Tuesday 06.24.14



Bergeron Beep Test
OTM for as long as possible…
7 Thrusters (75, 55#)
7 Pull-ups
7 Burpees

Post Scores to Comments.




  1. Braatz

    Early Bird Special: 10 x 100M sprints (rest = walk back to starting line)

    Hotel/beach WOD in Naples, FL.

  2. BBT: 4 rounds Rx (then, rest 1 minute, round of 6 reps, rest 1 minute, 3 rounds of 5 reps)…mentally soft today. Onward and upward. Always fun with the Mayhem.

    10×2 strict press: 95-145

    Had to rush home so that I could have a carpet runner installed on my stairs because my dog is getting too old to navigate bare wood (i.e., I believe I’ve reached full domesticated status).

  3. Andy M

    Bergeron Bleep Test: 2 rounds Rx, missed 3rd by 3 reps. Would like to get at that one again.

  4. Big Mike

    BBT: Beep you Ben…next time just take out the scissors and cut my beeps off.
    1&20…the 10 steps to the pull up bar were the difference on that last burpee, and the fact that I’m just an old fart.
    Rounds 4&5: 6 reps
    Rounds 7&8: 5 reps
    Round 10: 7 reps

    Definitely one that I have to be warmed up for….0 to 60

  5. Fake Doug Bell

    Beep Test – 4+25 Rx
    Told my inner self to hit the road and felt great pacing the first round. No Doug Bell Award for me today! Finished the round of 3 and barely made it through 4. Ben was right next to me, so I decided to take a short rest and then bang through round 5. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have paused on the 4th thruster, and yes, I took a break before starting the burpees. But I was feeling good! That is until Ben told me to finish round 5 and I just quit. If Ho had been there, no way I pack it in. At least I almost got round 5!

    Beep test, next time you’re mine.

  6. BBT: 2 rounds Rx. Then rest, a round of 6, rest, a round + of 5, and finished with 4s. Oof!

    I left a pair of black and white Under Armour gloves somewhere. Probably back by the boxes. If anyone sees them, please put them aside for me. Thanks.

  7. Me and the boys this morning.
    BBT: 2 rounds at 6, 2 rounds at 5, 2 rounds at 4.
    one minute of rest between 5 and 4 .

    This was a bit of a crazy morning for me. Should have made sure I was in the first group as this is exam week at school and I need to get there early. Yes, we’re still in session (grumble). Thus, I went in to this thinking I’d do a 5 in 5 but when the countdown happened I couldn’t help myself and did 6’s to start. Dropped to 5 in the 3rd minute and then it kept going downhill. Then I got to use my “must get to work” excuse and bailed at 6:33ish (7 minute mark?)

  8. Bergeron Beep test: 9+13 @ 55# with 5 reps of each movement
    I stopped prematurely as I forgot that it was about reps for that last round—thanks to Rachel who kicked my ass back up off the floor and I was back on the bar to see what I could get for reps in that remaining round. thanks, Rachel!

  9. Craig B

    BBT: 10+18 rx

  10. BBT 5-5-5 rep scheme: 10+13 w/ 55# bar

  11. Laura c

    BBT: 8+ 14 (5’s) 55#


  12. Greg D

    Bergeron Beep Test: 4 Rx

    1: 7,7,7
    2: 7,7,7
    3: 7,7,7
    4: 7,7,7
    5: 0
    6: 6,6
    7: 0
    8: 5,5,5
    9: 5,5
    10: 0

    • Greg D

      The first four rounds really blew me up and I struggled to recover and get back into the WOD. I could have used a little more mental toughness to pick that bar back up in the round of five. Overall I got more rounds then I expected.

  13. Krystle

    BBT: 10+14 (5s, 45#)

  14. Tricia D

    Bergeron Beep Test: 10 rounds (55#) 5/3/5 rd 1, 4/3/4 rds 2-3, 3/3/3 rd 4-10. Should have kept going, but I couldn’t talk myself into it (easier said now than done then).

    Prob also should have done less than 55#, but I put that on by mistake and I’m not sure that is what was slowing me down. In any case, fun class nooners and a good workout!!!

  15. Bergeron Beep Test: 10+14 (5’s, 45#)

  16. Eugene

    Beep Test – 4 Rx (then, rest 1 minute, round of 6 reps, rest 1 minute, 3 rounds of 5 reps)

  17. Patrick

    Beep test – 5 Rx.

  18. Susan Stein

    Beep test: 9 + 17 (6 reps each of: 55# front squats, ring rows, in & out burpees)

    Just realized Rachel said to drop the weight and reps after doing the test round. Totally messed up my math and kept the same weight thinking I had dropped to 45 from 55. Oops!

  19. Beep: 10 rounds (5 across)

    Took Ben’s suggestion and just picked a number and tried to hold it.

    Morning work:

    Strict Press: 10 x 2 OTM (115 up to 140)

    5 x 200m run + 20 DU’s

  20. Big Bri

    1 mile sled drag 135#

  21. BBT: 45#
    4 rounds of 5
    Rest 1 round
    5 rounds of 4

    That was just a culmination of everything I’m bad at. Gotta figure out how to not be so uncomfortable being uncomfortable

  22. Nicole D

    Bergeron Beep Test: 5 rounds of 5’s, 4 rounds of 4’s (ring rows for pull ups)

  23. Kristin B.

    Bergeron Beep Test: Mostly 5s, one round off around 6 or 7, and a few rounds with 4 burpees. Yikes.

  24. Maureen B.

    2 rounds of 5’s 7 rounds of 4’s (45#)

  25. Beep Test : 9 Rx nasty
    20m Yoke Carry: 435
    10×2 Press OTM 135
    7×6 Strict CTB OTM – shoulder didn’t like kipping
    100-200-300m sprint progressions (x3): :21, :42, 1:09, :19, :40, 1:05, :18, :38, 1:02
    got faster each rnd

  26. 10 rnds 65# in 12 minutes:
    4 rnds 5/3/5, rest, 4 rnds 4/3/5, rest, 2 rnds 4/3/5

    Many great things happened tonight:
    – First ever 7:30pm shirtless Tuesday! (*)
    – New 7:30pm SuperStar was born – Liz – with 18 rnds!
    – Phenomenal effort by 7:30pm Maternity Ward!
    – Nick & Les doing burpees AFTER WOD! Guess they either didn’t have enough of them in WOD or just tried to discover a perfect burpee form :-)

    (*) Mayhemers should take note for picking a day for a 7:30pm cameo :-)

  27. BBT: 5 + 10 (45#, 5 reps/round), 2 rounds at 4 reps.

  28. Wendy P

    BBT: 35#, jumping pull ups-13+14. Rounds 1-11 – 4’s, rounds 12-13 – 5’s… Should have started at 5’s

  29. Andrea F

    BBT: went until 12 minutes with 2 minutes on and 1 minute for rest. 40#, jump in pull-ups and mountain climbers for burpees. Maternity Ward representing :)

  30. Erkin – best post ever. Thank you! I nominate you as the captain of the 7:30 pm crew. I think we just need to make sure we call Shirtless Tuesday by its proper name – “Tummy Tuesday.” Great job by the Maternity Ward. You guys are truly amazing. Pretty sure that this time last year when I was 5 months pregnant I was sitting home watching the Bachelorette and not even remotely capable of doing what you are all doing now.

    Great workout last night, although I would argue that my decision to scale to 5 reps initially was a bad idea as it ultimately culminated in me doing about 56 more burpees than I had planned on…


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