Monday 06.09.14



Ham Sandwich
50 Wall Balls (20, 14#)
25 Deadlifts (225, 155#)
50 Wall Balls (20, 14#)
*EMOM 5 Burpees*

Post Scores to Comments.



Jeremy Gransky!

Jeremy Gransky!

1. How did you get started at CrossFit New England?
I was actually the last holdout in our family.  Coach Max used to be our son’s pre-k teacher (in his previous life) and started bringing him to crossfit after school (clearly they both had too much energy).  Our daughter then started to go to CrossFit Kids on weekends and soon after my husband John followed (and soon began cultivating his harem in the 9:30 class).   I could really only listen to all that CrossFit talk at the dinner table for so long before I gave in :)
2. What is your athletic background?
I always enjoyed being active outdoors (skiing, rockclimbing, caving and going to the gym) but didn’t really start to push myself a bit farther until a few years ago.  For the last 4 years I have been doing flying trapeze intensively and 2 years ago started CrossFit.  I found that not only did CrossFit increase my strength but it also improved my speed and reaction time up on the trapeze.
3. What is your favorite movement?
I’d say its the weighted pullup.  I often struggle with the weighted exercises and may never be able to lift the RX weights for many of the movements.  But stick me up on the rig and strap a ship’s anchor to my waist and I’m good to go.  I credit my trapeze background and hereditary lack of a butt to pull me down.
4. What is your favorite WOD?
Definately Annie.  I struggled to get double unders for a year and a half but loved doing that wod even with singles.  I’ve done that WOD several times and have learned some important lessons.  Most of them have to do with startegies to avoid the horrific ass raspberries I got from all the sit-ups the first couple of times.
5. What is your favorite paleo snack?
I guess just straight-up raw veggies.  But to be honest, the only thing I want to do after the 7:30PM class is to collapse on the couch with a giant tub of peanut butter pretzels.  Hot Tip- Staples sells them in vats four times the size available at the grocery store… but you didn’t hear it from me.
6. If you had to pick a super power what would it be? What would your superhero name be?
Flight, for sure.  I think i’m happiest while airborne.  There is nothing like the rush I get from flipping off of a trapeze, skydiving, or that awesome moment just before contact after a poorly executed box jump.  And you can call me “Jairborne”.
7. If you were a household item what would you be and why?
A salad spinner.  It always looks like it is having so much fun, and people love using it.  And in the end, it always serves up healthy stuff for the family.
8. If you could have lunch with one member of the Beatles who would it be and why?
Gosh which one to choose…  Should I pick Harry (the charming one), Liam (the sensible one), Louis (the funny one), Niall (the cute one), or Zayn (the quiet one)?  I guess i’ll go with Zayn so we can just get down to the business of eating.  Wait a second, I’ve got the right British boy band, right
9. What is the strangest reason you’ve gone to someones house to help their pet?
Well, there was the woman who got her dog’s foot caught in the sink drain while trying to give him a bath and couldn’t free the poor guy.  Or the woman who didn’t realize she wasn’t wearing pants when I arrived to see her cat.  But that’s another story altogether.
10. Is it true that 7:30pm is the best class? Also I’ve heard the coach is amazing. Is that true?
You better believe it!  We have an awesome group of super nice, supportive people who really give it all they have left at the end of a long day.  We also have some truly inspirational pregnant folks (pretty sure you know who you are).  And it’s true, coach Max is pretty amazing (at least his farmer’s tan is).  But seriously, he is a great coach technically and keeps us laughing throughout the evening.  But I do kind of feel sorry for him sometimes because he doesn’t seem to have enough CrossFit T-shirts or sneakers.


  1. laura c

    Congrats Jeremy!

    If I keep Kosher can I do a turkey sandwich WOD and swap out the WB?? Hmmmm See, I become religious when necessary!

  2. Yay Jeremy! A well-deserved honor! Congrats

  3. Jenny "jfo"

    Congrats Jeremy! You’ve earned it! The Maternity Ward loves you!!

  4. YESSS–congrats Jeremy! Loved the write up and responses

  5. Andrea F

    You’re the best Jeremy!!! Congrats on a well deserved award :) The Maternity Ward and the Freys are your biggest fans :)

  6. Wendy P

    Congratulations Jeremy….great interview!

  7. Way to go, Jeremy! You will forever be my burpee ninja hero. Love the maternity ward. Just hoping it is not contagious. Pretty sure baby #3 would put the Bride family over the edge! Congrats Jeremy!

  8. Kelly F

    Congrats Jeremy – way to represent the 7:30 PM!

  9. nancy funk

    yay Jeremy! flying trapeze? seriously? congrats!!!,

  10. Bridget

    Yeah Jeremy! How did I not know you were a flying trapeze master?! Amazing. You’re the coolest :)

  11. Andy M

    Ham Sandwich: 10:46 (16#,155#)

  12. Colleen (OC)

    Ham Sandwich: 13:49, 105# & 10# wall ball. After almost two weeks off due to traveling and various ailments, this was pretty brutal.

  13. Ya Jeremy! representing the 730 peeps! Woot Woot.

    Ham Sandwich: 9:33. blown up coming off the deads.

  14. Ham Sandwich: 6:37 Rx

    5×2 squat snatch: 85, 105, 125, 135, 125

    Power clean + hang squat clean + jerk: worked up to 225

    3×3 front squat: 255 across

    3×5 strict press: 130, 140, 145 (8 reps)

  15. Tricia D

    Ham Sandwich: 13:41 (10 wb, 95#). About 5-10 WB’s didn’t reach the blue or were air balls.

    Congratulations Jeremy !!!

  16. Liz m

    Ham sandwich- DNF (5 web shy of finishing Rx at the 15 min time cap). I want a do over! :)

  17. Sarah W

    Ham Sandwich (aka You Suck; Do More Burpees)
    I had calculated this out as a 25 minute WOD. Upon learning there was a 15 minute cap, I reconfigured strategy and scaled the stink out of it. 13:43 155#, 10#.
    Did noticeHo and Big Mike drinking lattes and reading the sports page across from me. Well done, guys.

  18. Braatz

    Ham Sandwich: 9:47 (185#)

    Stimulus received. Actually, still receiving it 3 hours later.

    • Colleen (OC)

      Braatz, I don’t remember ever seeing you laying on the floor for that long!!!

  19. Big Mike

    Ham Sandwich: 7:55 Rx
    I think this one might leave a mark. Hung with Ho for minute one but his 10+ DL reps in minute 2 meant I had at least one more set of burpees in store for me. I was plenty motivated to finish before the top of minute 8 and did the fastest 15 WB’s ever.

    • I could feel you breathing on me during my dead lifts. Just gently on my neck. It was nice.

  20. Kaitlyn

    Ham Sandwich – 10:54 (165#)

  21. Derek


    Welcome to the 6:30, Julia A. Nice job!

    • Big Mike

      …….and he’s back on his own planet.

    • Joe-El would be proud of you also shout out to Geoff l with a similar kryptonian time

  22. Laura c

    Ham sandwich: 10:58. 105# 10# to 9/10 ft

    Just not so fun!

    BRING YOUR OLD SNEAKERS IN! Kids, adults, elderly no judgement on styles! Let’s donate to pediatric cancer!! JC is in the lead so far!

  23. Ham Sandwitch: 12:57 with 16# WB and 155# DL

  24. Ashley R

    Ham Sandwich..10:52 I think. 14# WB and 105# Deadlift.

  25. JohnG2

    Ham Sandwich – 11:49 (16#, 155#) So happy this didn’t turn into an infinite workout.

    Congratulations Jeremy!

  26. JohnG2

    Here’s a video of Jeremy in action on the trapeze:

  27. Sarah S

    Ham Sandwich: 12:00 (60#, 8#WB) I literally almost cried and gave up when I realized it was 50, not 25 WB on round 2. Fun at 6:30!

  28. Big Bri

    25 Cal Airdyne
    50 Walking lunge
    25 Cal Airdyne
    *EMOM 10 air squats*

  29. michelle

    Ham Sandwich: 12:57 or 11:57? its on board (14# wb/ 165#dl)
    FS: 3 x 3: 145# across
    Row/CJ wod w/ Rachel- horrible during/ felt great when finished- tks, coach!

  30. Erkin

    Congrats to our own 7:30pm flying Jeremy!

    Flying on trapeze and in all WODs!

  31. Heather Bergeron

    Ham Sandwich: 19:00 (had to scale back to 3 burpees somewhere around 10 minutes)

    TRAUMATIZING workout for me. But, psyched to be able to get after it with the 8:30 class :)

  32. Todd B

    Ham Sammy: 13:47 (202# dead lifts)

  33. Ham sandwich: 13 something. (105#). Thanks Rachel for talking me through the last few minutes of that workout.

  34. Ken K

    Hambone sandwich:
    Modified for LA gym
    50 35# DB thrusters
    25 185# DL
    50 35# DB thrusters

    5×5 strict press95-145

  35. Melinda

    HS: 7:48 (14# wb/ 165#dl)

    Congrats Jeremy, love that you do the flying trapeze!

  36. Eugene

    HS – 9:59 (16# wall ball, 225#)
    Ran out of 20# wall balls and almost ran out of 45# plates in the 5:30 am…

  37. Ham Sandwich: 9:53 (105#, 12#wb)

  38. Ham Sandwich 9:58 Rx including redoing a few low shots.
    SS 5×2 @ 85#
    PC + HSC + Jerk 135#
    FS 3×3 @ 135, 155, 155#

    Jeremy, nice profile! Cogratulations!

  39. Ham Sandwich: 7:54 (8#, 105#)

  40. Sonia

    HS: 11:35 with 105# DL, 10#WB and 3 burpees OTM

  41. Jeremy

    Thanks for all of the sweet comments guys. They mean a lot. This is really an honor :)

  42. 8:55 (185#)

  43. Nicole D

    Ham Sandwich: 9:34 (14#, 85#)

  44. Nick C.

    Ham Sandwich – 24 WBs into the last set when 15:00 hit (Rx)

  45. 15:00 (50 WB 14#, 25 DL 175#, 23 WB 14#)

    • somehow in last set of WBs thought that I was short just 2 WBs, but afterwards realized that it’s supposed to be 50, not 25 :-(

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