Tuesday 05.27.14

Murph at CFNE

Murph at CFNE

Stretch Armstrong

100 Double Unders


3 rounds of:
15 Deadlifts (225, 155#)
35 Abmat Sit-ups


100 Double Unders

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Casey getting after Murph on the West Coast.

Casey getting after Murph on the West Coast.


In case you missed this yesterday. Gives me chills every time I hear Coach Geoff give this speech.

Monday 05.26.14

Thank you to the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms and liberties.

Thank you to the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

***Two Classes at 6:00am and 9:00am***

1 Mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile Run

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Coaches’ Corner – Wrapping Up the Paleo Challenge
Coach Harry

 We are about to start our final week of the May Paleo challenge. And as if it were a divine act, the challenge ends on the final day of the NorthEast Regionals. Completely unplanned… and will be completely capitalized on.

With the challenge coming to a close, many of us share the same thought. What happens next? We’ve learned some valuable lessons in the past month, and we’ve felt the difference when we fuel ourselves with the best food choices out there. We want to continue with this style of eating – but with balance. 100% Paleo, as great as it is, is not sustainable indefinitely. We set our sights in May for 100% with a specific purpose in mind.


The goal of the challenge – aim for 100% Paleo in May.

The purpose – to improve the quality of your eating in June and beyond.


By putting in the effort to get as close to 100% in May, we raised our own individual standard. We shook old vices and habits, and found that it wasn’t that bad when we replaced them with healthier alternatives. We realized that drinking more water had a great effect on our well-being, and that eight hours of sleep really makes a huge difference. Our baseline – the level of quality we naturally hovered at before the challenge – has improved. Now let’s talk about some tangible actions to preserve that.


List three things you accomplished on this challenge that you will take with you into June.
Post them to comments – and then in a place you’ll see them everyday.
Whether it be on the bathroom mirror, on the fridge, or on a sticky in your car, place them where you’ll see them consistently. They can big or small… it’s entirely up to you.


I’ll start us off:

1) Ketchup. Big vice I had with breakfast – ketchup and eggs. Hope this doesn’t encourage anyone, but it’s damn good. You won’t see me by the front desk after class anymore with a bottle of ketchup in hand. Maybe I’ll indulge if I go out to breakfast, but I won’t be purchasing it anymore which made it a routine (commonly daily) occurance.

2) Rice. After replacing rice and rice cakes with more veggies and sweet potatoes, I’ve felt and performed better. I’ll reintroduce it to my diet, but it’ll come in small portions as opposed to being a go-to carb source.

3) No cell-phone in bed. Got this goal from Heather a few weeks ago, and goes in line with aiming for that ever elusive 8 hours of quality sleep. In the past, I wouldn’t hesitate to text or check emails when in bed… even if I wake in the middle of the night. Negatively impacting my ability to fall and stay asleep, it is now a goal of mine to put the phone away for the night.


Consider these as your big takeaways from this challenge that you want to continue on with. Like a couple of mine – they don’t have to be ultimatums or all-or-nothing statements. Many shouldn’t be. What we are aiming for is improvements to your baseline previous to the challenge. You can absolutely have more, but the benefit of starting with three is that it adds importance to each individual goal.

And with that said… here’s an early congratulations on completing the challenge!
Right there with you looking forward to Sunday to celebrate with CFNE at Regionals.

Sunday 05.25.14

Ron finished up Elements on Friday by working out with the Nooners. He also color-coordinated his shoes to match his kettle bells. Strong move Ron.

Ron finished up Elements on Friday by working out with the Nooners. He also color-coordinated his shoes to match his kettle bells. Strong move Ron.


Core Ca$hout
100 Abmat Sit-ups
On the Minute – 5 Cal Row

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Friday 05.23.14

Happy Birthday Cheryl!

Happy Birthday Cheryl!

Pinky and the Brain
Teams of 2
Wall Balls (20, 14#)
60m Farmers Carry (70, 53#)
Partner 1 starts with Wall Balls
Partner 2 starts with 60m Farmers Carry
Switch when Partner 2 returns.

Score is total Wall Balls completed.
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Millie's got the Eye of the Tiger.

Millie’s got the Eye of the Tiger.