Wednesday 06.04.14



Weightlifting Wednesday

Strict Press

Push Press

20 Turkish Get-ups

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  1. Big Mike

    Strict Press: 115#
    Push Press: 125#
    Turkish Getup: 30#

    Shoulder swoll: ON

  2. Strict Press: 3×3 125# Push Press: 3×3 135# $out: 30#

  3. John S.

    Strict Pres-80
    Push Press: 85 (could have/should have gone higher)
    Turkish Getup: 12 (Thank you Rachel and Harry for helping me get this movement!)

  4. LiZ m

    Amazing photo of Geoff and Tracey !
    Press- 3×3 80# failed on last rep if last 3×3
    PP- 3×3 100# across (PR)

    • Alison

      Wow, you totally nailed those push presses, too, and made them look totally easy. #easyday

  5. Greg D

    Strict press: 125# across
    Push press: 145# across
    Turkish Get-ups: 1 pood (35#)

  6. Brian L


    turkish get up- 18#

    surfer on acid-8:32

  7. Laura c

    Strict 3×3: 85# (2)… 5# pr
    Push press: 3@ 100# PR
    18# Turkish get ups. Finally got it at rep 18!

  8. Alison

    Strict press 3×3 – 60#
    Push press 3×3 – 75#
    Turkish getups – 13#

  9. After some VERY skewed dunk tank results late Monday night, I went to Ben for my apples to apples comparison yesterday. With that, here are my post-challenge learnings.

    I don’t have three. I really have one, in three parts, and it’s really this: much like a long, grinding WOD, nutrition is purely mental. 1.a: It’s all mind control.

    We talk a lot about short-term pain for long-term gain, so 1.b is: it’s the individual moments in time – when the ice cream comes out or when it’s time to choose wine or water – that tested me most. I found that I could say no to these things and, surprise, I didn’t die. And, once the gains started coming – feeling and looking better, a big PR on Surfer on Acid – the power of positive reinforcement turned out to be a powerful force indeed.

    Finally, 1.c: Paleo Challenge planning is the mother of successful execution. It was always too easy to take the quick fix of a sandwich or whatever while trying to get the kids ready for school. I found that having the right food on hand made it just as easy to throw a bunch of real food together and it tasted just as good or better. That’s probably the biggest takeaway for me.

    2.75in off the middle
    4.5lb less on the scale
    4.4% body fat gone = 7lb of fat off / 2lb muscle gain
    1:29 pr on Surfer on Acid

  10. Strict 3×3 65#
    Push press 3×3 85#
    Turkish get ups 18#

  11. Patti Jeanne

    Strict press: 3×3 85 lb
    Push press: 3×3 90, 95, 100
    Turkish get up 18 lbs

  12. SP: 2x75lbs
    PP: 3×3 90lbs
    Turkish get ups 26lbs
    1000m row, 50 burps, 1000m row.

  13. Heather Bergeron

    Got to train with little, but mighty, Kathy Langen today who PR’d her 3 rep push press by 15# at 100#!!! She almost missed the first rep, but pulled it together and moved like butter for her next 2 reps. SO cool to witness, girl. Congrats!

    Strict Press: worked up to a 3 rep at 115#
    Push Press: worked up to a 3 rep at 155#

    1K Row
    5 Rounds of:
    10 Burpee pull-ups
    25 Air squats
    1K Row

  14. Jen W

    3.5 mile run, with the middle 1.5 miles at short tempo pace.

    Um, when I mapped out my run by work, I didn’t really understand the route, apparently. The second .75 miles of the tempo portion were ALL UPHILL. Oof. Was a bit slow but made it.

  15. Chad M

    Strict press. 1×3 @ 155#, 2×3 @ 165
    Push press. 3×3 @ 205#
    TGU. 10 reps @45, 10 reps @ 53.
    Ben, Thank you again for all of the time you spent mobilizing my shoulders, I tremendous appreciate it and I will put the time in on my own.

  16. Krystle

    Strict press: 85×3
    Push press: 110×3

  17. On the old guys platform with Neeb and LJ today. We took naps between sets.

    Strict Press 3×3: 145, 155, 165
    Push Press 3×3: 175, 185, 195 (got 2 but missed 3rd rep)

    5×10 Bench at 175 + 20 band pull aparts

  18. Strict press 3×3: 55/55/60#
    Push press 3×3: 70/75/80#
    Ca$hout: 20 Turkish get ups @ 15#

  19. Strict press: up to 145
    Push press: up to 165

    Iron scap

  20. Corey

    Strict press: 85
    Push press: 110

    Probably had 5 more # in me for each but just focused on good movement

    Turkish: 20@ 15# dumbbell

  21. Molly C

    Strict press: 55,65,57
    Push Press: 75,85,95
    Didn’t realize that I should have worked up, then done my sets of three….humm… next time!
    18# turkish get ups.

  22. Kristin B.

    Strict press: 90
    Push press: 115
    Had plenty more in the tank for both but ran out of time. Turkish: 18#

  23. Kelly B

    Strict press: 70
    Push Press: 95.
    TGU:5#(sore- just wanted to practice the movement)

    No PR’s. Boo.

  24. Strict Press: 155#
    Push Press: 175#


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