Tuesday 06.03.14

Ally B.

Ally B.

Heartbreak Kid
3 rounds of:
10 Front Squats (185, 135#)
20 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
50 Double Unders

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9:30am Ladies at the Northeast Regionals.

9:30am Ladies at the Northeast Regionals.

Congratulations to the Committed Club!

L.J. DiCarlo 29
JC del Real 27
Sam Landau 27
Nell Getz 25
Karen Hayes 24
James Sheridan 23
Cheryl Jauch 23
Katrina Shafer 23
Ronda Rockett 22
Andrew Hohenstein 22
Nicholas Leonhardt 22
Kathy Langen 22
Kyle Toto 22
Cary Collins 21
Eric Bazigian 21
Daisy Powers 21
Kaitlyn Miklinevich 21
Jonathan Macal 20
Greg D’Agostino 20
Joe Vukson 20
Allison Giorgio 20
Melinda Keegan 20
Michelle Marshall 20
Toni Indresano-DiRuscio 20
Alison Mitchell 20


  1. Heartbreak Kid: 10:45 Rx (PR)

  2. Heartbreak Kid: 15:48 (155#,25 DU) 40# increase 25DU instead of attempts. Along with a 1:53 increase in time. I’m cool with that.

  3. Amy B

    Heartbreak Kid: 13:12 or something like that (85#, kipping)
    last set of DU’s was all singles and doubles.

  4. Greg D

    Heartbreak Kid: 14:54 (165# – 2:59 slower, 20# heavier than 08/08/13)

  5. Michelene

    Heartbreak Kid: 15:53 (65#, KPUs)

  6. John S.

    Heartbreak Kid: 14:53 (95#, pu, su)

  7. Todd B

    Heartbreak Kid: 15:47
    Strict pullups – 20 first round, 10 rounds 2&3

  8. Heartbreak Kid: 13:39 (105# and KPUs). 1:49 PR

    Same weight as November. Thought about going up in weight, glad I didn’t. Definitely got tough in the second round and then it was a push to the finish.

  9. Big Mike

    Heartbreak Kid: 26:30 (155# – wrote 165 on white board)

    Got first 12 reps on FS at 165 then stripped. There are wheelhouse WOD’s and then there is this one. I’m not sure what worried me more, not finishing at all or not finishing because I was outside on round 2 DU’s and someone put away my weights. I did get all 150 DU’s and all 60 C2B’s…so something positive out of this.

    • Way to battle. Fo sho.

    • Big Mike

      May Challenge (forgot to post yesterday)
      4/28 (hydrostat-calipers was the same)
      Wt: 215
      BF: 16.56%

      6/2 (hydrostat)
      Wt: 207
      BF: 13.21%

      Total Pts: 182 (tracked on paper-may not match whiteboard as I got out of sync on sleep bonus pts.)

    • jamie

      You Stripped ?

    • Ken K

      I’d say so. Way to get after it.

  10. Rick W.

    Heartbreak Kid: 11:44 (155# Squats & Box Jumps subbed for CTB)

  11. Alison

    Heartbreak kid – 16:07, kpu, 85# and mix of DU and attempts

  12. Kaitlyn

    Heartbreak Kid – 12:48 RX (3:33 PR, plus last time I did C2B attempts)

  13. liz messina

    Heartbreak Kid- 14:05
    (85# FS and KPU)

  14. Craig B

    Heartbreak Kid: 8:23rx

  15. Heartbreak Kid: 17:27, 55# rest Rx. Slow but first time ever doing 50 DUs (x3) with NO singles so happy about that.

  16. Heartbreak Kid: 12:26, 95#, 15-10-10 pullups, and mix of DU’s & 2x singles.

    First time doing pullups in a WOD w/ no band, so happy there even though count was less then RX. And got all the squats unbroken, so maybe should have gone heavier? Did a fourth set of 10 squats @ 95#, also unbroken.

  17. Katrina

    HK 13:15 RXPR (10# and 4:30 faster)

  18. michelle

    So fun to have our 8:30 hero, Rachel, back in the house!

    Heartbreak Kid: 17:15 (125#) :05 slower but 20# heavier
    CTB: 7 x 2 StrictCTB/SPU/KCTB
    10 x 35 consecutive DUs (got ‘em all but 3 rounds 30-34 consecutive

    Today, 6/3/14, the day DUs became mine. 7 years. Feels good!

  19. Patti Jeanne

    Heartbreak kid 16:10 75 lbs, pull ups and 14 cal airdyne

  20. Andy L

    Heartbreak Kid: 15:40 (145#) ~2min PR

  21. Krystle

    Heartbreak Kid: 16:48 (85#, rest RX)

  22. Tricia D

    Heartbreak kid (sort of): 12:20 (85 # cleans rd 1, 75 # cleans rd 2-3, 10 pus, 25 du att). Then just kept practicing du’s until class finished. Need all the help I can get :)

  23. Patrick

    Heartbreak Kid: 12:19 @ 165#. all front squats unbroken, should have gone heavier. struggled with DU’s and c2b in the last round.

  24. Susan Stein

    Heartbreak Kid: 12:35 (70# FS, 20 GHD sit ups, 25 DU attempts)

  25. Eugene

    HB Kid – 13:57 (175# for 2 rounds, 155# for last round)
    Dragging. Way off PR yet again.

  26. laura c

    HBkid: 12;59 75# and did 100 single unders, CTB rx
    This is 20# lighter and about 2 1/2 min faster then last time – just did not have it in me to do 95#!!!! Planter stuff in foot, shoulder hurts so did so many mods but got it done the way I planned so I am OK with it!

  27. Chad M

    Heartbreak Kid. 13.10Rx We’ll dance again, I’m looking forward to it.

  28. Jonathan

    Heartbreak Kid: 14:16 (155#)

  29. Heartbreak Kid: 7:30 – 12 strict C2B instead of 20 because of shoulder issues. Everything else was Rx.

    This was a good workout for me. I never dropped the bar during the squats and I got my 1st round of 50 DUs unbroken. I haven’t done DUs since April, so I was pretty psyched.

    Morning Workout
    50 Cal Row, 40 Wall Balls, 30 Pull ups, 20 T2B, 10 Dips (8:24)

  30. Braatz

    WOD at CrossFit Ute in Salt Lake City.

    I won’t list the WOD… you don’t care anyway. It was hard, especially at altitude 2 hours after arriving.

    Class Coach was Brennan Fjord, who competed in the ECC last winter and placed 7th in Southwest Regional last weekend. Great guy, with only good things to say about CFNE, Ben and our incredible elite athletes.

  31. Ali G

    Heartbreak Kid: 11:06 RX

  32. Heartbreak Kid: 13:03 (85#). Pr :59

  33. Heartbreak Kid Haiku:

    Chest to bar pull ups,
    Have crushed my boist’rous spirit.
    Naughty goat, sad heart.

    12:49 @115# FS, 20C2B, 40PUs.

    10×35 DUs 9:22

  34. Cotter

    “Heartbreak Kid”: 18:00 Rx. Lost DUs in 3rd round.

  35. Sarah W

    I’m going to channel my inner white bracelet and just say I finished it at 105# in 13:21 or 14:21. I fear the latter. Chest to bars are an exciting challenge!

  36. Heartbreak Kid: 15:25
    #165 and 100 singles
    (10 lbs and 2 min PR)
    Brutal Wod for me, but glad i got to do it.

  37. Corey

    Heartbreak kid: 12:46 @85# and KPU

  38. Sonia

    HBK: 16:29 or whatever I wrote on the board. 65# and green band for pull ups. I did a similar workout in early May with 35# and singles. Su pumped I used this weight and did all DU with singles in between

  39. Nicole D

    Heartbreak Kid: 12:34 (85#, KPU)

    3:18 PR from August, same mods

  40. Kristin B.

    Heartbreak kid: 12-something with a mix of subs. KBS for C2Bs, then row for KBS on the last round. 2x singles.

  41. Cheryl J

    Heartbreak Kid 17:45 85#, KPU, 25 DU…the dubs are not my friend…

    In better news I was down 6 lbs on the fitness wave scale (the CFNE scale was 5 lbs different) and down 2.5% body fat so at the end of the day I’ll call it a win. Still feel like I have a bit to go to get back to where I was in Nov but progress.

  42. Erkin

    17:50 (105#, 1/2 KPU, 1/2 DU)

    Slower&less reps, but with a baby step towards Rx in each movement :-)

    Last time 08.08.13
    13:32 (90#, green band PU, 2xSU)

  43. 11:45 155#

  44. Heartbreak Kid: 11:40

    75# and 10 kpu/round because of some muscle pull or strain in my shoulder/lower neck from yard work last weekend. On the bright side, the yard looks great!

  45. Nick C.

    Heartbreak Kid – 27:16 Rx

    Obviously, not a great time but glad to push through it and finish up without dropping weight on the bar.

    • Erkin

      Epic effort! Your DUs were smooth all around!
      And I loved your last FS rep – kind of “look, mom, no hands” :-)

  46. Heather V

    Heartbreak Kid – 12:08 Rx

  47. Kelly F

    Hearbreak Kid: 13:45.

    Started Rx, but had to drop 155# and normal PUs. So basically, Heartbreak Kid = 1; Kelly =0.

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