Friday 06.06.14

It's finished!

It’s finished!

3 rounds of:
800m Run
21 Power Cleans (155, 105#)

Post Scores to Comments.
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Violet Barletta

Violet Barletta


Dunk Your Kicks for Pediatric Cancer

Dunk Your Kicks for Pediatric Cancer

Clean out your closets and raise money for pediatric cancer at the same time! Bring in your old sneakers to the CFNE Internal Throwdown next Saturday (6/14, or bring to the gym any day next week). Let’s Dunk our Kicks!


  1. Laura C

    Hey fellow CFNE ‘ers! Here is more information about the “dunk your kicks” fundraiser. Dave is a friend of mine from college. It’s an awesome organization.

    Collect shows from friends and neighbors. Kids class And teen class! Let’s do this. Any question feel free to contact me

  2. Seth G

    *** Lost Water Bottle Alert***

    Platypus Blue Collapsible SoftBottle

    I accidentally left it out after the Wednesday 6:30pm class. Before Thursday’s 6:30pm class I looked all over for it but it was nowhere to be found.

    If you know it’s whereabouts let me know, or perhaps leave it on the shelf to the left of the garage door so I can grab it before my next class. Thank you.

  3. Cotter

    “Hurricane”: 24:02 Rx. Ugh . . .

  4. Andy M

    Hurricane: 21:22 (115#, sub 20 calorie on assault for each 800m)
    Thanks Meg and Rachel for the scale and cues during the WOD.

  5. Amy B

    Hurricane: 17:56 (95#)
    Everyone in the 5:30 am class had a good pace this morning!

  6. Hurricane: 19:11 RX Truly didn’t think I was going to be able to do it at 155#, thanks for the call-out “back of room peeps”.
    Have a great weekend all!

  7. Hurricane: 17:52 Rx

    3×5 back squat: 185, 200, 220

    10 Rounds of 250m row and 8 GHDs

  8. Stephan

    Hurricane 18:58. @ 125#

  9. Jen W

    Hurricane: 18:56, 20 cal assault bike, 105#

    Rope climb after

  10. LiZ m

    Hurricane- 19:01 (95#)going Rx next time

  11. John S.

    Hurricane-20:58 (90#) forgot to post my time on whiteboard

  12. Big Mike

    Hurricane: 19:08 Rx

    Got a little starfishy at the end.

  13. Hurricane: 17:17 (65#)

  14. Hurricane: 19:19 (95#).

    Fun class at 5:30. Beautiful morning for running outside.

  15. Alison

    Hurricane – 16:04, 135# DLs. Fun WOD, loved being outside.

  16. Hurricane: 23:28 @ 95# almost positive I did a 5th 200m in round 2.


    Power Cleans: 3x @ 105#, 3x @ 125# – trying to get a feel for “heavier” weight.

    EMOM: pushups 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

  17. Katrina

    Hurricane 19:30 RX

  18. Rachel E

    Hurricane: 19:10 (80#) Note for next time: broke the cleans up a little too much in the second and third rounds

  19. laura c

    hurricane: 21:10 75#
    I am just not a fast runner…but that is OK:)!

    Bring in sneakers everyone!

    • I have a ton I was going to donate anyway. I’ll definitely bring them to the throwdown.

    • Sarah W

      I’m in. have sneaks. will donate.

  20. Hurricane: 19:45 (or whatever I wrote on the board) @ 115#. This was the right weight after going Rx down The River Styx less than 12 hours earlier.

  21. Patti Jeanne

    Hurricane: 17:17 40 calorie airdyne and 95 lbs.

    Love to bring in old sneakers!!! Great fundraiser Laura!

  22. Wendy P

    Hurricane: not sure of the time ????…21-22 min range. 60#, first time running in a WOD in over 6 weeks (plantar fasciitis)… Slow and steady but I did it and my foot does not hurt. Woohoo!

  23. Michelle

    Hurricane: 21:26 21:27? It is on white board. Rx
    Love having Mary S & will N show me how to pace the first run.

  24. 25:15 Rxd. Broke up the cleans into sets of 10, took time to reset and focus on form rounds 2 and 3.

  25. Hurricane: 16:09 (75#)

  26. Eugene

    Hurricane – 21:27 Rx

    Thanks to Meg and Rachel, form is improving. I didn’t feel like I was in danger of killing myself, and almost no starfishes (finished with 1 or 2, but hey, that’s after 61 of them).

  27. Melinda

    Hurricane – 17:33rx (or:34,whatever is on board)

  28. Daisy

    Hurricane: 17:13 (75#)

  29. Susan Stein

    Hurricane: 18:08 (65#)

  30. Thomas F

    Hurricane 18:19 Rx

  31. Sarah W

    17:36 at 85#. After getting demolished by the 53# bell yesterday, I found religion and scaled to 80% of body weight.

    • laura c

      and you still kicked my little ass! You truly are an amazing athlete! Love seeing your posts!

    • And you looked awesome in those white shades!

      Get it girl!!!

      • Sarah W

        Right back at you. Liked the post WOD look you and LJ were sporting

  32. Hurricane: 18:15 (115#).
    Was told to scale and do perfect singles. Check.

    Morning work:
    “Stuff I Suck at”: 28:30
    5 strict HSPU buy in
    10, 9, 8…1 OHS (80#)
    5, 6, 7…14 Assault Bike cals
    5 strict HSPU cash out

    C2B work

  33. Patrick

    Hurricane- 16:54 Rx (done outside)

  34. Ali G

    Hurricane: 22:21 RX

  35. Jonathan M

    Hurricane: 22:31, 115#

  36. Bubba

    Hurricane : 20:43 RX It hurt so I must be fitter – thanks James for the push and rep advice. trying to work on touch and go reps instead of singles for first two rnds of PCs – maintaining hook grip for sets of 3 minimum.
    7×9 unbroken C2B OTM – regular kip – couldn’t butterfly today at all – shoulders fried from MUs yesterday
    5×5 DL at 315 OT2M – interesting to take these at two minute intervals – got hard

  37. Hurricane: 21:12 (65#)

  38. Sarah S

    Hurricane: 18:39. (45#). First Rx run in a long time.

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