Thursday 06.12.14



Escape from Wonderland
3 rounds of:
75 Double Unders
50 Air Squats
25 Calorie Row

Post Scores to Comments.
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  1. Cotter

    Escape: 16:44 (50 DUs/attempts)

  2. Andy M

    EFW: 14:27 Rx

  3. Andy L

    EFW: 15:12 Rx (:25s PR)

  4. Braatz

    Escape from Wonderland: 13:28 Rx (PR)

    5 x 3 hang squat clean (95/115/135/155/155)

    • Andy M

      Good thing you got those du’s back just before the WOD, nice work!

  5. EFW: 12:55 Rx…humbling non-PR

    7 rds 5 front squat @155 and 6-10 strict ttb.

    Worked up to a heavy 3-rep hang squat clean.

  6. Escape From Wonderland 19:33
    DU attempts. Technique improvement and change up today. Got the legs straight and a higher jump with no donkey kick.

  7. Sarah W

    Escape from MetroWest: 13:01 Rx. Missed my “on the 2 minute mark” start, rowing form fell apart one third pull, lost my keys and subsequently failed to zip my fly (apologies to anyone impacted negatively). I did get a 5:22 PR from January, so that was good.

  8. Rachel E

    Escape from Wonderland: 14:35 Rx (3:21 PR from January)

    Could pick up some time with smoother DUs and a bigger push on the row BEFORE 15 cals into round 3 — next time!!

  9. Greg D

    Escape from Wonderland: 13:41 (:01 second slower than last time)

  10. EfW: 15:04 Rx (2:52 PR from January)

    Everyone was moving so fast today! Good job, all!

  11. Michelene

    EFW: 19:24 Rx – on the positive side I don’t often get to put “Rx” on my posts, but on the down side my DUs took forever. I think I was dead last. No where to go but up today!!

  12. Big Mike

    Escape from Wonderland: 18:19, I think (35 DU’s/round)

    Struggled with squats today because my quads were so swolled I could not get past parallel.

    First round of DU’s took over 3 minutes-which sent my mind down the rabbit hole to Wonderland where I lived in a world where I had DU’s
    * I was never late for work practicing DU’s
    * Welts on my shins and wrist (how do I whip myself on my wrist) were gone
    * I didn’t revert back to fourth grade Mike where I had to get picked up by the mail man because I was last, crying and could not finish a 3 mile road race (we ran miles back then not K’s). I laid down in the back and made him find my mom because I was too embarrassed.
    * I wouldn’t have to row 2000 calories/min in the last leg of the row
    * I could actually start to work on the other 100 goats

  13. Can I still sign up for the Team Throwdown?
    Not sure if anyone wants to team up with me :-)

    • Hi Sonia. Harry said at the Mayhem this morning that by all means they still want people to sign up. Hit him up at and I’m sure he’ll squeeze you in. And if you’re looking to have fun, there will be a line out the door to team up with you, because that’s what this is about! See you Saturday.

  14. Escape from Wonderland: 15:24 Rx (6:19 PR)

  15. Escape from Wonderland: 15:39 Rx

  16. Todd B

    Escape from Wonderland: 19:21 Rx
    Last round of double unders were a hot mess.

  17. Escape from Wonderland 14:42 did elsewhere.
    splits 4:22/5:00/5:22

  18. Michelle

    Escape from wonderland: 14:46 rx pr Jan was 17:07
    Otm 14
    Odd: 5 fs @ 125#
    Even: 10 strict ttb

    Team Max, Kristin B, & Michelle is ready. Bringing it.

  19. Ashley R

    15:54 RX

    So bummed I can’t be at the throw down but I have to play hostess for a going away party Sat. night. Team throw downs are always so fun!!!

  20. Escape from Wonderland: 18:53 Rx

  21. Wendy P

    Escape from Wonderland… 19:?? 30 Du attempts… Felt totally defeated today- need to pick myself up and show up tomorrow.

  22. Stephan

    EFW w/ 2X SU 16:27, 6:46 PR from Jan

  23. EFW: 17:04 Rx

  24. Alison

    Escape from Wonderland – 18:46, I think. Time on board is correct. Scaled DUs to 150 singles in first round then 35 attempts in last two rounds. I was super sore going into this so air squat depth wasn’t there in round 1 but got better in the last 2 rounds. Glad I came in today, I’m a lot less sore. And despite the disaster of DU, I got fitter today.

  25. Susan Stein

    Escape…: 20:25 (40 DU attempts) The attempts took forever! But at least I did manage to get some double unders which is more than I usually do.

  26. Escape from Wonderland: 9:10 (40 DUs/round) – Last time was 12:46 Rx, so I think I was much faster this time.

    Odd: 5 FS @ 145#
    Even: 10 Strict TTB

  27. Krystle

    EFW: 20:?? 2:00 min pr.

  28. Escape from Wonderland: 13:13 (125 singles)

    EMOM 14:
    FS 1-5 #135 6-7 #155
    TTB 10

  29. 13:50

  30. Nicole D

    Escape from Wonderland: 16:22 Rx

    Obvious room for improvement in air squat speed. Legs are toast from this week.

  31. Kristin B.

    Escape: 17:10. Had nothing today — quads felt like lead.

  32. EfW: 19:35 Rx. Big sets of DUs for the first two rounds and felt good on the squats and row all the way through. However, I’m pretty sure the last round of DUs took longer than the whole rest of the workout.

    On the very positive side, I love being reunited with the 8:30…it felt so good.

  33. Escape: 14:49 Rx. The double unders were there for two sets, then left the building on the third. Nice to moonlight with the 6:30 pm crew tonight, although I am a 7:30 girl at heart.

    • Great to see you in the 6:30pm tonight! We know you’re a 7:30pmer ;-)

  34. EFW: 12:58 Rx. (:47 pr)

    Odd: 5 FS @ 135#
    Even: 5 Strict TTB

  35. katrina

    13:45rx PR (3:32 from January)

  36. Escape: 11:25 Rx DU went to pot rnd 3

    wait 10 then

    Ben’s “Purgatory” – 16 minutes of 90′ sled drag with the gang, got 1400 meters

    wait 10 then

    Geoff’s “Headache” – OTM for 10, odd 15 GHD with 10# ball, even 15 Back Extension with 25# plate

    then fell asleep in car for a hour.

  37. 20:23 (35 DUs/round)

    Cheryl, appreciate the push at the end of 3rd rowing helping to bump my cal/hr count by ~350 at last 5 cals!

  38. Molly C

    Escape: 22:10 (I think… It’s been a long day), Rx though! Need to work on DUs. Not sure I will be able to walk tomorrow.

  39. Nick C.

    Escape from Wonderland – 18:48 Rx

    Slowwwww squats

  40. rick-v

    EFW 15:00 Rx except did 75 singles. squat form needs work – knees over toes.


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