited. He had a blast w/ you all. thank you.

  19. Ultimate Warrior – 10:20 (45#, C2B). Could of, should of…next time more weight.

    Fun lifting with Susan W after class. Come back to the 8:30 Susan!

  20. Sarah W

    WOD at CFNE (Country Field North of E’erybody):
    5 rounds for time of the following:
    10 wallballs at 14#
    20 ab mat sit ups
    20 kb swings at 35#
    20 box jumps at about 20″
    20 push ups
    75 meter sprint


    • Big Mike

      Thanks for saying goodbye….just like Vitti….have a nice summer. And about 20″ is pretty lame excuse. Buy a tape measure.

  21. Nothing like a Monday character building day. Ultimate Warrior had to stop mid 15 bar muscles due to hand rips. Next time different story

  22. Melinda

    UW: 10:55 (85#, C2B)

  23. Not really the Ultimate Warrior: 13:23 (w/9, 6, 3 MUs)

    Watching Jared grind this out Rx made me feel like I took a rest day. Nice job Jared!

    Morning work –

    Mini boat race: 3 rounds 250m row & 200m run

    5×7 BSQ lite

  24. Jonathan

    UW: 12:43 (95# & 9-7-5 ring MU’s)
    Agree with JC…nice work Jared!!!

  25. Sarah S

    Ultimate Warrior: 9:22 with 55# and KPU. Tried to do some CTB but then kept failing, so switched to pull ups.

    Huge props to Jared S. Way to dig down, go Rx, and PR!

    • Michelene

      Great to see your name back up on the blog after your very short hiatus! Great job!!

  26. Bill s

    155# back squats
    Ring muscle ups
    Great Web site!

  27. Jared S.

    UW: 21:14 rx 1:25 pr was hoping to drop my time much lower but like Mick said, kind of a gut check day today. Thanks to everyone at the noon class for the extra push.
    Front squat 5×5:
    205×3 225 x2
    Bench with Cam and Trosen the transformer.

  28. Ultimate warrior: 8:17 (50#, C2B). 1:47 Pr and last time I did pull-ups.

  29. programmed this at my gym today.
    work to heavy 3 rep press then ultimate warrior

    190lb, 9:42rx
    that was so bad!! thanks for the great WOD!

  30. Ultimate Warrior: 16:50 Rx (first time and couldn’t be more psyched!)

    1RM power snatch: 185# (10# PR and infinite PR in terms of form)

    5×7 front squat: 135#-205#

    Hips are fried.

  31. Slow Fran: (that’s an oxymoron) 9:21rx, way off PR

    Lately it feels like just getting to cfne is a victory. Went into today just looking to get in a good workout. This funk will pass soon right?

  32. Nicole D

    Ultimate Warrior: 9:10 mods galore for shoulder

    21-15-9 front squats (95#)
    30-20-10 GHDSU

  33. Andrea F

    Ultimate Warrior: 13:27 (45# and green banded PU)
    This was 1:01 slower and 5# lighter than last year but I still consider this a win because:
    1. I ate ice cream TWICE today and still came in
    2. It was 9 million degrees in the box
    3. I did red and green banded last year and only did green band
    4. I’m 5 months more pregnant than I was last time I did this

    All in all…a great 7:30pm with the best of the best :)

  34. Bridget

    Thanks for all the love ya’ll!! Was pretty amped about that PR on Saturday :)

    My scaled version of Ultimate Warrior landed me at Fran…upside, first time ever doing Fran RX!
    Fran- 14:01rx

  35. Gradon

    Ultimate Warrior: 10:10 95# & KPU

  36. Georgia

    Ultimate Warrior: 12:44 55#

  37. 11:18 (75#, PU)

    and had to redo the very last PU 3 times :-(

  38. Tatiana

    Ultimate warrior: 8:38 55 lbs Pull ups did first 15 unbroken next time 5 more lbs

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