Thursday 06.19.14

Dunk Your Kicks at CFNE!

Dunk Your Kicks at CFNE!

4 rounds of:
400m Run
4 Muscle Ups
40 Double Unders

Post Scores to Comments.
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Kristen with a 275# back squat! Holy Squat Batman!

Kristen with a 275# back squat! Holy Squat Batman!


  1. laura c

    Bring in your sneakers..the stinkier the better! Yes, stinky sneakers to support Pediatric cancer research!

    We are collecting throughout the week. We have over 2 boxes – Lets show the world how philanthropic CFNE is!

    3….2…1. clean out your closets!

  2. Krystle

    Kristen brought down the house and squatted more than myself AND all the guys in the noon class… Combined!

  3. Braatz

    Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give a Damn: 13:11

    Hotel WOD in Atlanta – 4RFT of 400M run, 20 DB thrusters (35#)

  4. Andy M

    Schlitz: 16:21 Rx (0:40 sec off PR, run was slow as s**t)

    Harry and Meg, thanks for the coaching on the MU’s.

  5. Schlitz: 14:59 Rx (4:41 PR from 11.18.13)

    Happy with the progress but still struggling with multiple sets of muscle ups. And the fight continues…

    7×5 front squat: 185#

    3×20 close grip bench: 85, 105, 95…spicy. Quite humbling benching experience.

  6. Tricia D

    Schlitz: dnf – had 6 push ups and 10 du att left at 20.
    (12 pu/12 push up, 10 du – some attempts)

    Felt like a slug today and the du were just terrible getting off of the rig, but it was def a good workout. Thank you, Rae, for lending me your gloves!!!! No tears, buying those :).

    • Tricia D

      Also thx meg for your help on push up and du form. Always appreciated!!

  7. Colleen (OC)

    Schlitz: 21:57, blah.

    My legs were super tired this morning from yesterdays back squats, but no excuses. I was about 3 minutes off my best time (January 2012) but last time I did 4 MU transitions and 80 singles, and this time I did 12 pull ups/12 tiny red banded dips and 20 DUs. Except on the 8th dip in the 3rd round, I just couldn’t get it, so I switched to push ups. What a mess! Good thing I’m going on vacation tomorrow… peace out Mayhem.

  8. Heather V

    Schlitz: 22:17
    12/12 C2B/Dips and 400 meter rows on last 2 rds, knee wasn’t liking that 2nd 400 run, so I switched to rowing.

  9. Schlitz: 18:39 (12 pull ups, 12 push ups)

  10. Schlitz: 18:40 (12 pull ups red band, 12 push ups)

  11. Schlitz Light w/ the 530amers 14:29 ( 5 P.hspu). The 530crew are warriors, getting up early and increasing fitness love it! Great class!

  12. Big Mike

    Schlitz: 20:52 SSO (scaled the shit out of it)
    12 PU’s/12 asstRD’s/20 DU’s

    Kept waiting for the Schlitz Malt Liquor Goat to come charging out of the woods and knock me on my ass.

    And for those too young (or not born yet) to remember:

    I had the SMLB beach mat…collectors item

  13. Big Bri

    400M run
    15 KBS single arm 26#
    40 single unders
    4 RFT

    • Laura C

      Watching you was highly impressive. No excuses! You are a prime example of that!

  14. Laura C

    Schlitz: 18’ish. I finished in the 17’s but went back to do an additional MU I did not make the turn over in rd 1

    I did 2 banded MU / round. First time in a wod!

    20 DU/rd. Gotta lose the single.

  15. Craig B

    Schlitz: 10:49 rx

  16. 16:38 with 6 chest to bars each round and 30 double unders. First WOD stringing several double unders in a row. Feels good to say good-bye to the double-single-double routine.

    cash out: practiced more double unders OTM for aout 5-7 minutes
    Practiced muscle ups with red, then green band. So close……but, not really

  17. Schlitz: 23:xx, 8 MU transitions, 30 DUs. Running feeling better, DUs not so much although I did stick to my no more singles pledge.

    After class, first (two) muscle ups with green band! Have a feeling there’s a long way from the green band to unassisted.

  18. Schlitz: 20:14 subbed 5 pullups & 10 pushups for MU’s, but did Rx pullups (no band) which is a step for me. Got the DU’s done RX. Took forever but was determined not to sub 2x singles or let attempts count.

    7×5 front squat: 95-95-95-115-120
    3×20 close grip bench: 65-85-65

    4×5 Rx pullups was a June goal – accomplished!

  19. Susan Stein

    Schlitz: 17:05 (12 GHD sit ups and 20 double under attempts)
    And I was on time for my daughter’s preschool graduation, thanks Kev for not running over.

  20. Krystle

    Schlitz: 23:14? (250m row, banded MU)

    Lost my DU by the last round. Thanks to the entire noon class for helping me finish!

  21. Schlitz: 14:14 Rx never had MU’s or DU’s in the past so this is my first time. Loved it.

    Bench – 5×10 at 185#
    FSQ – 7×5 at 175#
    Pull ups – 5×10 strict

  22. Jonathan

    Schlitz: 16:45 Rx. DU’s need work!
    3×20 Close grip bench: 115/105/105 (only 15)

  23. Katrina

    schlitz 20:07RX

  24. 22:29. (12 banded pull ips 12 knee push ups per rds). Last time it took me 24:49 with a 2″ band. So about 2 mins or so PR.

  25. Chad M

    Schlitz. 15.38Rx.

  26. Nicole D

    Schlitz: 13:09 (sub 8 box jumps @24 for MU)

    Thanks for all the mods this week, Max!

  27. Schlitz: 15:12 (banded MU)

  28. Schlitz: 14:31 (400 row, 100 singles)

    • Thanks Max for helping me get to extension on the bottom of the MU’s. More work to be done, but felt good to get it right.

  29. Patrick

    Schlitz – 12:49rx. 4+ min pr, du’s need work.

  30. Schlitz: 12:28 Rx (2:32 PR)

    Morning Work
    7×5 Front Squat: 205#
    5×10 Bench: 185#

  31. Schlitz- 15:43 (8pullups, 8 pushups)

  32. @ 20:00 cap 3 rnds + 115m (each round: 400m row, 8pullups, 8pushups, 20DUs)

    Several questionable pullups, BUT also 2-3 almost C2Bs, I swear!

    Nice atmosphere tonight! Everybody was busy, attacking muscle-ups & pullups and connecting double-unders! BTW, about the latter – what’s the secret? Alas I still don’t get it :-(

    PS: Always good to know when some of the coaches do their laundry (today) or pick their moms up at airport (I believe last December) :-)

  33. 15:40 with MU progressions

  34. Nick C.

    Schlitz – 20:13 w/MU attempts

    Running is still a super weakness for me, but on the bright side, I got 5 MUs tonight (first in almost 2 years) and got 2 sets of the DUs unbroken. Counting it as a W.

    Thanks for the pushy, Maxy Baby, and the whole 7:30! Nice work, y’all.

  35. Fun times with the 7:30, as always!

    16:19. Subbed 5 red band pull=ups with 8 push ups for the MU.

  36. Shawn Montgomery

    12:20 RX, I really enjoyed that one!


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