Monday 06.02.14

Congratulations James on taking 2nd this weekend! You da man!

Congratulations James on taking 2nd this weekend! You da man!

Double Dragon
800m Run
30 Power Snatches (115, 80#)
800m Run

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Our pint-sized superhero Rachel Martinez captured 3rd place this weekend! WAY TO GO!

Our pint-sized superhero Rachel Martinez captured 3rd place this weekend! WAY TO GO!

Congratulations to James, Rachel, Cheryl, and CFNE Team A on an outstanding weekend! You all gave everything you had and left it all out there on the floor. Thank you to the Sea of Red for your support. I know our competitors love looking up in the stands seeing a massive group of CrossFit New Englanders cheering them on.

Coaches Corner with Coach Føx

Eat Healthy, Stay Active: How Not To Come Home Bloated, Hung Over and Sunburned
OK Summer vacation is about to come into full swing and with our Paleo challenge having recently ended, who isn’t excited to get out in the sun and sand and show off all the progress we’ve made in the last 30 days? With the Frosted Flake sugar high from our first cheat breakfast about to wear off, we may be realizing that our sugar cravings and carb demons aren’t exactly as dead as we hoped they would be after 30 days of starving them. And vacation! Welp, might as well just go off the rails for a whole week and just get back on track when we get home, right?
I have a better approach to propose. Besides, who wants to go into vacation after a month of feeling great and end up with a stomach ache, headache and too bloated to head to the pool by day two?
Here are some things we can do to make our vacations happier, maintain our healthy paleo glow and yes, even stay fit amidst all the lounging and suntan lotion!
#1 Working out on the go:
Remember the last time you took a whole week off from working out or doing anything fitness related? You came back after seven or more days of being busy and stressed with work or traveling for the holidays and stepped back into the box both excited to not feel out of shape again, yet being filled with a sense of dread over how metcon was going to feel or how strange it might feel to maneuver a barbell. And the soreness? That’s probably the part you remember the most clearly a couple days later. The best way to prevent all of this is to simply keep moving every day! Most hotels have a pool and an exercise room, and despite the obvious lack of Olympic barbells and wall ball targets, you would be amazed what you can accomplish with just a few simple implements. Got a pair of dumbbells? Slipped your jump rope in your bag as you dashed out the door to the airport? Get after it. We all know how easy it is to absolutely destroy ourselves in 3 minutes flat just using body weight! In the woods camping for a week? Find rocks or logs to use for weights! This is the time to get creative and have fun. And if all else fails, put your sneakers on (or don’t) and hit the sidewalks or sand for some sight seeing!
Here is a link to a great resource of travel workouts that can be done with limited to no equipment:
If nothing here floats your boat, ask a coach! Any of us are available to program out a good week of WODs to-go for you in a pinch!
#2 Food and Drink:
Just because we are enjoying ourselves on vacation doesn’t mean we have to go so far off the wagon that we feel terrible after every meal. And, who wants to chase the kids around the pool feeling bloated and tired from pigging out early in the day anyway?
Still try to fill up on meat and veggies as much as possible. Most restaurants will accommodate requests to skip the starch and go double veg. And if you do crave something specific, like an ice cream at the beach or a lobster roll for lunch, enjoy it! Nobody wants the paleo police ruining their down time. Mostly healthy choices and a cheat here and there can lead to a satisfying vacation that doesn’t leave you feeling terrible.
For drinks, skip the tropical fruity mixes, or treat yourself to one before switching over to a(n almost) paleo classic, tequila, soda water and lime, or a glass of red wine. Alternating drinks with glasses water can keep you hydrated and flush out any additional toxins you may consume during your trip. This is extra important if you are spending a lot of time in the sun or out on a boat as we tend to not notice how dehydrated we are, which only leads to worse and longer visits from the hangover fairy. Nobody invites the hangover fairy on vacation. These things aren’t cheap!
#3 Rest:
If at all possible, use your vacation as an opportunity to catch up on sleep. The truth is, as long as you stay moving and stay active each day, if you are regularly working out 3-5 times a week, your body could probably use a break. I have heard time and time again from athletes at the gym who were disappointed to have to take an extended break from their regular gym routine and came back to PR all over the place in both strength and metcon. Our bodies don’t get stronger while we are tearing them apart at the gym. They get stronger and build muscle in the time that we spend properly recovering from all that hard work. Sometimes we just don’t realize how fatigued and burned out we are until we look back after rest and realize how much better we feel. Maybe a week of mobility, extra sleep and recovery style workouts is just what you need.
#4 if I could offer you just one piece of advice:
It’s wear sunscreen. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and takes enough of a beating between missed box jumps and hand tears. Avoid the lobster look, dehydration and lots of unnecessary pain by slathering on plenty of SPF prior to heading out in the sun.
However you decide to attack your vacation, make sure you listen to your body and have a plan ahead of time. It’s super easy to ignore all the signs of not feeling well and not taking good enough care of ourselves so that before we know it, the week is over and we are back at the gym staring down he barrel of our first anxious WOD.
And just know that even if you come back looking like a lobster and feeling like a beach ball, your friends and coaches at CFNE will still love you and help you get back on track. Did somebody say Fran?



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