Saturday 06.07.14

Hanimal Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Games.

Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Games.

Teams of 3:
100 Calorie Row – each athlete must row at least 15 calories
100 Box Jump Overs (24, 20″)
100 Thrusters (95, 65#)
100 Toes to Bar
100 Thrusters (95, 65#)
100 Box Jump Overs (24, 20″)
100 Calorie Row – each athlete must row at least 15 calories

Post Scores to Comments.

Just some friends hanging on the patio.

Just some friends hanging on the patio.



  1. D-Day – Ho/Chad/Peaches: 28:32 Rx

    What a freakin awesome grind! So thankful for my partners, Chad (the Body) Messina and Sarah (Peaches) Wilson. Couldn’t have asked for a better crew this morning. Have a fab weekend, er’body.

    • Sarah W

      Thanks for carrying me, kid. A freakin grind. Awesome WOD.

    • Big Mike

      D-Day: 27:00
      Oops, am I not supposed to post here?

      Team Masters of the Mayhem (Eugene, John G., Big Mike)
      John scaled TTB to sit ups.

    • Chad M

      Liz told me you posted “the body” so of course I had to get on and post. That was really team Ho and Sarah, all I was able to contribute on was the T2B, other than that, I sucked. Thanks to both of you for carrying me, I can only get better.

  2. Tricia D

    D-Day: Dan, Mike, Tricia 38:14 (I think? And I think I put the wrong time on the board) Tricia 45 and I think you guys did 65? Not sure of much this morning, but I do know it was a good workout it was fun. Have a nice weekend everyone!

  3. Braatz

    D-Day – Saint, Bob, Braatz: 26:16 Rx

    Great WOD.

  4. Ken K

    Hotel WOD in LA:
    30 min bike
    90 pull ups
    50 DB front squats 60

  5. michelle

    D-day: Maura, Lori B, MM: 30:46/ 55# thrusters/ mix of ttb/ghdsu

    AWESOME wod!

  6. Jonathan M

    D-Day: Todd,Stephan,Jonathan: unsure of time finished before time cap i think….

    Left a pair of rogue gloves on the bench next to the water cooler if someone could hold on to them i will be in Monday for the 6:30am class. Thanks

  7. Nick C.

    D-Day Nick/Kelly/Thomas: 32:33 Rx

    Great working out with the 8am this morning!

  8. Michelene

    D-Day with Sarah S & Liz: 36:52 (35#) There is no better start to a weekend than a team WOD with a great group of ladies! So great to see Sarah S this morning – you are truly an inspiration to the many CFNE moms!!

    • Daisy

      I second that, Sarah!

    • Sarah S

      Thanks ladies! Great workout this morning. Awesome rowing Michelene and Liz, you’re a ninja on those box jump overs!

    • Tricia D

      Great job ladies and totally agree about Sarah S, way to get after it today

      • Loved working out with you ladies, MIchelene + Sarah! Sarah, you are incredible. Truly. Awesome job!

  9. Gradon

    D-Day: 34:51 Jerrmy/John/Gradon 85# everything else Rx

    Great job guys. Fun working with you.

  10. Jen W

    Ran just shy of 3.5 miles, not at my goal pace.

    I went out too fast in the fist mile and burned out my (already fried) quads on the uphill. Not a good run for me.

  11. Liz m

    D-Day- 34: something…I think with Laura C and Kathy L.(55# thrusters) Great WOD and so much fun! Thanks Ben for helping me make my rowpre efficient after class.

  12. Rockett/Mix/Greg D

    D-Day: 29:12 Rx

  13. D day at Killer Coach Fox’s 10:00.
    Team Sara/Ben/Lara 44:30
    Great job guys! Enjoy the weekend.


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