Thursday 06.05.14

Meg, Kaitlyn, and Essington are starting a bike air bike gang.

Kaitlyn, Meg, and Essington are starting an air bike gang. What should their name be? Post to comments.

***Today is Bring a Friend Day***

The River Styx
1000m Row
Kettlebell Swings (70, 53#)

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Ho and his new best friend.

Ho and his new best friend.


  1. Cotter

    “The River Styx”: 11:42 Rx

  2. 9:24 53#

  3. The River Styx: 10:55Rx (15 sec PR). Happy with that on this one.

    Now to mentally prepare for tomorrow.

  4. Gradon

    River Styx: 9:32 53# (1:40pr)

  5. Nicole D

    The River Styx: 9:30 (35#)

  6. Erkin

    12:29 53# (:28 PR)

    Felt good to sprint through last set of burpees!

    Hmm … my note from November said “by the end of River Styx I realized that I really-really-really hate burpees”

    KBS unbroken! Should I try RX weight next time? Just kidding, will have to get to at least sub-11 min first. Why there are no 61# or 62# kettlebells???

    Great class tonight! Many new faces! Also good to see sub-9min, sub-10min, sub-12 min performances!!!

  7. Cheryl J

    The River Styx: 10:50 (35#) burpees felt slow.

  8. Thomas F

    The River Styx 8:43 Rx

    Whew! Smoked after that – great workout!

    • Erkin

      Nicely done! 1K row + two rounds took me much more than that!

  9. River Styx 10:27 #53kb

  10. Lára Vukson

    The River Styx 10:25 w/35# (PR). Need to get even faster on my burpees.

  11. Jared S.

    River Styx: 7:40 rx (:28 sec pr)
    Post WOD clean and front squat complex with 135 and 155 lbs with strict pull-ups and dips on the odd

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